KFP Mature Drabbles – Chapter 3: Special Lessons

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Characters: Shifu X Po

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Okay, NOW onto the chapter.

Time: 8:00 p.m/ Location: Master Shifu's bedroom chamber.

Po sat anxiously on the edge of Shifu's bed, much like he was feeling right now; anxious. He was fumbling his thumbs together, trying to calm down but was failing utterly. His Master was furious, no… LIVID at his performances early that day, and it was enough to make the Furious Five shudder in worry. Tigress herself; Leader of the group and the strongest of the five, felt a cold chill run down her spine. She had NEVER seen Shifu so angered before, but after Po's foul up, set an all new high for the aged master. Apparently, he thought it would be wise as to attempt the gauntlets before he was mentally ready, thanks to his happy-go lucky attitude, it ended with him braking all of the wooden dummies, leaving the Palace staff men with a lot to clean up, and placing a SEVERE dent in his Master's trust and respect.

"Oh man… I've never seen Shifu that angry before, nor have I seen his forehead turn red before… what's he gonna do to me… he-he might cut off my Kung fu introduction classes, o-or kick me out of the Palace for good this time… *GASP* or even worse… Put me on a Diet! I won't last if he does that! I-"

His train of thought was cut off once he saw the bedroom chamber door open and coming from the other side was none other than Shifu himself, and still had that angered look on his face, and it was directed intently at the shivering Panda.

"The others are now asleep." Shifu started, a look of disappointment was on his face.

"Master before you yell at me can I say that I-" Po started.

"Chénmò Panda!" Shifu hissed, clenching his paws behind him tightly in disgust, also letting out a small growl. Po immediately shut himself up. Whenever Shifu gave an order, in Chinese, he knew that the grand master was serious and apoplectic. "Not only have you made a mockery of yourself once again, but this time, you insulted The Five, made difficult work for the Staff men to clean up, caused Palace property damages, and worst of all, caused a critical strain in my trust in you after the months of building up. I am very ashamed of you Po; you normally have more self control than this. Were you even in your right mind at the time? You could've been killed had not Tigress and Crane intervene." He said, closing his bedroom door.

"I know Master, and I'm very sorry also." Po said while lowering his head.

"No, you don't know Po, attempting that kind of stunt usually results in one being thrown out of the Palace, and 'sorry' does not cut it either, no… it doesn't come even CLOSE to reaching halfway." Shifu said, while stepping in front of Po.

"Yes Master" Po replied looking down, not being able to face his Master.

"But there is a way for you to redeem yourself for the folly of today and the past days that have gone by." He said, moving over to his lantern; staring at it.

"And what way is that Master?" Po asked.

"If I give you special lesson tonight." He said.

"Special lessons, have the others had them?"

"No Po, because, after a folly, they learn from their mistakes, train more until I deem them ready to try once more. But you on the other hand, have this habit of not waiting and diving headfirst into a new problem, at first I thought it was just some kind of joke to amuse me and the others, but lately, it's now becoming a habit. A bad habit. And I don't even want to HEAR you begin your excuse on 'How being the Dragon Warrior means taking risks' again. Because, taking unneeded risks is foolhardy, nothing of valor." Shifu stated.

Po just closed his mouth and remained quite.

"So tonight, I'm going to teach you the three basics of training. Self-control, Endurance, and Precision." He added.

"Alright, what do I have to do?" Po asked.

"Well for starters, take off your sandals, I don't want dirt on my sheets, and scoot up till you are sitting in the center." He ordered.

There was a slightly different tone in his Master's voice, but Po disregarded it, and did as he was told. Now that his sandals were off, he moved back till he was sitting on the center, legs crossed over the other, and waiting for the next orders. "Alright Master, what's next?"

"Now we begin the lesson." He answered lewdly, blowing out his lantern, casing darkness to fall inside of the room, filling all the corners and the only light that was showing, was the moon rays that were shining through the windows.

"Uhh Master… why did you blow out the light?" Po asked, feeling a little uneasy, by the sudden action Shifu was taking, but he didn't get an answer, he only saw his Master now facing him from the foot of the bed, taking off his sandals.

"Um Shifu…?" Po called out, but again no answer. This time he hope unto the bed, and walked till he was now directly in front of the panda who was nervously, looking down at him. Shifu placed both paws on his knee caps and forcibly parted his legs, exposing the clothed bulge. Shifu eyed the lump with lust in his eyes and gently slid his right paw down Po's right thigh; causing the muscles to tense up. He slowly, let it travel to the center below his belly, making him stifle a gasp of pleasure, but that didn't deter his mind from the problem he was facing.

"S-Shifu… what are you doing?" Po asked again.

"Giving you your lessons, but starting with your first one: Self-control." He answered while letting his paw travel lightly over his shaft; slowly rub the appendage fully up and down with an open palm, while the other rubbed the inside of his thigh; using his claws to trace the contours. "The task; you aren't allowed to buck your hips for any reason at all. For if you do, than you fail. If you fail all three lessons, you will be placed on a diet for this month. No questions asked." Shifu stated as he began to use a little more force in rubbing Po's groin.

"*ah* M-master, I don't think that should involve my 'tool' don't you think?" Po tried to reason, and shake off the face he was starting to like the touching Shifu was giving.

"Oh no? You rather I put you on the diet now instead?" Shifu retorted, looking a bit peeved off. "Need I remind you that you are skating on thin ice and trying to redeem yourself?"

"Or… we can continue with the lessons master." Po said in agreement.

"Smart move Panda. Now, lean back and we can continue. And remember, no bucking." Shifu ordered. Po did as he was told and laid back, clearly embarrassed, but at the same time, somehow aroused. "And spread your legs eagle style, so I reach deeper." He added. Now blushing deeply, he did as he was told once more, he spread his legs apart, further exposing his tool to his master, and granting more access to the red panda; that now reached for the waistline of his pants and slowly began to pull down the cloth now fully exposing Po's member out in the open. Po gasped as the cool breeze the came in through the window cracks, brush over his leaking, unsheathed cock and heavy balls. The grand Master had to admit that the Panda certainly was 'gifted' even though it was only 6 inches, which was still rather big. 'This is going better than I thought; I just hope I can contain myself till the final lesson.' He said, feeling himself pent up as well.

"Ah…M-master…" Po panted out, lightly gripping the sheets.

Shifu didn't pay any mind to the Pleasure ridden bear in front of him. He only continued to stroke his student's cock, getting more moans out of him, but was surprised at his self-control. Just too see if he truly was in control, Shifu ran his tongue from the base of the phallus all the way to the leaking tip slowly, getting a long low moan from Po. Once Shifu reaches the tip, he picked up a bit pre that was still lingering at the top. The bitter saltiness of the flavor was new to Shifu, but very much welcomed. Briefly forgetting what he started, he lapped at the tip picking up the rest of the white goo, which made Po groan out a little loudly, fueling his own arousal as well. He then began to run the tip of his smooth tongue around the head of Po's thick cock, making the panda grip his fists close.

"*gasp* Oh Gods…!" Po called out.

Shifu snapped out of his lust and stopped his laps. He looked up to see that Po was heaving, and desperately trying not to move his hips, just like he was instructed not to. "Forgive me Po; it seems that I got a tad carried away, but none-the-less excellent work. You passed the first lesson." He complemented.

"T-thank you Master." Po panted out. This was clearly his first time experiencing this kind of feeling, it was only 5 minutes long. He was going to have to be more vigilant if he didn't want to go on the diet Shifu promised him.

"Alright, for your next lesson Po, it will be Endurance." Shifu said while removing his robe, exposing his chest to Po. For an old man, he still had a good build, not overly muscular, but a decent weight lifter. Tossing the discarded robe aside, Po tried to sit up, but his master prevented him by placing a paw on his stomach. "Not yet Po, on the third lesson you can sit up. For now, just be prepared for what is to come."

"Okay, what do I have to do this time?" Po asked.

"I'm glad you asked; for this lesson, you may buck your hips as much as you like." Shifu stated as he stared at Po's cum-filled orbs with a wanton glare. He had to force himself not to just attack the pendulous spheres, let alone salivate from the size, feel and weight of them, for it would give the wrong impression on the both of them, Po mainly. Realizing that he was getting sidetracked, he snap out his lewd thoughts and images (too graphic to describe on this site. Just email me and I'll send you the added parts.) He quickly responded. "But the only thing you can't do is not ejaculate, until I say the time is up. Understand?" Shifu asked.

"Um…sure?" Po responded, not too sure how to answer.

"Good, now we begin. Don't disappoint me." Shifu replied. Now that they had started, He brought his nose back to Po member and inhaled deeply, picking up on his musk, which caused his own tool to jump lightly. 'It's been so long since I've been bare in front of another, especially one as handsome as Po. Maybe just maybe, he would like to take things farther once we're done, I'm sure he'll agree. With the techniques I'm about to administer, there's no way he'll say no… this is going better than I expected.' Shifu thought as he continued to inhale the smell. But clearly knowing that this would not satisfy his physical needs. So he upped the ante. Sticking out his tongue, he placed it to Po's shaft once more and began to drag it slowly all the way to the tip, leaving a trail of drool behind, making Po shudder and buck his hips a bit; causing his orbs to bounce in response. Shifu caught the sight and shuddered lightly, but as appealing as the sight was, he remained on the task in front of him. Once at the tip of the Panda's cock; Shifu enveloped the head, making his lips past the head, and began to suck making Po groan out loud.

"*Ah!* Master…!" Po spoke, making him bounce his hips once more.

Shifu only continued to suck on the shaft lightly; letting his tongue wrap around the head all the way around, and teasingly dragged back into his maw slowly, driving Po nuts. Even though Shifu's tongue was small, it was more than enough to make Po's hip hop (no pun intended). He dragged it all over the top, then the sides, and down the underside. Po was in heaven, never had he experience this kind of pleasure before. It was new to him, sure he had touch himself before (What guy hasn't?) but now that someone else was doing the touching he was free to enjoy it. Shifu was turned on even more by his own actions. True this was the first time he pleasured another male other than himself, but never the less, it was just as good to him. Wanting to hear even more sound come from the Dragon Warrior; he placed on of his paws underneath Po's sack and fondle the bouncing balls carefully, let them jump in his paw, then removed it, and let them fall under their own heaviness. The site was arousing beyond belief. For a 67 year old man, it was good to know that even he could receive arousal, but that wasn't the target right now, the only target was Po and his pleasure. He continued to suck, lick, and fondle like nobodies' business he still wanted to make Po spill his load, so he got another idea. Hopefully this would grant him the ambrosia that was residing in the Panda's sack. Using his free paw, his slid it past the orbs, and went further till it was on the outside, and lightly ran down the crack of his black furred ass. Po let out a grunt of surprise when he felt Shifu's paw running down the line and went wide eyed in realization, but in all honesty, he want his master to touch him there, granted he was going to give his master that satisfaction. Using both paws, he placed them on his cheeks (the other ones) and pulled them apart, spreading them wide enough to reveal the pucker to Shifu, and much to his enjoyment, The Red Panda stopped his sucking to admire the site before him. It was small, tight, and a bright pink color contrasting with the black fur around it, making it standout quite clearly even in the not-so-dark darkness of the room. Drooling lightly at the sight, his carnal urges were demanding him to forget the whole lesson thing and just pleasure the bastard in front of him, while the dutiful mind was telling him to be a proper master and stick to his duty. Thinking that he was faced with a conundrum a sudden a lantern flickered on in his head.

Lowering himself pass the throbbing shaft, Shifu placed his muzzle lower and line it up with the Panda's orbs, and gave a brief lick to the ball sack making Po gasp again.

"Oh Gods Master…." Po groaned out, thrusting his hips upward, causing his dumplings to brush up against the red panda's nose. Shifu caught a whiff of the smell and it was even muskier then the shaft and that just boosted his arousal even higher than before. Thanks to that, his own erection throbbed even harder, making him hump the bed sheets a little, spilling a little of his own liquid. Po's hip bucked harder, and he gripped his own cock and started to stroke lightly, leaving his thumb on the head.

"Oh Shifu… yes…" Po groaned out, licking his dry lip. The pleasure he was feeling right now, was unbelievable. Not once had he thought tat he was capable of feeling like this, and his master was the one giving it to him, of course, this was a lesson and a chance to redeem his trust from his master, but what was going on right now, he just wanted to continue.

Shifu wrapped one of the orbs and brought it inside of his maw where he ravaged it gently, rolling around a couple of times for a bit, just to tease the hell out of Po, then let it fall out, thanks to his over-sized ears that were trained to hear even the most lightest sounds, it landed with a lewd, wet 'Plop' sound. Saliva was dripping off of it, but he didn't let his handiwork distract him, he immediately went to the other and administers the same treatment, while using one paw to fondle the saturated ball, getting it wet in the process. Using his free paw, he switched it with the drool covered one and placed the saliva coated one to the entrance of his tailhole. Po gasped loudly, and spread his cheeks wider, intentionally begging his master to probe him. Seeing that he was exposing himself more, Shifu took advantage of that, and lightly inserted one digit and gently began to slide it inward. Po trusted his hips roughly, but Shifu's connection with his back entry still remained and he added another digit to the inside. Getting a good amount space loosened up, the then began to lightly move in and out of Po, that being proven, thanks to the Panda's consistent moaning and groaning. For now, he ignored the sounds coming from Po and continued his touching, adding the rest of his finger and began to move them in and out; extracting more moans from the pleasure ridden bear.

'I must admit, his endurance is exceptionally astounding, I didn't think he'd last this long. Maybe I was wrong about him being a mistake.' Shifu thought as he continued to suckle on the left orb. It had been well over 12 minuets and Po still had not released yet. While he was still fingering Po, he brushed over a soft, fleshy spot within Po. Curious, he ran his entire paw over that one spot again this time, Po shouted out his pleasure. Not enough to cum, but enough to alert the Grand Master of his actions.

"Oh Shifu! Touch me… touch me there!" Po moaned out, stroking himself harder as the Master touched his sweet spot again. He was, yet again, faced with two options. Option 1: He could just keep hitting that spot over and over to make spill his load, or Option 2: he could continue with the lessons and be rewarded at the end. as he weighed his option, Po was now panting, sweating and moving his hips, letting his other orb fall out of his mouth, it too made a wet sound once it land beside it's twin and both began to bounce hypnotically in front of Shifu. The wet *plop*, *plop*, *plop*' sound was VERY addicting and tempting, but never-the-less, Shifu remained devoted to his original goal, and pulled his paw out of Po, much to his dismay, and pulled the panda's hand away from his tool, and let him rest briefly, but Po never lost any hardness, if anything, it made him even harder, letting more pre drip down.

"Very impressive Po, I never knew you had such endurance. Makes me proud to say you have what it takes." Shifu said while unlacing the clothed belt, tossing it, and removing his pants.

"t-thank you m-master" Po panted. "So what's the last lesson?" he asked.

"The last lesson is Precision." Shifu stated as he finally removed the last piece of clothing, and crawled up and lay next to Po.

"What do I have to do for that lesson?" he asked, looking over to his Master.

"Very simple Po, you are going to pick a target to release on." he said lewdly.

"And where's the target?" Po asked again.

"Right in front of you." Shifu grinned.

"Wha-umph!" Po was caught off as Shifu pulled him into a deep lip lock, and kisses him passionately, letting his tongue slid into Po's mouth and wrapped it around the Panda's, bringing himself closer to his body, enjoying the warmth.

At first Po was in shock by the sudden advance, but after the sudden feeling, Po gave in, and kisses back, with just as much passion to spare. Once he did, they soon began to battle amongst the kissing, struggling for dominance. She was small, but he was defiantly strong. He proved that quite clearly, as he pressed onwards, not giving in. Po didn't care who was in charge, just so long as he would receive the sensual touch. In the midst of his deep throating his master, he suddenly got an idea. Using his free paw, he slid it between the two of them, and directly went towards Shifu's crotch. Not bothering with the subtly, he grabbed his shaft, and began to stroke him up and down rather quickly, feeling the liquid slid underneath, made him go even faster.

Shifu grunted and rolled onto his back and watched Po go to work on him, enjoying this immensely. Spreading his own legs meant that he giving Po permission to continue.

"Yeah, you like this Master?" Po asked in his most lewd like voice, it was deep, gruff, and arousing all at the same time.

"Mmmm… yes, very much in fact…" Shifu replied, briefly touch the Panda's tool "but as your Master, I still that last lesson to give you. Now, get in front of me, and sit on your knees, but leave them wide, understand? He asked as he removed Po's paw, and hunched himself up. Resting on his elbows, leaning back and leaving his legs open, exposing himself to his student.

Po did as he was told and got in position, and readied himself for what was next, but as he readied himself, he gawked at the sight of his Master before him, not only was Shifu handsome, but the length of his tool was amazing, it stood at a good 7 inches, even though Shifu was two feet tall, his anatomy was worth drooling over. After a moment of mental preparation. Shifu said to Po

"Now Po, for your final lesson, you are going to pick a target that you are going to release yourself on." Shifu instructed.

"Okay." Po responded.

"Now, I'm going give you three places to choose. So, where do you want to fire?" he asked. "My muzzle?" He made it clear, by letting his tongue run over his muzzle, making Po whimper in need. "My groin?" he gripped himself and rubbed for a bit, let more pre slid down. "Or my tail." He reached down and spread himself, revealing the spot of entry.

And Po lost it.

"Your whole body Master!" Po moaned as he walked on knees over a bit till he was now 'pointing' at Shifu. That wasn't even an option, yet it aroused Shifu greatly. Nodding, he granted Po permission to go on.

Not even bother to go slow, Po gripped his member, and began to stoke himself fast, moaning loudly, causing droplets to jump from his tool and onto Shifu's being. the drops were warn and inviting, but just watching him was not enough, soon he too began to stock himself off, watching his student rub himself off in front of him. Po continued to stroke himself but it just wasn't enough, he wanted more, he want to feel something against him…

H wanted Shifu.

Stopping his rubbing he then lowered him, placing his shaft against his master's, and began to hump against the Age Master, moaning feeling the fur rub against him, and pulling Shifu's legs further apart.

"Oh…Oh Master!" Po shouted as he began to hump against his Master, letting both of their fluids mix together, Even though Shifu was still rubbing himself, feeling Po thrust against him felt amazing. Letting Po's huge orbs smack against his was simply intoxicating, Musk and hormones mixed together, served as an aphrodisiac to the both of them.

Soon, the pleasure became to much for them to handle. Po's thrusting, and Shifu's counter thrust ere getting to the both of them.

"Shifu…Shifu… OH GOD MASTER!" Po shouted as he shoot the accumulated seed in his sack and let if fire out and onto Shifu's being.

"Oh gods… Panda!" Shifu cried as he released 55 years of seed onto both Po and himself, sharing the warmth.

After the climax of the both of them, they settled down with Po, relaxing next to him.

"So master… am I redeemed?" Po asked, with a naughty smile.

"That and more. Maybe you can get on my good side some if you do me a favor." he responded, while moving onto him.

"And that would be?"

"Giving me another session."

"I'd be delighted to Maser." Po grinned

And for the rest of the evening, Both Po and Shifu just continued to entertain each other for the rest of the night.

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