Happy Birthday supernaturalmydream!! I hope it's a spectacular one and that you enjoy this drabble. Hurt!Dean, Fix it!Sam

100 words exactly

Challenge word: Warm

Dean hadn't been the same since they'd left Cassie's. He couldn't pick up girls and he rarely ordered bacon.

"Wanna talk about it?" Dean shot Sam a look, clearly reading 'No freaken way' before stalking off to a table of sorority chicks.

Dean the girl repellant strikes again.

Sam ordered several shots.

Warm puppy eyes turned deviant.

"Bet ya can't out drink me." A small glimmer of the real Dean Winchester flashed across his face.

By the end of the night Sam had his arrogant, vulgar, pig-head of a brother back.

He wasn't perfect but he was all Sam had.