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A Mother's Protectiveness

"I'm not worried." It was spoken calmly, with confidence.

"How can you not be! Tink's titties! Demons will be after them." Jenks' tone was shrill, Ivy could feel her eyeballs twitching.

She raised an eyebrow in disdain.

"Have you seen how protective she can be? How protective she already is?"

Jenks lost some altitude before rising again. "But they're demons! They have demon magic!"

"So does she." Again, the tone was flat.


"How much smut did she put on her soul for crap-for-brains?! You don't think she'll happily put up with a hundred times that to keep her child safe?"

Jenks landed on the table with a dejected sigh.

"But will she be able to really protect them? No, I mean will she be too squeamish?" His tone was anxious. He was a pixy, he understood the need to kill to protect loved ones. From what he'd seen, Rachel didn't.

Ivy's face was blank, but her eyes dilated in remembered fear. "Minias came to visit last week."

"What?!" Jenks took to the air, darting back and forth anxiously.

"He tried to threaten her." Ivy's eyes suddenly focused on the pixy with intensity. "She roasted him alive. He didn't even have time to scream before he was a big pile of ash. Two words, Jenks. She didn't even flinch at the amount of ley-line energy she'd needed to channel." Ivy's eyes turned to the side again, unfocused, ignoring the pale pixy. "She'll be fine. Mother's are very protective. Think about Ceri."

A shudder went through them both.