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Summary: 15 years before Jake Sully's arrival on Pandora there was another, Tallulah. She was the first avatar driver on Pandora. She was the first to encounter the Nav'i and that encounter will change her life forever… OC human/ OC Nav'i

Prologue: Golden Eyes

Dreams where a funny thing… Sometimes they seemed so real that you could swear that you had been in a whole new world.

The first thing that came to my mind was the musty smell of wet earth and plant life. My hands felt the soft grass and soil beneath the soft pads of my fingers. It was funny because I had never truly seen nature of any kind… there was none left on earth only a barren wasteland dotted with human cities. I had always wondered what it would be like to stand in a rain forest with life all around me. Looking up from my resting spot I could hardly see the blue sky with so many trees blocking it from my sight. Sitting up, I looked around in awe, not believing how much life I sensed around me. The forest was alive with animals, sounds of critters flying by my head, foreign animal calls reaching my ears from the tree tops. It was amazing to see something so natural and beautiful… so untouched my man. Suddenly there was a snap of a twig to my right and I quickly turned to look, catching a glimpse of blue before it disappeared from my sight.

"Hello? Is anybody there?"

Only silence was my answer and I soon began to think I had imagined it until I saw another streak of blue out of the corner of my eye. I turned to look and encountered the most beautiful golden eyes I had ever seen. They were huge and closely set, almost feline in nature. The intricate golden hues mixed with light greens to create a beautiful mixture that captured my full attention. All I could see were those eyes in the shadows of the trees around me. They seemed filled with emotion, almost sad and I felt a longing so deep fill me that I almost wanted to get up and run to the owner of those eyes. But fear kept me in place, so I just continued to stare not able to get enough.


My name was carried on the breeze and then those eyes disappeared creating a longing so deep inside me that it almost choked me. The way my name was said sounded so sad and I knew that the owner to those eyes had been the one to say my name. I couldn't understand how anyone had known my real name I never gave it out anymore but I figured that anything could happen in this magical world I was suddenly in. I finally stood and started to explore the small clearing I was in, inspecting the trees and the plant life in a child like manner. It was all so magical that I didn't hear the footsteps approaching me or the click of a gun being loaded. Finally I turned slightly at a snap of a twig and then there was only blackness….

But sooner or later you had to wake up, even if it meant returning to a reality that was devoid of happiness…

Rubbing her eyes Tallulah swung her feet from under the covers and got up from her small bed. That had been a strange dream but lately my dreams have been more and more unique. The one constant where those eyes, it was as if they were looking down into my soul and knew the pain that I hid every day.

Shaking her head, she quickly got undressed and got ready for a new day at the lab. For the last 10 years she had worked endlessly trying to discover a way to bring back the abundant life that had once existed on earth before the nuclear war 40 years prior. That war had not only taken more than three quarters of human life but it took all natural life on earth as well. The only way she knew how earth used to look was by the many pictures of the lush forests and plains that used to be filled with creatures of all kind. Now humankind had given up on its home planet and was looking towards the stars for a way out, a new planet to escape to. 5 years ago that new planet had been found 6 light years from earth, it was called Pandora and she had been one of the lucky few chosen to travel there. When she had first been approached it was not something she was looking forward to but as the last 5 years have dragged by and her depression had sunk lower, she had started to look at Pandora as a way out, or a new life so to speak. At 25 she was young by today's standards for a scientist of her prestige but that reputation and knowledge had come at a price, a heavy price…

Snapping out of her thoughts Tallulah returned to her previous task of loading up the many rare samples of earth's previous plant life in order to be brought with the initial scientific team to Pandora. It was going to be a long 6 years to travel there, even though everyone would be put into cyro she still had to be woken at least once a year in order to continue her current research and for her own sanity. She was never very fond of the whole cyro thing she felt like it was tomb of some sort but I guess it wasn't as bad as the link units that she would have to get into once she had reached Pandora. Another reason she had been chosen to go to Pandora had to do with her involvement in the Avatar program. Along with Dr. Grace Augustine, she had helped found the avatar program. She was the chief scientist on earth while Dr. Augustine was already on Pandora. Even though she had found the program she had never been too fond of taking over another living beings body so she never thought in a million years that she would be going to Pandora to become an avatar driver, but it seems that fate loved to throw curve balls in her direction and this was a pretty damn big one to say the least.

Sighing quietly she finished her duty of packing all the samples and data needed on the trip and then went on to help the other lab techs to pack other items that were needed. Tomorrow would be the day that she and 20 other people would be catapulted into space on a 6 year journey to Pandora, a planet that is rumored to be one of the most dangerous places for humans. But I guess a change of scenery will be nice, now I just hope that my current demons stay on earth along with their bodies…

Sometimes the hardest choices in life bring with it something good… I my case I guess that was true but I remember being so depressed during the time of the launching… If only I knew that in 6 years I would be introduced into a culture that would change my life forever…

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Next chapter: Arrival on Pandora and getting customized with a new routine. Meeting Dr. Augustine and taking the first steps into the Pandoran forests.