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II. Assignment

They say that in cyro you don't dream… I guess with me that was a blessing because my dreams were more like nightmares. My only consolation where those eyes… they gave me a sense of calm, making my heart soar as if I were flying…

Location: Alpha Centari System: In orbit, moon: Pandora

Waking up from cryo was like waking up from a long term coma, essentially it was the same thing but inside it felt like your spirit was coming back to be trapped in the confines of your body. To me it felt like waking up from a magical dream and realizing that reality was much less magical. It took only a couple of hours for the scientific team to get ready for the trip to the surface of Pandora. As the shuttle started its landing procedure, a soldier walked down the aisles of the cargo hold and started listing instructions to us.

"Okay people we will be landing on Pandora in about 5 minutes, everyone needs to put there oxygen masks on or you will be unconscious within 2 minutes and dead in 5 minutes. Now, when we get on the ground you will need to go straight to conference area 1. A soldier will be leading you there, so please follow him, single file, and watch out for AMP suits out there."

Just as he finished there was a slight shutter as the vessel landed and a low whirring noise that signaled the shuttles shut down process.

"Okay follow the soldiers, single file, once in the conference room you will be briefed on your individual assignments and the layout of the RDA compound."

The door to the cargo hold finally opened and we were all ushered through the heat of mid day into a pressurized holding room that I took to be the conference room. We all sat and a minute later an intimidating looking soldier walked in followed by two lab suits.

"Hello everyone! Welcome to Pandora, more specifically Hell's Gate. I am Colonel Torich and I am in charge of this compound security wise. I am responsible for all of your safety and to be honest with you I will probably not be able to protect each one of you. On this planet there are creatures that are well over 2 times bigger and stronger then you and in order to keep everyone on this compound safe we have put rules into place that must be followed to the letter."

Sometimes these scare tactics where really a bore…

Finally the scientists came to the forefront and began to talk about what our assignments would be on the base.

"Most of you here are scientists, the smartest minds in your specific fields and you will be a prized commodity here on Pandora. For those scientists that specialize in genetics and animal evolution, you will be assigned to a compound near the eastern seas. Those scientists that specialize in botany will be assigned here at this compound and will be working with Dr. Augustine. You will meet her later on today and will be trained in your specific duties. While the rest of you are, assigned to the Avatar program which will be in the compound in the rainforest to the west of here. For those of you that are going to different compounds you will be taking a special scorpion assigned to your team. They will take you to your specified compounds and from there you will be briefed on your duties." The scientist that was talking turned to the person behind her and stepped back.

"Hello Everyone I am Dr. max Patel I am here to talk to you about a humanoid species that is indigenous to this planet called the Na'vi. They are on average 9 ft tall, blue, with feline features and 4 times stronger than the normal human being. So far we have had little contact with these creatures due to their skittish nature, but from or dealings with the Omaticaya clan nearby we are certain that they are an intelligent species with their own culture, which include a language, customs, and a religion. There are about 15 tribes that we have counted so far on Pandora and each compound is located near one of these clans. The closes clan to here has not been hostile to us but we are approaching this issue very delicately. While we go out into the forests for samples everyone needs to be careful and be on the lookout for any movement. Make sure you are not trigger happy out there we do not want to make a first impression a bad one. The avatar program is designed to create a link between them and us and through that link we are ordered to keep diplomatic peace between our two species."

Another hour later the lessons on Pandoran biology was over and each group of scientists went their separate ways. I made my way to the initial loading bay with two other scientists that I had chosen to take with me to help with this avatar program. We were to head to RDA compound 3 in order to unload our avatar bodies from the shuttle properly. It took about 2 more hours to reach the new compound. It was definitely smaller then hells gate about a third of the size.

It was made up of a two buildings that held the link room, Avatar holding and research facility, the navigation room, and finally the living quarters for the scientists. Outside the building was an avatar compound made up of a wooden building for sleeping quarters and an obstacle course of sorts for the avatars. Coming off the shuttle it looked pretty cozy to me compared to the previous compound. It would only be 10 of us staying here plus a rotating crew of 5 soldiers for protection. It wasn't many people but I preferred that better, I didn't like to be around people too much, it created more complications.

Once settled down in my living quarters I made my way to the avatar loading room and there I met up with Dr. Max Patel.

"Hi you must be Dr. Hemingway, I'm Dr. Patel it's nice to finally meet you. I have heard a lot from Dr. Augustine."

Nodding subtly I shook his outstretched hand. "Yea that's me, nice to meet you too. How are the 3 avatars doing? I know that they were supposed to mature on the ride over but I haven't been able to inspect them yet."

"They have matured very well, there bone and muscular structure have developed normally and there nervous system seems to be working splendidly. It's amazing how similar they look to the real Na'vi." He said leading me through another room where there were three avatar bodies laying on gurneys.

Walking up to the pressurized door I put on my oxygen mask and walked through the door and up to the prone bodies. Inspecting each one I could see that each had unique features in accordance to the DNA used. Finally coming upon my avatar I inspected the female body laying before me. Her ears and nose where feline in nature and her closed eyes were large and closely set in her face. She had high cheek bones and a full pink mouth. Her hair was black and braided tightly around her queue. The unique blue stripped patterns on her face and down her body seemed to glow in the artificial light. She had a long slender neck that connected to a slender body. She had grown to about 9 ½ feet, normal for female Na'vi, and her hands and feet consisted of 5 fingers and toes. By all means she looked normal, her body slender but filled with toned muscles and a gracefulness that was unique to the species. To say the least I couldn't wait to get started with the program.

"Hey Dr. Patel make sure that these avatars are ready for link tomorrow, we will be starting our initial test run tomorrow morning. I think today we will rest for the rest of the day let me know if you need anything."

"Yea no problem the link room has already been prepped and is ready for the test run and we have already inspected and readied the bodies for linking. Take a look around just make sure you take a gun with you if you leave the compound."

I nodded in acknowledgment and waved goodbye as I left the building, heading towards the entrance to the compound. At the entrance gate I was stopped by the armed soldiers, "Hey lady you can't go out there it's dangerous and we have not been given orders for a trip into the forest."

Inspecting the soldier in front of her she narrowed her steely blue eyes, "I don't care if you have orders or not, I'm in charge of this compound and you will do as I say. I will be out for a little bit don't worry I know how to defend myself and I'm not unarmed. If I'm not back within two hours I have a tracking com on me just track me down. Does that appease you?" she said, sarcasm seeping through her words.

The soldier stepped back in slight shock but let her through nonetheless, I think more due to shock then anything. Brushing past the soldiers I made my way into the rainforest of Pandora for the first time. Looking around as I made my way through the forest I could hear the sounds of life all around me and it gave me a sense of déjà vu as if I had been here before which I knew was impossible. Gradually making my way deeper into the forest I took in all the plant life around me wanting desperately to breath in the air that I knew was pure and fresh not filled with smog and pollution. For the first time in years I felt a giddy, almost childlike, happiness rise within me making me want to dance between the giant trunks of the trees. Twirling I looked up into the canopy and saw the glow of yellow eyes watching me. Very familiar yellow eyes; almost the color of molten amber. A bright curiosity and wariness shown from those beautiful eyes and I couldn't help but stare.

"Hello who is there?"

A series of clicks was her only answer and as she continued to look at those unblinking eyes they disappeared from her sight and she heard a small thud behind her. I quickly turned around and there in front of me was a Na'vi warrior. He was enormous in comparison to her small frame, well over 9 ft tall probably closer to 10 feet. His hair was braided and contained many decorative feathers and beading. A long braided queue came through the mass of braided hair to end past his slender waist. His body was toned but muscular and he had decorated bands around his upper arms and ankles. He only wore a loincloth and a leather holder over his chest for his weapons and bow. But out of all of his features his eyes were still the only things that drew me to him.

"Kaltxì…" I said tentatively, knowing my Na'vi was not that perfect. I guess my knowledge of the language had surprised him because his eyes widened and he stepped back.

'Why have you come here? You should not be here! Leave this place!'