KFP Mature Drabbles – Chapter 2: Remedies

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Characters: Po X Tigress

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The kisses that Po left behind, from below of Tigress's ear that traveled down to the base of her neck were pure, positive energy that was running through the relaxed Tiger. The feeling was absolutely wonderful. Tigress was both happy and angry all at the same time. She was glad to agree to this massage, and have Po do all the work. She never really was one to believe in resting for a long period of time, or massages either. She always thought that the only thing she needed was; food, water, and training, but after what Po was doing to her right now, Dears Gods she was regretting not let it happen sooner. But on the other side of the Yuan, Tigress was mad at the Panda too.

She was mad at the fact that he could spot her weakness so easily. She thought she had done a good job covering them up and well… Look how it turned out. Oh well as least the rub down severed a Good compensation.

Po on the other hand was all too happy to keep this going. In fact, he had high hopes that he could get away with something.

Something sneaky

Something cunning

Something Dangerous

Something…. Naughty.

Even though his paws were now massaging Tigress's sides; his kisses that were now focused on her shoulders, began to slowly turn to loving licks, causing the female's tail to twitch in bliss.

Seeing as how loudly she was purring Po's left paw slowly moved from her side until they were just about two inches beneath her left breast. Tigress let out a gasp, and turned to look at the Dragon Warrior who had now removed both paws and held them close to him and had a look of fear; expecting Tigress to sink claws into face.

But what Po got instead was something he wasn't expecting.

"Why are you stopping for, Finish what you started Panda." Tigress said with a smirk, as she laid back down, now wearing a seductive smile. And a bit of purring to boot as well.

Po let out a breath of relief, and then smirked a smirk of deviation. "Well then, just relax and enjoy the ride. Po said as he placed his right paw on her waist and gave firm yet, gentle grips causing Tigress to purr audibly, and pant a bit. And he slid his paw directly underneath her and gripped her breast, making sure that his paw pad slid over the sensitive nub. This in turn caused Tigress to gasp out again, which Po was starting to enjoy.

"So, how's this Tigress?" Po asked knowing the answer.

"By the Gods Po, do you even need to ask?" Tigress asked in a slight pant. The panda chuckled and just continued to do his "Job."

As Po continued to please the Tiger, he soon decided if he could do something to the Tiger. The Very thought of it made his body shiver all over. But he decided to go with it anyways.

"So Tigress, tell me. Is anywhere else sore?" Po asked hoping that he would get the right answer from the lax female.

'How nice.' Tigress said to herself. 'Putting my needs before his… I know what he wants. Oh well, I could use the relief too.' Tigress though deviously. "Well, Po. My thighs have been a little sore. Could ease the tension please?" Tigress asked in her most sincere voice.

"I'd be happy too." Po said. "Jack Pot!" he shouted in his head.

"Thank you Po." Tigress said sweetly. 'Perfect!' she though in her head.

Po's right paw now moved south and began to administer the relaxing techniques on the left right thigh, once he found (more like felt) his target, he began with a simple stroke; causing the nerves to send a response to Tigress's brain.

"*Gasp!* Oh Gods Po, that's the spot…" Tigress purred while she lazily let her arm dangle of the side of her bed, and let her tail rub against his fore arm. Po grinned and began to stroke her breast a little harder.

"*Ngh!* Dear Gods…" tigress said with a please smile. She expected Po to stop, but she was dead wrong. "P-Po can y-you go a little higher please?" she asked hoping her pleas would be heard.

"No problem Tigress." Po said as he moved his paw; that was on her thigh, just a little higher till they were near her partly soaked loins. When Po's index finger briefly ran across the fabric, he felt the dampness, and had a shocked look on his face.

'Did I do that?" Po asked himself.

"Yes, you did that Dragon Warrior." Tigress purred out. "Not only that, you seem to be a little pent up yourself." Tigress added, running her paw across the tented bulge that Po had kept ignoring. Even though it was hard, he always put other's needs before his own. And that's what attracted Tigress to him in the first place. But instead of dragging this out, he decided to end it… with a Very wet bang.

"Well no sense in dragging this out. I'll make ALL your aches and pains disappear." Po said while giving her the most passionate kiss he had to offer.

"Oh? And just how are you going to do THAT, Dragon Warrior?" Tigress with a smirk that just said everything about what she wanted.

"Like this," Po said. And with that, he swiftly moved his paw into the loins. Not even bothering to tease her, he used two of his stubby fingers and just began to dig, scoop, and excavate away. Not bothering to slow down either.

"Ah! Po..." Tigress cooed out; falling on to her back, and letting her legs fall open; granting him full access to clothed treasure.

Tigress was now struggling not to scream out. She didn't want the other to worry, let alone walk in to find out what was going on but Po was SO good. She really had to struggle on this one.

"So tell me Tigress, are you aches and pains gone now?" Po asked as he went a little faster. Tigress didn't respond to his words, but rather to his magic paws. But that wasn't a satisfactory answer for Po. "I said..." Po said with a hard thrust causing Tigress to gasp loudly. "Are your aches (thrust) and pains (hard thrust) gone now (Really hard thrust)?

"Ah! Yes! Yes they are!" Tigress said with a slight shriek, placing her paws on her breasts and began cupping them. Po had to hold back on the drool, but sight of the feline of his dreams squeezing herself was almost too much to bear.

"Faster Po, go faster…" Tigress panted out, thrusting her hips in time to Po's thrusting fingers. Po only smile and obliged the feline.


Tigress was now gasping, and panting loudly. Po however was just as heated under the fabric of his clothing as Tigress was excreting her essence all over his paw. They both had to admit, they never expected THIS to happen, but you know what they say: Nothing ventured; nothing gained. But who were they kidding, they both knew it. Tigress was just seconds away from having her first orgasm, and Po was going as fast as he could, using his paw to satisfy her.

"Po… Po… I'm… I'm…!" Tigress warned. Po knew what she meant and immediately pressed his lips to hers, just in time too. Now that her lips were occupied, Tigress screamed into the muffled kissed, as she came on Po's paw. The rushing liquid that ran over his paw was Very warm; nearly hot. But Po didn't care; he continued to finger the spamming Tiger, trying to have her orgasm hold out for a long as possible.

*A few minutes later*

Tigress was now coming down from her high as Po just pulled his paw from Tigress's loins and pants. When he did, he was surprised by how she was storing up. But that wasn't important right now; all that mattered was the panting feline.

"So, any aches you're feeling now Tigress?" Po asked, while lying beside her. Tigress just shook her head and smiled.

"No Po. Not even in the least. Thank you." Tigress said while moving herself over the bear. "But now…" she placed a kiss of appreciation on his lips, shoving her tongue inside; wrapping it around Po's, staying that way for a few minutes, and pulled away, leaving the Panda to catch his breath. She responded.

"It's my turn to administer my special Remedies." Tigress whispered, while licking his ears. Po only chuckled at the answer. "Well Doctor, work your paws of magic." He said while placing his paws behind his head.

"Oh, don't worry. I'll work my Magic." Tigress purred. Once she leaned to his ear she whispered. "The only thing is…" she whispered lowly. "I don't plan on using my paws." She added.

"Wait, what?" Po asked. He didn't get an answer. Tigress being licking her way down his belly slowly gripping the hem of his shorts and pulled them down slowly, at the same time.

"Didn't see that coming." Po said to himself. Bracing himself for what was next.

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