Disclaimer: I do not own the Rachel Morgan series or any of Kim Harrison's characters. I only borrow them occassionally for my own perverse entertainment.

Beyond Expectation

Al watched, more than a little wide-eyed, as the red-head stalked after her target. For once, he was grateful, it wasn't him.

He'd never seen anyone move with a protective circle moving with them, but there you go. Rachel Morgan had a disturbing tendency of surprising him.

The demon known to Rachel Morgan as Big Al winced internally in sympathy as he heard the pained wails of the demon that had attempted to make a pass at his student. When she'd brushed him off with little to no consideration or concern, the demon had been upset, his pride hurt, and had attempted to curse her.

Not the best of ideas.

Rachel Marianna Morgan had become quite adept at ley-line charms. And where she lacked in knowledge, training, and experience, she more than made up for in imagination, innovation, and pure power.

Exhibit A: the moving protective circle.

Exhibit B: the first ley-line charm she'd ever learned (the deflection charm) used to imitate playing ping-pong with the walls as paddles and the demon as the ball.

Apparently she had outgrown the need for a focus object as well. Al knew he shouldn't have taught her the alternative methods of coping when a focus is unavailable. He'd just never expected that she'd be able to translate the skill into using it like this.

He couldn't help but be proud.