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Anywho, I've decided who the mysterious penguin is. Finally. Now the plot can move forward more than two baby steps or so.

Later, Kowalski logged back into ZIM. He was curious to see who else had found the instant messenger other than King Julien.

You have 1 offline message from Marlene.

Curious, Kowalski clicked on the offline message.

Hi, Kowalski

Kowalski shrugged and clicked the message off the screen.

Others logged into ZIM- Skipper, Private, Rico

About time you came back on, Kowalski Skipper typed.

Ummm.....Aren't we two feet away from each other? Kowalski responded. Why are we talking to each other on this?

He has a point, Skippah Private added.

For the last time, Private- Nevermind, I'm going to do something else Skipper told Private.

Others logged into ZIM- Private

I'm going to go watch the telly, Kowalski Private added. Goodbye!

Others logged into ZIM- Bob

"Is there anyone in the zoo named Bob?" Kowalski asked out loud.

Hi, Kowalski Bob greeted Kowalski.

...Hi? Kowalski responded.

How's it going, Kowalski?

Do I know you? Kowalski demanded.

Of course you do Bob replied. You just don't know who I am because I didn't put my name in

Do you live in the zoo? Kowalski asked.


What do you mean, somewhat? Kowalski inquired.

We're sorry, you're session has expired. Please wait a few hours before logging back on to ZIM. Thank you, and come back soon!

Kowalski glared at the screen and left to go do something in his lab.

Marlene clicked on a link on a random webpage.

"Webpage not found." The computer told her.

"Why does this happen every five seconds?" Marlene asked as she refreshed the page. This time, the computer actually took her to the webpage.

Short, but eh. We shall hear more from Bob very very soon. Anyone care to figure out who Bob really is?
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