Breathing Space

Usually Macy was hurting one of the Lucas brothers but this time one of them was hurting her

It started out one day at Lunchtime

Macy's POV

I was picking at my food thinking, I either needed to get over this crush or admit it before I killed one of them. Oh did I forget to mention I have a crush on Kevin Lucas. Everyone thought I was being a fan girl and clumsy every time I hurt them. Truth was I couldn't think straight every time Kevin around. I can't even breathe.

I heard trays setting down and looked up to see Stella, Joe, and Nick and if they were there then. Oh no breathe Macy breathe.

"Hey Macy," I looked up it was Kevin. Hey I managed to choke out. He took the seat next me.

Usually Nick sat next to me so I was fine but not this time. This time Kevin was sitting next to me I looked over at him and he smiled. I tried to catch my breath but just couldn't Ugh stupid Kevin looking all adorable even when he's eating.

I jumped up from table and ran out of the cafeteria . I stopped at my locker and took a deep breath finally I can breath.

Macy I turned relieved to see it was Stella. Macy are you okay?

I'm fine I just wanted to take a walk before next class starts I smiled trying to convince her.

Okay Stella said not fully convinced. Have fun on your walk she said going back to cafeteria.

I knew I only had 2 options avoid Kevin at all costs or confess my feelings. Yeah I'll take option one.

My plan however stupid might have worked if Kevin had not started to follow me. He kept coming over to my locker and wanting to hang out. I loved spending time with him it's just at some point he does or says something and Completely forget breathe.

So here I was sitting in the music room with Kevin talking about random stupid stuff. I am having no trouble breathing. Maybe I could hangout with him after all.

Kevin interrupted my thoughts Uhm Macy

Yeah Kevin

I … I like you and I don't mean in a friend way. I mean I like you more than a friend .

I was in complete shock. He liked me I couldn't breathe I got up from my chair. I was starting to have an asthma attack for first time in years .

Macy are you okay? Did I say something wrong? Kevin asked concerned

I shook my head no and began to gasp for breath. I felt off balance and began to fall

Kevin's point of view

I leaning against my locker when Macy walked by I wanted nothing more than to wrap my arms around her and kiss her but she didn't want that.

My mind flashed back to early that month

I liked Macy a lot everyone knew that well except Macy. Stella had brilliant idea for me to just start hanging out with her alone more often. I had executed the plan and now was the moment for me to tell Macy how I felt. We were sitting in the music room have a conversation about nothing in particular when I decided it was now or never.


"Yeah Kevin", she replied

I like you and I don't mean as a friend. I like as more than a friend.

She jumped up from her chair

I asked if something was wrong she shook her head no. I knew it wasn't okay she was starting gasp for air then almost fell backwards when I caught her.

I picked her up and carried to nurses office.

Hey Kevin I snapped out of my memory to see my brothers and Stella all smiling sympathetically.

"Hey" I said sighing it more than saying it.

"You should talk to her Kevin," Nick said

"She doesn't want me to," I replied

"How do you know," Joe questioned

She told me that day in nurse's office

Okay everyone hold on Don't get confused because Kevin going to take into the flashback but after a point in the flashback it will be from Macy's point of view.

Still Kevin's point of view

I carried her into the Nurse office and set her down

What going in here? asked the nurse

My friend we were talking and she started having trouble breathing.

Calm down your friend is just having an asthma attack and needs an inhaler.

Do you know where the inhaler is? I shook my head no. Macy didn't have asthma she was an athlete.

Nurse gave Macy an inhaler

Macy's point of view

I took a few puffs otf the inhaler and felt my breathing return to normal. I looked over to see a concerned Kevin sitting just starring at me.

"Are you okay Mace," he asked his concern evident

I nodded my head yes then sighed and shook it no

He got up and came over to me and grabbed my hand. Iit started to become harder to breath again so I pulled my hand away.

Macy what's going on ? Did I say something wrong?

Kevin please just It's just I want..

What do you want?

I took a deep breath preparing to say the words that I knew I would regret.

I…I need some breathing space.


I looked down not wanting to see the hurt on his face that was obvious in his voice.

He got up and headed toward the door. I glad your feeling better and sorry I bothered you bye Macy.

I started to cry I knew I hurt him why couldn't I just tell him the truth.

Kevin point of view

I looked down not wanting my brothers or Stella to see the tears in my eyes.

I took a deep breath

I'm sorry Kev Joe said

Me too Nick said putting his hand on his brother shoulder

I can't believe it how could she. I am going to have a talk with her Stella announced walking away

Stella I called after her but she kept on walking

Stella POV

Urgh I was so annoyed at Macy. I knew she loved Kevin just as much as he loved her. I could not understand how she just hurt him like that. She better have a really good reason .

Macy Misa

Macy POV

I heard Stella behind me she was using her mad voice. I turned around and put an innocent smile on my face

Hey Stella how are you?

Don't you give me that innocent look Misa. I know what you did

What did I do?

You hurt the guy your in love with. The only guy who gets all your craziness and actually loves it. Not to mention you probably broke his heart acting so stupid

I know you must have a good reason so what is it?

Could it be true? Did I really break Kevin's heart. The bell rang and I looked up just in time to see Kevin walk by me. He glanced in my direction then put his head and continued to walk.

I did break his heart. I looked at Stella tears burning my eyes. "I didn't mean it," I said starting to cry.

Stella pulled me into a tight hug. "I know but why did you say it.,"

I pulled away wiping my eyes . "Because of my asthma attacks,".