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In a flash of clashing lights, it was all over. The man, no, the creature that had terrorized the Wizarding world for decades was no more, destroyed forever by a young man, barely 18 years old, named Harry Potter. However, this victory came at a high price… his magic. A curse created by Voldemort locked it away deep within him while altering his magic core so that even if he unlocked his magic he could never again use it. There was no cure, no counter curse, no hope for him at all. When the magical world found out that their savior was no more powerful than a squib, they turned on him, shunning him wherever he went. He was barely able to hold onto his family assets and money when the Ministry of Magic tried to seize all that he had in an attempt to settle its debts with his money, but with the help of the Goblins, they were foiled. No one expected a powerless opponent to beat them, but he did.

Ironically, the final battle also brought about the end of the Wizarding world, as the destruction and death that came from Voldemort's forces and the final duel between him and Harry was too much to hide. Despite the best attempts of the combined forces of the magical communities, word spread and evidence was found. When the regular humans found out that there was an entire community hidden all around the world that had been using magic to hide their existence from them while manipulating events and memories without care of consequences, the reaction was huge. Within two years, 90% of the Purebloods in the world were wiped out. Families that went back a thousand years were destroyed in only a few short months while the major corporations that had revealed the Wizarding world made trillions of dollars off of propaganda and selling fear and solutions. After only ten years, the Wizarding world was driven to the brink of destruction and almost all the major schooling institutions were destroyed and magic was once again being taught from Master to Apprentice and in families, people hiding that they were magical even from their closest friends on fear of death. The Muggle-Born survived the best, while Half-Bloods managed to adapt and survive fairly well. The pride and arrogance of the Purebloods was their undoing, as they refused to back down and fade into the shadows. Instead, they believed that the magic in their blood would allow them to prevail over superior technology and weapons. They died in staggering amounts of numbers. The amount of deaths put the medieval witch hunts to shame, and this time they were deadly accurate in their hunting of magical beings. Forests were already rare, having been harvested in massive amounts by greedy corporations, and when they found the pure and untouched forests in the magical world the forests didn't last long. After that it was metals, stone, anything of value that the major corporations could find.

Harry could count his remaining friends and supporters on one hand, as everyone seemed to be blaming him for the downfall of the Wizarding world. One year into the war between wizards and normal humans, Harry found the solution to everything, including his lack of magic. The problem was finding someone in a position to help him, but lucky for him, he only needed one. After graduation, Hermione Granger got a job with the Department of Mysteries as a researcher and Harry knew he could count on her to help him.

"Wait, you want to do what?" Hermione was shocked into silence as Harry explained his plan. They were currently in the Veil room, the one room that was almost always empty, thus assuring them privacy in a time of war.

"I need to go back in time, to fourth year and stop Voldemort from coming back. I know where he'll be, I know what he's going to do, and if I can stop him, then everything will change for the better. I know it!"

Hermione's mouth moved, but no sound came out. She shook her head and tried to formulate a coherent sentence. "Harry, what you're planning will cause a paradox! If you change time, then you'll die!"

Harry's eyes were set, his determination showing in the set of his jaw, and Hermione knew that there was no way she could change his mind. "If it works, then I don't care. If I can stop him then, then none of this will happen," Harry was fervent in his belief that he could change everything, to set things right.

Hermione sighed as she knew that he was right, and that he was the only one who would be able to change everything. No one had the intel that he did, and if she didn't help him, then he was just going to go off and do it himself anyway, probably getting himself killed in the mean time. "Alright, Harry, I know you won't stop, so I'll help you. But if this turns into a dead end, promise me you won't try to go off and do this on your own. If I can't figure it out, you won't be able to."

Harry readily agreed, knowing that she wasn't being prideful, only stating a truth. She was the brains of the group, he was simply the one that got things done. They spent a total of a year working on his plan, making good use of the resources available to her as an Unspeakable. It all boiled down to a ritual, one which would normally use the Wizard's core to fuel the spell, but since his core had been altered, Hermione came up with a tablet that would both fuel the spell and at the same time direct it. They decided to use the Veil room to perform the ritual as it formed a natural nexus of magic which would almost guarantee the ritual's success.

"Well, I guess this is it," Harry said as he held the tablet, dressed in his finest robes with his wand strapped to his forearm. No one needed to know that he couldn't use it, but they would ask questions if he showed up with no wand.

"Harry, please, promise me that you won't screw this up. Do it or I won't start the spell," Hermione said with tears in her eyes. Harry could see her wand hand shaking as she tried to stay strong. He put the tablet down before walking over to her and pulled her into a hug, rocking her softly as she cried into her chest.

"Hermione, I don't know what will happen, I don't even know if this will work, but I can't just stand around and do nothing while our world crumbles around us. But I promise you, I will never give up," Harry told her softly, wiping away her tears as she looked up at him, his words giving her hope. Acting on impulse, Harry leaned down and captured her lips with his in a heartfelt kiss. Her arms came up around his neck, pulling him down so that she could kiss him fully, leaving the both of them breathless at the end.

"Don't screw this up, Harry," Hermione whispered before pulling away and getting into her position at the bottom of a ritual circle, waiting for him to get into the center of it. When he picked up the tablet and stepped into the center of the circle, she raised her wand and started chanting a long and complicated spell. With a rush of energy and light that flowed out of her wand and into the circle, their eyes met and she smiled at him and mouthed 'I love you' before his world went white.

When Harry came to, he found himself in the center of a crumbling ruin, with a broken Veil in the center of the room, the tablet he had been holding was nothing more than dust at his feet. That clued him into the fact that something had gone terribly wrong, so he took off his robes, revealing normal Muggle clothing of a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of white trainers. A muttered command word caused his wand holster to turn invisible, his 17th birthday present from Hermione.

"Hello? Anyone here?"

His voice echoed around the chamber, disturbing some rocks that fell to the ground. Cautiously, Harry pulled a combat knife from a sheath on his belt, having learned knife fighting during the war against Voldemort and then mastering it after he lost his magic. His knife was made by the Dwarves, which had irked his Goblin allies. Traveling through the ruins of the Department of Mysteries only increased the bad feeling he had, as everywhere he went showed signs of either decay or battle. He even came across a skeleton at one point, a bullet hole in the skull showing how that person had died.

"What happened here? What the bloody hell is going on?" No one answered his questions.

Harry spent an hour making his way out of the Ministry, having to walk the stairs as the elevators had been destroyed, the shafts full of rubble. He finally found his way to the atrium, and found that the entire complex was full of rubble from the roof collapsing, showing a way out but at the same time making his heart feel like lead.

"Somehow, I don't think this is the past," Harry muttered as he sheathed his knife and climbed out of the atrium. When he got out, he found himself in the middle of a futuristic version of the London he had known, with floating trains going by and black angry clouds overhead, as well as people were walking around with masks on their faces. After only a few minutes of walking, he realized why almost everyone had masks on: it hurt to breathe in the air, as if it were toxic. Harry jogged the mile to where the Leaky Cauldren was and found the building more or less the same, but when he walked in, he found it abandoned as well, with the tables and bar falling apart.

"Merlin, this is horrible. Please, let the bank still be there," Harry prayed as he walked through the entrance to Diagon Ally. There, glistening white was his only ray of hope, Gringott's Bank. Harry ran all the way down the Ally, the poor air making his head spin as he approached the steps but he didn't care. All he cared about was finding answers to the nightmare he had found himself in. Praying to whoever was listening, Harry knocked on the doors to the bank. After a few minutes, he nearly gave up hope when the door slowly opened to reveal an elderly Goblin.

"Who are you? How did you get here?" it demanded as two Goblin guards came out and hauled him inside the bank, which to his immense relief hadn't changed at all. "Answer me, human!"

"My name is Harry Potter," Harry replied as they forced him to sit on the ground at spear point.

"Impossible!" the Goblin scoffed. "Harry Potter died ages ago. Now, who are you and how did you find us?"

Harry's heart sank at the Goblin's words, his worst fears being confirmed that instead of going back in time, he had been sent far into the future. Harry studied the Goblin in front of him as something about him was familiar. Finally, he realized what it was. The Goblin in front of him was Griphook, his old account manager and friend, simply much older. "I'm telling you the truth, Griphook, I'm Harry Potter." With that, Harry lifted his bangs to show his famous scar, which was still visible despite lightening considerably after Voldemort's death.

The guards next to him shifted nervously as Griphook took a step back in shock. "How is this possible? Hermione Granger reported that you died in an accident in the Department of Mysteries."

"We were working on a solution to the war…" With that, Harry launched into an explanation of all that had happened, telling Griphook everything up to him coming to the bank. "Griphook, what day is it? What year?"

Griphook looked to the guards with a reluctant look before turning back to Harry. "It is July 17th, 2142, Mr. Potter. You are over 140 years into the future." Harry's eyes dropped to his hands as Griphook said the words that sealed his fate. "I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you, but the Wizarding world officially ended over a century ago after we lost the war against the normal humans. Almost all magical beings were destroyed by the war, with only the strongest and most adaptable surviving. The dragons were completely wiped out, down to the last egg."

A lone tear escaped Harry's tight control on his emotions, which he quickly wiped away. He had promised Hermione that he wouldn't screw this up, and while things were already far beyond his control, he was going to make the best of the situation, even though all he wanted was to curl up and die. He bowed and knelt before Griphook. "Master Griphook, I humbly beg your help."

Griphook's eyes widened in surprise at the sudden turnaround in his old friend. Harry had seemed on the verge of collapse and yet was now kneeling before him asking for help. "Ask it and it shall be done, Lord Potter."

Harry looked up at the Goblin from his kneeling position. "I need to survive in this new world I find myself. Can you help me?"

Griphook thought for a minute before barking some orders to one of the guards in Gobblygook, sending him running across the empty lobby and through one of the many doors. He then turned back to Harry. "Come, Mr. Potter, I have a few ideas on how to get you set up here, but I warn you, it won't be pleasant."

Griphook's idea of 'not pleasant' turned out to be near torture for Harry as he had been subjected to a device that had been created long ago to transfer knowledge, usually in the case that a Master died before he could teach his apprentice everything, or a person got adopted into a family and needed to know certain things, but the device had been outlawed by the Ministry as a dark object, and most known copies had long been destroyed even before Harry's birth. Using it had given Harry enough modern knowledge to get around and get into school, which Griphook was able to set up using some of his contacts and lot of money. Harry decided for his own sake not to ask how the Goblins had acquired the knowledge that he had been given, choosing to not look a gift horse in the mouth.

Harry quickly caught up to other student his age, getting a high school diploma and then accepted into a high end college where he found he had a talent for languages and cultures. He quickly mastered ten languages within a couple years, with another five the next two years. While he could no longer use his magic, it was still within him, showing up with a passive form of legillimency that worked like empathy and his ability to talk to snakes, both of which probably helped with learning other languages. While Harry studied and made leaps and bound in the real world, he kept in touch with Griphook, both of them helping the other when needed.

Harry sighed as he threw a data pad into his briefcase, having finished his report on a rare wall of text that he managed to decipher. The corporation that he worked for wanted to know if anything of value could be found before they destroyed the ruins the wall was found in. There was a good market for historical artifacts and ancient stones with funny markings on them. It disgusted him at how low humanity had sunk, destroying their world just to make a few bucks and then spreading out to the stars to repeat the cycle. He had been hearing stories of a world called Pandora that was being mined for an extremely rare ore called unobtainium. Well, technically it was a moon, but it was almost as big as Earth, and it had a similar yet different environment. But its true value was thought to lay in its forests and animal life, or at least that's what the scientific community thought, while everyone else only saw the money in the ground. Unobtainium was a super conductive material that was extremely rare and unbelievably useful, thus making it extremely expensive and desired.

Harry shook his head to rid himself of his depressing thoughts and reached around the side of his bed and loosed a hidden panel, revealing his old holly wand. He slowly picked it up and held it reverently, hoping as he had for years that he would feel the familiar rush of warmth and energy that came from his magic. But as he had been for four years, he was disappointed once again as it was just a stick in his hands, with no more reaction for him than any other non-magical person. A loud beep from a monitor on the wall broke him from his thoughts and he quickly hid the wand back in its hiding place.

"Activate," Harry said as he stood and approached the screen. With a crackle and buzz, the screen came to life to reveal an attractive middle-aged Caucasian woman with shoulder length light brown hair and slight crow's feet around her eyes.

"Dr. Augustine! Well, this is a surprise. Aren't you supposed to be on Pandora?" Harry said in surprise as he sat down at the desk in front of the monitor. Grace Augustine was a legend in scientific circles in botany, physiology, and various other methods of study. He had met her when he attended a lecture of hers a few years back at Stanford, right before she left to go to Pandora, and they had struck up a friendship. In fact, when she was chosen to head a scientific research mission on Pandora, she had approached him to see if he was interested in going with her, but he had declined. He hadn't been ready to leave Earth then, as he had only been in school for a short time and wanted to work on his education.

"Who'd you think it was, numbnuts?" Grace said with a smirk. "I'm using the corporation's link-up with Earth to do some recruiting. And this time, I'm not accepting no for an answer, Brit."

Harry chuckled at her playful barbs at him. "What makes you think I'll say yes? I turned you down once, after all. Don't you Yanks ever give up? What use is a linguist on a wild world?"

"Look, Harry, things have changed. We need you here. There is a native humanoid species here called the Na'vi, and you would be a great asset to the team," Grace told him seriously, all humor disappearing. Harry could tell that she had practiced that speech a few times before. "Also, there is a project here that I think you'd be very interested in, but I can't go into details. I'm sending you a data package with more information. Promise me that you'll think about it?"

"I promise to think about it, but I won't promise anything else, Grace."

"Great," Grace said, humor returning to her eyes. "So I'll see you out here once you realize that there's only one real choice and get your scrawny ass onto a transport."

"You've got a lot of confidence that I'll say yes. Don't forget that I've got a contract here for five more years to worry about," Harry warned her.

"Oh, I'm not worried about that. You'll see what I mean when you read the data I've just sent you. Now get some sleep, you look like crap."

"Love you too, Doc," Harry said with a smirk as he gave her a sloppy two finger salute and disconnected the call. After having to deal with Ron for eight years, plus every other crazy person in the magical world along with Voldemort, Grace was easy for him to handle, which couldn't be said for most other people. She had a wicked reputation which had been rightfully earned for being stand-offish, rude, and just plain irritable.

Sure enough, as Harry checked his inbox, there was a massive data file waiting for him to download. After he opened it, the first few pages explained most of what Dr. Augustine couldn't, and once he had read half of the file, he knew that she was right. There was only one choice he could make. He was going to Pandora.


The flight to Pandora was hell. Four years in cryo aboard a special transport meant only for scientists and other non-military personal left him irritable and with a major migraine. Checking his watch, he found that it was July 31st, his 27th birthday, but since you never counted years in Cryo, he was basically only 23. He was easily one of the youngest people on the transport, most of the others being in their mid to late thirties, but he knew that he had already experienced more than most people do in their entire lives. The ship he had been sent out on was smaller than the normal transports, but with normal sized engines. With less cryo units, more power could be directed to the engines, which decreased the time spent in transit drastically. Silently wishing for an anti-hangover potion to clear his head, or at least some aspirin, Harry floated over to his locker to change out of his cryo clothes and into normal clothing.

Feeling a little more refreshed after changing clothes and eating the first breakfast his body had gotten in two years, even if it was space food, Harry made his way through the orbiting space station to the shuttle that would take them down to the planet's surface. This transport was huge and triangular shaped, white on black paint giving it an old time feel, harkening back to the old space shuttles of Earth history. Supplies would be sent down with them, along with soldiers that had been forced to make a six year journey and had just arrived.

"Alright, you limp-dicked sissies, listen up! Once you get down to the planet's surface, head into the complex and follow your guide to the mess hall where you'll get a pep talk by yours truly," a scarred military man shouted out, his attitude and tone telling Harry all he needed to know about the man: You did things his way or he'd shoot you himself, or maybe throw you out an airlock, whichever he felt in the mood for at the time. The markings on his uniform told that he was a Colonel.

"Bloody military, always pushing people around," Harry muttered under his breath, but apparently the Colonel had better ears than he thought as he turned around and stalked over to Harry.

"What's your name, boy?"

"Potter, Harry Potter."

"Well, listen up good, Potter, as I'm only going to say this once. I run the show around here, and the only reason you're seeing me now instead of down at the base is that I was 'requested' to escort you pansies all the way. So if you give me any lip, I'll make you wish you were never born, you got me?" the Colonel growled, the lights making his scars stand out even more, giving him a devilish look.

"Whatever you say…sir," Harry drawled, doing a passable imitation of Draco's signature drawl. He had just met the man and he already didn't like him. He reminded him too much of a combination of Mad-Eye and Snape, with a little Lucious thrown into the mix. Dangerous, psychotic, and absolutely willing to follow through on his threats.

The Colonel scoffed at him and turned away. "Alright, you bird brains, grab your gear and head to the transport. We roll out in ten minutes."

"Ah, don't mind him. He's always like that. Colonel Quaritch doesn't really like anyone that isn't military."

Harry turned and found himself looking at an attractive woman with a dark skin tone, like she had a dark tan, with long black hair and aviator glasses on wearing a pilot's uniform. "He's got a long way to go before he can get me riled up." Harry then held out his hand. "Harry Potter."

The woman gave him a smirk and shook his hand. "Name's Trudy Chacon. I'm on transport duty for now, but I also fly the gunships down there, too."


"Yeah, didn't you read your brief before coming out here?" Trudy told him with a smirk. "We aren't the only things flyin' around down there, and we aint the biggest either. Compared to some of the things down there, we may as well be ants or squirrels. Gunships just even the odds a bit."

"Well, now that I'm here, the odds are in our favor," Harry told her, returning the smirk as he could feel a fast friendship forming between him and the spunky pilot.

"In your dreams, geek," Trudy replied with a laugh as she walked towards the transport. Harry grabbed his pack and shouldered it before following after her.

Life on Pandora was made up of various levels of extremes. Research was done behind layers of steel, bulletproof glass, and thick, high walls surrounding the base. The very air was toxic to humans, with death occurring after only four minutes without a rebreather. Yet the planet was beautiful, often reminding Harry of the Forbidden Forest at Hogwarts, as it too was full of strange creatures that often wanted to kill you. His first few months there were fairly simple, just learning the ropes and getting to know people. His knowledge of languages and cultures was nearly useless except for mediating between the scientists and the military personal when things got too tense. But he was picking up some skills from the other scientists while impressing some of the Marines with his combat skills and training. Finally, a break came from the monotony when Grace pulled him aside while he was out in the training yard and took him to a section of the base that he hadn't been given clearance to go to before.

"Alright, I'm not going to beat around the bush. The real reason I brought you out here is that there is a program that we've been working on in order to better learn about the natives and get their cooperation with things," she told him while they stood in front of a door that had warning signs painted all over. "It's called the Avatar project and during your physical before coming out here, two things were done. One was that they scanned your brainwaves, and two was that they took a sample of your DNA. Both were done to see if you weren't able to join, but when I saw the results, well, I took the liberty of signing you up."

"Bloody hell, Grace, I think that's the most I've heard you say since that last lecture a few years ago," Harry said with a curious expression before dodging a fist to his arm. "Ok, so you signed me up for a mysterious program, without telling me about it, and it has something to do with my mind. Why am I not surprised?"

"Look, Potter, this project could be the key to so many breakthroughs you can't even begin to understand, and while we've made progress, it's been slow. I need you out there with me. You're a people person, able to get almost anyone to like you like I've never seen before! Hell, the creation of the Avatars was a huge step forward!"

"Alright, alright, I get the picture. Now what the hell is an Avatar?" Harry said while holding his hands up in a placating gesture. The data packet that she had sent him had a lot missing or obscured for security reasons.

Grace used a security card to open the door, leading him into a lab with long circular tubes placed horizontally, with giant humanoid figures lying inside each one. Some looked fully formed while others looked like infants. The ones that looked fully grown were around nine to ten feet tall, lithely built yet still muscular, with a long tail and a long, black ponytail. Their skin was blue with various different patterns on their skin created with lighter blue and turquoise colors, all natural and unique like fingerprints. Harry's jaw dropped as he looked at a row of three tubes, a buzz in his bones leading him to the furthest tube where he saw an Avatar that looked a lot like him.

"Grace, what is going on?" Harry asked softly as he heard her walk up behind him.

"These are the Avatars, Harry," she told him gently, knowing how unexpected this was for him. "I knew that this could be a new start for you, and you've performed beyond our best expectations these few months."

Harry realized then that many of the 'tests' and exercises that he had been given since he had arrived had all been preparing him for something bigger, and now he knew just what that was. But the way she had phrased her response made him wary. "Can I talk to you in private?" Harry asked as he grabbed her arm and pulled her back out into the hall and into a room he knew would be empty and locked the door.

"What's wrong with you, Potter?"

"You know." It wasn't a question, it wasn't an accusation, it was merely a statement. "I don't know how you know, but you do."

Grace nodded, actually looking a little nervous. She turned and looked out a window in the room that was facing the forest. "When I met you, I was shocked to find that you're name was Harry Potter, as I had grown up hearing stories from my great-grandmother about a brave young man by the same name that had stood up against a mad man, sacrificing almost everything to save his friends. So I talked to you, got to know you, and I finally realized that you and he were the same person. What clinched it for me was your scar."

"Who was your great-grandmother?" Harry asked, both desperate to know and afraid of the answer. "Did I know her well?"

"You would remember her as Hermione Granger, your best friend," Grace said with a sad smile, turning to look at him from over her shoulder before facing him completely. "She never got over you, but eventually she married an American banker in order to escape the war between the magical world and the normal humans. She died about a year before we met at Stanford. I'm sorry, Harry, I really am, but you had to know why I did what I did."

Harry leaned against the wall before slumping to the ground. He had already known that Hermione had escaped the war, but the Goblins had lost track of her as they had been forced underground to survive, but now he knew exactly what had happened and it closed the door on that part of his life.

"So now what? What happens now?"

With that, like a switch flipped, Grace smirked at him. "Now, nancy boy, we go get you set up in the Avatar driver quarters. So get up, stop moping around, and follow me."

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