This is for hockypocky and her muse!

This Kind of Sex

Oh god, how did he get into this situation, this position?

His eyes are shut tightly. His nose is pressed into House's left cheek, his lips grazed by stubble, his open mouth panting hot, moist gushes of air over it, his gasps sounding strangely muffled in that confined space between lips and skin.

House's mouth is next to his, wide open; short, heaving breaths bursting into the stuffiness of the room, tinged with a delicate, high-pitched, breathless tone, too much air being forced by his vocal cords, stressing them.

His hands and forearms lie on House's, their fingers entwined, palms sweaty. But more significantly, his naked body is on House's equally naked body. And most significantly his naked penis is inside House.

He moves slowly and deftly between House's long legs, stroking deep inside, the slickness surrounding his penis incredible, the glide easy, the friction just right, and the waves running through Wilson seem to grip his senses and stimulate them into overdrive. He feels all control slip from him, layer by layer, leaving him raw, until not a single molecule of his body is under his control, his hormones taking over the reins. He hears his own voice moan, helplessly, his counter-tenor clear and fair. His hips seem to exactly know the angle, how fast and how deep to go. They seem to know how to give House what he wants. Because their voices are mingling in breathless, involuntary keens; dizzying, heady jolts rushing through them.

He hears House bark out a shout and burst into a series of loud gasps, he feels him convulse and clench his hands, pulling himself up and down under him, meeting Wilson's thrusting hips. Then he inhales sharply and holds his breath. Wilson feels him clench around his penis and groans harshly, fucking faster, and House is keening long and drawn-out, voice high and breathy, coming between their bellies, slickening them.

Wilson feels something snap inside him, he buries his nose behind House's ear, holds his hands down tightly and gruntingly throws himself into the last few thrusts, riding over the edge, biting the soft skin before him, growling, hips bucking, House's moans in his ear.

When he comes to, he feels House sprawled under him, boneless and spread-eagled. His head rests on House's chest, rising and falling with his breathing. A pleasant shiver runs through him and he tightens his arms around House, sniffing and nuzzling his chest and the sparse, fluffy hair a little. Then he smiles slowly, lifting his head, looking into House's face, exhaling a laugh.

House opens his eyes to look at Wilson, narrowing them in suspicion.

"I think I've never had this kind of sex before! That was amazing!" Wilson lets his body slide down to one side, props up his head and puts a leg over House's, stroking his belly with his free hand.

House smirks. "You know, it's been a while since I've had this kind of sex."

"You've had this before? With who? Stacy?... Oh god, or was it Cuddy?" Wilson's eyebrows almost touch his hairline.

"What?! No! Do they have penises?" House puts his arms behind his head and crosses his ankles, throwing Wilson's leg off in the process and stretches languidly.

"You've slept with men??" Wilson's voice squeaked a little at 'men'.

House rolls his eyes, his head lolling in Wilson's direction. "Hey, it's rude to talk about your exes or past encounters when you just had sex with your new bashert!"

"You had sex! With men!"

"A man, one man! – Now leave me alone and tell me what kind of sex you were talking about!" He shifts again, skin squeaking on polished wood.



P.S.: I miss the piano! :(