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The other side of time prologue

I was happening again. Tokiko knew what she was seeing wasn't right. That her mind was playing tricks on her, overlapping the things she saw with things she knew weren't there. Like the boy (man?) standing in front of her wasn't there, wasn't her best...friend(?) from a distant and long forgotten land. She didn't have many friends, people had long ago decided for themselves that she had gone mad, what with the random hallucinations and all. So she knew the familiarity she felt for him wasn't real, that it was just one of her mind's cruel ploys, to make her hope against the impossiblility of reality. She also knew that she should look away, and at least act like she had a hold of ( or at least a distant sighting of) her often elusive sanity, but she couldn't. The concerned face before her made her want to cry. It was the face that she had wished and waited and had hoped to see for so long. A face that she had though she would never see again, but had wanted to see so badly that she had struggled along all alone in thet darkness for what had seemed like foreve. hundreds of thousands of years it seemed, just to see it again, to see him again, but wait that wasn't right. It it must have only been her imagination, she was only seventeen years old, not nearly as old as she felt sometimes, especially now, and she knew that she had definitely never seen him before. So why did the very sight of him make her heart race? Especially when she knew he wasn't really there. Her vision had begun to blur, and she could see the ground coming up to meet her as she began to fall, but she couldn't seem to move her body. Then everything went black.



I don't know why I called out that name. It was like I had no control over what my body as doing right then. Well, actually from the moment I walked into clearing if I was being truthful with myself, which I had decided I wasn't. The moment I saw her my body froze, from the shock of it all I guess, because standing before me was the very person that had been appearing in my dreams for as long as I could remember, with just the slightest difference. This girl had brown hair while that girl had been blond, and definitely not asian in the least, but the expressions and the familiarity about her were the same. It felt like I had known her for all of my life, and judging by the look on her face, she was thinking something along similar lines. It was at about this point that she had started to fall, and I, obviously unable to reach her in time, shouted out the first thing that came to mind. It was a name, or it felt like it was. Another thing to figure out when she woke up, I decided, looking down at the sleeping girl lying next to me. I hoped she would wake up soon.


I realized after I had started writing:
first, what this story was really about (because it was from a dream I had,
Then second, the hilarity of the name of the girl. The two characters that it is made up of are the kanji for time and child. Children of time anyone? I had named her before I realized who the two people were, I just sat there laughing for a while.

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