Author's Notes: Written for 1sentence at LiveJournal.

Disclaimer: These characters are not mine.


01 - Air

Clementine alternately makes Joel feel so nervous and so excited, and consequently he sometimes forgets to breathe.

02 - Apples

They had called her a bad apple when she was little, and she wished she could push that out of her mind.

03 - Beginning

She doesn't remember how they met, but she sure is glad they did.

04 - Bugs

Clementine is a slob, and it drives Joel nuts; he doesn't want to get bugs in his apartment.

05 - Coffee

He drinks coffee, and she drinks tea; it's one of their numerous differences.

06 - Dark

As they walked together one night, she glanced up at the sky and saw that it was dark.

07 - Despair

"Don't despair," he whispers to her one particularly difficult night, but she does anyway.

08 - Doors

Maybe they would be okay again; maybe that particular door in Joel's life would reopen.

09 - Drink

He wants to scream when she comes home drunk, but he rarely does.

10 - Duty

Perhaps it had been fate's duty to see that Joel and Clementine met again.

11 - Earth

If she could, Clementine would walk with Joel months and months, going through every inch of the Earth step by step.

12 - End

She assumed that erasing him from her memory would be the end of him; she had been wrong.

13 - Fall

Sometimes he gets tired of having to catch her when she purposely falls.

14 - Fire

It was as if she was a fire, and he the water that killed her.

15 - Flexible

She smiled as she recalled last night's discovery of just how flexible Joel's body was.

16 - Flying

She was sure that Joel would be able to fly, in a metaphorical sense, if only he would allow himself to.

17 - Food

She took him out to dinner that night; she was always coming up with new foods she wanted him to try.

18 - Foot

He tickled her foot; she laughed.

19 - Grave

He wore a grave expression that evening, and she knew that she had disappointed him yet again.

20 - Green

Clementine's hair was green that day.

21 - Head

She wants to know exactly what is going on in that head of his, but he's so quiet - does he ever talk, really? - and she wonders if she'll ever know.

22 - Hollow

When he learned that Clementine had erased him from her memory all the air had rushed out of Joel's lung's, and he felt hollow inside.

23 - Honor

She had failed to show up and hadn't honored the plans that they had made once again.

24 - Hope

Joel comforting her when she's feeling down is like a glimmer of hope.

25 - Light

After the procedure, she noticed that he seemed familiar and wanted to shed light on who he was.

26 - Lost

They had been lost after they had both had the procedure, but then they both found their way back to one another.

27 - Metal

She leaned against the metal to discover it was cold, just as he was.

28 - New

Clementine was something new in Joel's monotone and routine driven life.

29 - Old

Clementine had only known Joel for five minutes, but he felt like an old friend.

30 - Peace

Sometimes her mind quits arguing with itself, and then she is at peace.

31 - Poison

Sometimes she was like fresh air and other times she was like poison; he never knew which one it would be.

32 - Pretty

"You're pretty," he whispered, only to hear her soft reply of "you're lying."

33 - Rain

She had been outside in the rain, and little water droplets fell from her hair.

34 - Regret

She regretted partying, going out late and coming back only god knows when, and being generally inconsiderate; she regretted loosing him.

35 - Roses

He gave her roses, and she found it utterly predictable.

36 - Secret

She had never voiced this fear before, but sometimes she worried that she wasn't good enough for him.

37 - Snakes

She was wearing bracelets that resembled snakes, and he wondered where she had found them.

38 - Snow

She couldn't believe he had never had a snow ball fight before and quickly came to the conclusion that she would have to remedy that.

39 - Solid

He was solid and stable, something for her to lean on; for that, she was grateful.

40 - Spring

Spring was a time for new beginnings, and maybe this was their spring.

41 - Stable

He wished that their relationship was stable rather than a roller coaster ride of emotions; he had always been scared of thrill rides and didn't like that she forced their relationship to emulate one.

42 - Strange

He felt strange and empty with Clementine gone.

43 - Summer

One summer morning, she prepared a surprise picnic for the two of them, only to realize that Joel was gone.

44 - Taboo

Her insecurities were a taboo subject, and he quickly learned t was better if he didn't bring them up.

45 - Ugly

Clementine was beautiful; Joel wished she could see that.

46 - War

She wished that they weren't at war with one another.

47 - Water

"My water broke," she said somewhat frantically, and the fact that he was going to be a father sunk in all over again.

48 - Welcome

She made him feel as if he was welcome anywhere she went; he liked that.

49 - Winter

Her bright hair contrasted against the white winter snow.

50 - Wood

It was totally and completely cliché, but as she ran her fingers over the C + J engraved in the wood of the tree, she didn't care.