Thank You - Chapter 5


"I didn't mean to," Sam quietly whimpered while trying to roll over onto his side.

"Sam wake up, we need to get out of here." Dean shook his sibling's shoulder again, being careful not to jostle his bandaged forearms. He'd returned to Sam's room a few hours earlier to find his kid brother in a fretful doze, pain evident on his face and Dr. Thomassen writing in his notebook. Sending the doctor a deadly glare he hurried to Sam's bedside and placed his hand on the younger man's head while whispering words of comfort and pressing the nurse call button with his other hand.

The on-call nurse administered a painkiller, sending Sam into a drugged doze then removed the IV from his neck. After he'd left the room, Dean turned to the psychiatrist and growled, "didn't you notice Sam was in pain Doc or were you just ignoring him?"

"I was observing him Dean."

"Observing…ignoring - whatever. Sam was in pain and you did nothing to help him," Dean reiterated as he pointed a finger in Thomassen's face.

Thomassen cocked his head to the side, "has he been acting moody or depressed lately?"

"He was born moody," Dean answered in an irritated tone, "haven't you asked enough questions?"

"I just have a few more. You're close to Sam, I might even say, a bit too close to him. Why is that?" Doctor Thomassen watched Dean expectantly, "did Sam tell you he didn't want to continue your special relationship anymore? Did he hurt himself to get away from you? Or did you carve your brother up so he couldn't leave you?"

Dean's mouth gaped open in shock for a moment before snapping shut. His face became devoid of emotion and his eyes grew hard as he pointed at the door and demanded in a low, deep voice for Thomassen to leave. When the doctor didn't move, he found himself unceremoniously shoved out the door and before he could turn around to argue the door slammed shut and the lock clicked into place.

Thomassen found Dean's reaction interesting yet considering Sam's complete lack of fear when in his presence, he'd come to the opinion that the older brother hadn't been responsible for his patient's injuries. He still wasn't quite sure what to make of Sam's explanation, the murderous half-brother story not with standing, an additional session or two discussing his personal and work relationships would help further his decision. Nonetheless, with the Terrance Fuentes abuse and murder case still in the forefront of the media and the lawsuits filed against the hospital and law enforcement, he had to err on the side of caution. Hospital security would have to be alerted and arrangements made to move Sam to a secure ward, then it would be time to call the police and have Dean Campbell escorted out of the hospital, against his will if necessary.

"Sam wake up," Dean said in a tense voice, placing his hand on Sam's chest and shaking him vigorously while glancing out of a window in his brother's room at the lovely view of a dimly lit parking lot. With a grumpy groan, Sam shifted away from his tormentor. "Damnit." He stalked over to the door and unlocked it, opening the door a crack, Dean watched a few hospital personnel walk down the corridor, none of them paying any attention to him. Opening the door wider, he glanced up and down the corridor then checked out the nurses' station at the end of the corridor. A lone security guard leaned casually against the station counter talking to the nurses on duty. Only someone well versed in body language would've noticed the surreptitious tightening of the man's shoulders and the straightening of his back when he caught sight of the elder Campbell brother.

A tired voice called out behind him, "D'n?"

"Sam." 'How can a twenty-five year old sound so much like a lost six year old?' the older man thought hurrying over to the bed, 'and look like one too,' he added, his kid brother blinking slowly up at him. Sliding an arm behind Sam's back he pulled him up into a sitting position, "come on dude, we gotta get out of here. Your shirts are gone, the doctors had to cut them off," he said taking off his jacket and unbuttoning his long sleeved flannel shirt, "this is yours."

"Dean," he said quietly, shutting his eyes when the room started to whirl.

"Your jeans are toast too." He reached down and pulled out a plastic bag stuffed between the bed and side table. "I snagged a pair of your sweatpants." Dean glanced around the room, "where are you socks and…there they are. Come on, you need to get ready Sam - Todd and Josh have a divers…"

"Dean!" Sam winced, pulling back from his brother's ministrations.

He stopped trying to gently push a bandaged arm into a sleeve. "What?"

"I gotta go."

"That's what I'm trying to help you do if you'd stop pulling away. We have to be…"

"No!" Sam answered in frustration, "I gotta go to the head. I'm about to explode here."

"Oh…oh! Okay, let's get your other arm into the shirt first." He helped Sam slide off the bed and stand up then quickly caught him when his knees buckled. "Whoa! Forgot how to stand there Sammy?"

"Just a little light headed," he replied, feeling self-conscious with his inability to stand and walk unaided, as Dean helped him the few feet to the bathroom door.

"Need help in there?" Looking at his brother's face Sam saw only the honest need to help reflected in Dean's green eyes. Sam nodded, embarrassment coloring his pale cheeks.

By the time Sam was fully dressed he was hot, sweaty and ready to pass out. He felt as if he'd just ran fifteen miles with a full pack…in Louisiana…in the middle of summer…at high noon…while being chased by a herd of rabid Aussicus Crocodillio Huntii. "Man they gave me some weird shit," he mumbled, hanging his head down and wiping the sweat off his forehead with his shoulder.

"What are you being chased by this time Sammy," Dean asked, laughing while opening the door a crack and waiting for Josh to answer the phone. "Wendigas Cavernus Hanguptus, Blincus Bearicii or Weevillus Foresticus Eatuuptus?"

Sam took a deep breath then let it out in a long put upon sigh, "I should never have told you."

"Who else but the resident geek boy would make up Latin terms for the supernatural critters we…" -Hey Josh we're ready.- Dean quickly glanced over his shoulder at Sam before looking back out into the corridor. -Sam'll be fine once we get away from this damn hospital. Just one guard at the nurse's station…he keeps tensing when he…no, I can take care of him. Alright, five minutes and we'll meet you guys at the northwest entrance. Don't get caught. Yeah, yeah I know who I'm talking too.- He snapped his cell shut. "Okay…show time in five minutes Sam."

The younger man looked up, shaking his overlong bangs out of his eyes. "Smoke grenades?"

Grinning, Dean replied, "something better."


"The clean-up continues at Mount Davis General Hospital. It's still unclear exactly how the fire suppressing foam was released…"

Dean turned the television off when Sam restlessly groaned in his sleep again. He double-checked the salt lines at the motel room windows and door before sitting back down at the table. Picking up his steaming cup of coffee he stared unseeing at the open laptop, he knew he was supposed to be researching rehab techniques for Sam to utilize in the upcoming weeks to rebuild the strength and stamina in his forearms but his mind kept wandering to back to Adam - a kid brother and a baby brother. A toddler with unruly chestnut hair and slanted hazel eyes stared back at him when he closed his eyes. He tried to imagine Adam at the same age but the only thing he could see was dead eyes staring out of a bloodless face, a body torn apart…consumed and the leftovers discarded like garbage in an abandoned crypt. The older man walked over and placed his hand on Sam's sweaty forehead, he was warm - not feverish, thankfully. He pulled back the comforter and his brother quieted down almost immediately. 'Wish everything could be just as simple again.'

Josh and Todd helped him salt and burn Kate's body. The elder hunters looked at him strangely but asked no questions when Dean requested them to leave Adam's body alone. He thanked them for cleaning and staging the Milligan's house and for burning the male ghoul's body, so it looked like Adam had been responsible for the carnage before taking off.

"How's Sam doin' Dean?" Josh coughed and moved up wind from the nasty, eye-stinging smoke, leaning slightly on his shovel.

"He's doing as well as can be expected."

"Do y'all need any of the harder to get a hold of antibiotics or painkillers? I have a friend…"

Laughing, Josh asked, "imaginary or invisible?"

"She's a veterinarian," the bulky hunter shoved his friend off balance, "she has this sweet set-up in the backroom for injured hunters," Todd handed Dean a business card, "she's good Deano and discreet, so if Sam has any problems go see her."

Taking the proffered card, he glanced at it then shoved it in his jacket pocket. "Thanks man."

"Why don't ya go check on your brother Dean," Josh laid a hand on the younger hunter's shoulder, "we can handle the mop up." Dean nodded, thanked the older hunters for their help again and walked back to the Impala. Driving back to the motel he considered taking Sam to Bobby's place then driving back to take care of Adam's body; he knew Sam would fight it, immediately thinking Dean didn't trust him. In the end they both stayed.

Several days later, after Sam was able to stand and walk without keeling over from lightheadedness, they stood near the shrouded body of their younger brother, both caught up in private thoughts. "Ya know, I finally get why you and dad butted heads so much," Dean said grabbing the container of butane from Sam's hand and spraying it over the already salted body. He threw a lit match on Adam's body then stepped back from the flames to stand next to his brother. "You two are practically the same person. I mean, I worshipped the guy…I dressed like him…I acted like him…I even listened to the same music." His anger kept him from looking at Sam to see how he was taking his words. "But you are more like him than I'll ever be and I see that now."

Sam shifted, feeling slightly dizzy from the heat put off by the flaming pyre. "I'll take that as a compliment." A year ago he would have protested the comparison but now, he embraced their similarities.

"You can take it any way you want."


Thanks to Supernaturalwiki (dot) com for the transcription of the boys' ending conversation.

Can't believe how long it took me to write this tag. I got the giggles when Dean said he had to go to the 'head' in Swap Meat since I'd written Sam saying the same thing a couple of days before the episode aired.

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