Naruto awoke as the morning sun poked through the open window. The warmth absorbed into his face as he got up slowly. He was in a strange room he didn't recognize. Not like the ones back home in The Hidden Leaf Village. He got out of bed quickly and checked his supply of shurikens. They were still present. His kunai knife was still attached to his belt, so that was good.

He slipped his sandals on quietly, as he spotted a green door opposite from the bottom of the bed. He walked over and was just reaching the doorknob when the door suddenly slammed him in the face. "Oh! I'm sorry, terribly sorry… Are you ok? I'm Alphonse. But you can call me Al if you'd like." Naruto was rubbing hid reddened nose as he gazed at the massive blue suit of armor standing in the doorway. Al yelled, "Big brother! He's awake!"

Naruto could hear someone approaching from stairs to the right down the hall. As Al looked down the hall, Naruto pulled out his kunai, aiming it carefully at Al. He didn't know where he was, or who this Al guy was, but he was going to find out. Fast. A short blonde teenage boy wearing a red cloak and white gloves looked in the doorway. The boy looked at Naruto. "Hey! I'm glad you're ok! Do you feel better?" the boy asked. Naruto backed up and demanded, "Where am I? Who are you? And why am I here?"

"Well, I'm Edward, or Ed, and this is my younger brother Alphonse. You're in my house, and we took you in because we found you down by the river last night when it was raining, so we brought you here. We weren't going to just leave you there to die, now were we?" Ed looked at Al.

"Now put the weapon away, and come get some breakfast." Al gestured downstairs.

"I'll be down, just give me a minute." Naruto said as they left. He closed the door and sat back down on the bed. Why am I here? What happened to me? And what's with the huge suit of armor that sounds like a twelve year old? Naruto's stomach growled, so he gave up on his thoughts, and decided to go downstairs and take care of his stomach first.

As he arrived downstairs, the fresh smell of eggs, bacon, and sweet fruit hit his nostrils. He spotted Al and Ed sitting at a table, Ed wolfing food down. There was a plate on the counter Naruto assumed was his, so he took it and sat down. He picked up his fork and was about to take a bite of the egg, when he noticed Al wasn't eating. Was this plate his? He better ask. "Why aren't you eating anything? You're so huge, it looks like you could eat a cow all by yourself." Naruto asked, looking at where the armor's eye slits supposed to be.

"Umm… You may not want to know the answer to that yet. You're obviously new here, and we don't want to freak you out or anything, so we'll tell you later." Al said.

"Tell me now, I can handle it."

"You don't want to know. Trust me, you don't."

"Yes I do! Tell me."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes! Just tell me already!"

"Ok, here goes nothing. I'm a suit of armor, that's just it."

"What do you mean? Aren't you wearing the armor?" Naruto was perplexed.

"Kind of. I'm wearing the suit of armor, but it's not really. . . me inside of here. It's only part of me."

"What? So you're missing a leg or something?"

"Uh… No. I'm missing me."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Naruto was beginning to get frustrated. He jumped up, walked over to Al, and stood next to him, reaching for the helmet. "You don't want to --."

But Al was interrupted as Naruto pulled of the helmet and gazed inside with shock. There was nothing in it. Nothing. Naruto dropped the helmet with a clang and backed up, hitting one of the counters. That's not possible. Something, or someone is controlling this armor, maybe with some type of foreign chakra.

"Look, --." Ed began, but was interrupted by Naruto's screaming.

"What's going on here? What kind of chakra is this?"

"Chakra? And we're the ones that are crazy?"

"This isn't normal, I need to get out of here." Naruto said, heading for what looked like the front door. Ed grabbed his orange sleeve before he could get anywhere. Ed's jacket pulled back slightly, and Naruto spotted metal underneath. Naruto quickly grabbed Ed's right arm with his hand, and pulled the rest of the jacket back with the other. Solid metal. All the way up his arm!

"What is that? Where'd you get it?" Naruto blurted, staring at the metal coils, tubes, and pieces on Ed's arm.

"It's my prosthetic arm, ok?" Ed screamed back. "Now that you've discovered our great secrets, are you done tormenting us? We were just trying to help you! And this is how you repay us?" Ed jerked his arm back before Naruto could react. Naruto took a couple steps back and looked down at the wood paneled floor.

"I'm. . . I'm sorry. I truly am. I guess I just don't know how I got here, or where I am, or what's going on, and, it just got to me." Naruto said sullenly.

"It's alright, but just give us a second to explain, ok?" Ed said, looking at Naruto.


"First off, this isn't any kind of chakra like you were saying, it's alchemy. I'm the Full Metal Alchemist, and this suit of armor is my little brother Alphonse. Our mother died when we were little, and we tried using transmutation to resurrect her. It all went horribly wrong and our transmutation circle backfired, consuming Al's body, and my arm. I had to save Al, so I gave up my leg to bind him to this suit of armor. That's why he's in a suit of armor, and that's why my arm and leg are like this." Ed pulled up his sleeve, and one leg of his pants, exposing the grey metal underneath. "That makes sense, sort of. So you give what you take is the idea of alchemy?" Naruto asked, gazing at the mechanized arm.

"The first law of alchemy, The Law of Equivalent Exchange. You nailed it." Ed said, pulling his sleeve and pant leg back down.

"But what is alchemy? Some kind of magic?"

"I guess you could call it that. It's basically the power of changing matter and current elements into different matter and elements. Most people have to utilize transmutation circles for alchemy, but me and my little brother don't have to. We don't know why."

"So why don't you just change everything into gold and be rich?"

"You think people haven't thought of that? There are laws for those kinds of things."

"Ok, that would make sense. So you guys are out here, living on your own?" Naruto asked, looking around.

"Pretty much." Ed grinned.

"So why doesn't your little brother eat? I still don't get this alchemy thing."

"That's not alchemy that causes that. He's a suit of armor. Last time I checked, suits of armor didn't eat."

"Big brother, do you have to say it like I'm some kind of monster?" Al complained.

"Oh, sorry Al." Ed said. "He's a little touchy sometimes." Ed whispered to Naruto. "So what's your story?" Ed asked, nodding towards Naruto.

"Well, until now, I lived in the Hidden Leaf Village, probably very far away from here, training to be the ultimate ninja." Naruto began.

"Wait, what? A ninja? Is this some kind of joke?" Ed asked, chuckling quietly. Naruto heard Al laugh too.

"Being a ninja is serious! There's nothing funny about it!" Naruto yelled, and both boys immediately stopped laughing. They stared at him ominously.

"You're serious? One hundred percent serious about this ninja thing?" Ed asked, forcing down a laugh.

"I'm absolutely serious! It's the Way of the Ninja, and I'm training to be the greatest!" Naruto said, putting his fists on his waist and beaming.

"Alright, but what's this chakra thing you keep mentioning? Is it some kind of power? I don't think I understand... The only thing my brother and I have experienced is alchemy."

"I guess you could call it a type of life force that ninjas can bend to their will, allowing them to complete superhuman feats of strength and agility." Naruto said, looking at Ed.

The room was silent for a while, other than the relaxed breathing of all three boys. No one knew what to say. The birds were chirping outside after the rain the night before, and the entire town was awake and bustling outside.

"So... What should we do now?" Naruto asked, looking around inquisitively.

"Well, Ed and I need to go to the market to pick up some more food, and you could come with us and explore if you want. You know, get used to your new surroundings." Al said lightheartedly.

"That sounds like a great idea! How soon can we leave?" Naruto asked, looking at Ed.

"In just a few minutes, let Al and I collect up our money." Ed said, heading upstairs. Al followed, and soon Naruto was left standing in the kitchen alone. What could this place be? Is it possible for me to have been kidnapped and put here? But that wouldn't make any sense, it's like I'm in an entirely different world. Al and Ed came back down the stairs, heading for the front door, and Naruto followed. This was going to be an exciting day. And If I'm lucky, maybe I'll remember something.