This is my best friend, who deserves a happy ending, and… in my mind, this is how it goes.



"Here, can you take this picture for me?" I asked glumly.

The punk/goth cashier sighed dramatically, chomped down on her bright blue bubble gum, and rolled her eyes. Nice. Would it be horribly out of her way to press a button? She leaned on one leg, tapping her foot.

I hurriedly handed her my red camera, and she took it with rough hands. I frowned at that.

She spoke in a monotone voice. "Get into a position if you want." She sounded impatient.

I swung my hands into the air, plastering a fake smile onto my face, maybe fooling someone who didn't know me well enough.

She didn't even look at the screen as she pressed the button, the violent light of the flash that I'd forgotten to take off, burning my eyes.

I blinked furiously as she tossed me back my camera carelessly, I frowned, barely catching it. I glanced at the screen, immediately noticing the many flaws of the photo.

My face wasn't in the picture, and it looked kind of blurry. I frowned again, growing angry.

"Hey!" I asked her, annoyed, as she walked away from me, apparently done with our five second relationship.

I growled a bit; was she really that inconvenienced?

She turned around. Finally!

"By the way," she said, bored, "You have to either take the dress off, or buy it."

I glared as I stomped back to the dressing room, the tag on the dress flying in the air behind me. My pain was overpowered by anger for a moment, until I looked in the mirror at the delicate, white and black dress.

I sighed, running my hand down the material on my sides. Usually, a strapless dress would make a person look like they were trying too hard.

But on me, it tied together the whole ensemble, the black roses scattered over the silk dress screamed Alice.

It was beautiful, knee length, with a little black lace on the lining of the bottom and the top.

I smiled a tiny smile, barely there and the first genuine one I had had in forever.

I jumped when I heard a loud bang on the door. "Are you done?"

The impatient woman asked me, and I sighed as I zipped down the beautiful dress, I would have bought it, but the line was long, and I had to meet Jessica at the food court, I was already late and who knew, my spazzy best friend probably landed herself on a stretcher while sitting in a food court chair.

I hurriedly left the store, Romy, and my eyes soaked in the beauty of the dress once more, before sighing, and heading to the court.

My eyebrows knit together as I looked around the food court, looking for Jessica… my eyes landed on the eccentric girl who stood from her chair, waving at me, unknowingly drawing everyone's attention to herself and looking idiotic. Yupp, that was her alright…

I giggled and walked towards her, she moved to sit down, but her foot tangled in the metal of the chair, making her topple over onto two other chairs, bringing laughs from multiple places as she scrambled back up into her chair.

"Superstar." She said quietly, making the hand sign at me and I groaned, could I have chosen a best friend more lame?

I sat down in the chair opposite to my blushing best friend.

"Always you… gee Jess… will you ever be coordinated?" I smiled at her as she pushed a tray of panda express towards me, I licked my lips, she got my favorite.

I smiled, of course she knew my favorite, we knew everything about each other, it was inevitable, we just did.

She crossed her arms defensively, "It's not my fault." She said crossly and I winked at her.

"Nothing ever is." I joked, and she tried to hold a glare, but ended up laughing and sticking some chow mien into her mouth.

Jessica was a klutz, there wasn't really another word to describe it. Whenever she was in public, she found a way to embarrass herself.

We were made for being friends though. She had long, brown hair, and it had red if you looked really closely.

Her style was very different than mine was, I tended to drift towards Hot Topic or Romy, and she was… addicted to American Eagle or Forever 21… occasionally Wet Seal…

She was eccentric, embarrassing, insane, random, funny, creative, and she made me laugh when I was upset; no one could do that.

I, on the other hand, was crazy, blindly in love, a tad violent, colorful, magnificent, and really funny because she laughed at basically anything I said.

We usually hung out in a group of 6, myself, Jessica, Katelynn, Lizzi, Alyssa, and Ally.

And although we all enjoyed each other's company, and all loved each other as friends, Jessica and I talked for hours on the phone every night, and stuck together like glue.

She was also a foot taller than me, but, in my opinion, we were the same.

"So, where did you go? I thought you were going to meet me here ten minutes ago?" Jessica asked, and I could tell she was on the verge of calling the cops and claiming I was kidnapped…

"You should've seen it Jess, this dress I found at Romy… it was gorgeous, here, look."

I excitedly took out my camera and showed her the picture. She took it and looked at the screen, perplexed.

"Was the person who took this blind?" She asked sarcastically, her blueish gray eyes sparkling with amusement.

"They would've been if they'd stayed two seconds longer…" My fists clenched together, my anger shining through.

Jess smoothly changed the topic, telling me about her own shopping experience, and I nodded my head and smiled in all the right places, but I wasn't really paying attention to her.

I was, however, looking at her, finishing the effect. But, we both knew I couldn't fool her, and she stopped trying to distract me, seeing that I wasn't listening through my eyes, which was just her uncanny ability to read me, and ate another bite.

I sighed, "I'm sorry…"

She shrugged, "I understand… hey, are you sleeping over tonight?"

I thought that over, today was Tuesday… ugh, we had a day off tomorrow… so we could. I groaned.

"I can't, remember? Jake is making me drive him to a geeky Rune Scape convention…"

She laughed, we both laughed, my little brother Jake was pretty stupid at times.

"That's okay… how about Friday?" she asked, hopeful.

I smiled, "Sure, that works."


Jessica drove me home a little while later, and sighed when she pulled into my drive, "Do you want me to come with you?"

She asked, and I laughed, "Two things, one, I wouldn't subject you to doing that… and two? You know I wouldn't distract you from watching Bones reruns…"

She blushed, I was the only one who knew about her geeky obsession with that show.

She coughed, smacking my arm and waving at me as she drove off.

I sighed as I stepped into my house, ignoring my little brother and walking to my bedroom, stepping over the mountains of clothing on the floor, and screaming into my pillow once I reached my bed.

Jasper. The only thing on my mind now, I sulked into my pillow, not laughing because Jessica wasn't here, and fisting my hands into my blanket.

I was hopelessly in love with him… there wasn't another way to describe it… I sniffed as I thought about him.

He was tall, probably about 6 foot… he had windswept blond hair, and you could tell that his clothes hinted at having muscle underneath them.

He played the guitar… he had loaned me his jacket once even. I actually slept in it for three or four nights… which Jessica teased me shamelessly for. Frankie did too… but I wasn't too sure how I felt about her.

I know, Frankie is a guy's name… but she works it… she's hot and cold all the time. She'll stab your back without thinking twice, which she's done to everyone I knew, exactly 7 to 10 times.

He had a freckle on his cheek, the color of iron, and Jessica always said that when he shook his hair to the side, he looked like he had some mental disability, and that he looked like a smashed up carrot… but I loved him, no matter how much Jessica didn't believe in it.

That's one thing where we weren't the same. Jessica has this… stupid belief that being in love only happens in fiction.

I didn't stand a chance with him though, he had a girl by him at every second, none of his relationships moving past the one month mark. I was determined to be the girl to make it past one year, go onto two, then five… then fifteen… no matter how unlikely. I knew Jessica wasn't supportive of my little… three year crush on Jasper, but she tried, I had to give her that…

I looked at my calendar, sighing as I crossed off another day with red marker. It had been three weeks since he had been with Hannah… three weeks…

He didn't even like me…I felt like there wasn't anything I could do to get him to notice me, I mean… yeah, we texted a lot, but he sent me mixed signals all the time, whether it was telling me about his newest girl, or telling me that I was talented or funny.

I twirled my camera in my hands, looking at the annoyingly bad picture that did this gorgeous dress no justice.

Maybe it was how I-

"Alice! Come on! If we don't get to the convention soon enough, then I won't be able to get in line soon enough to get an autograph for the creator!"

I groaned, "My life…" I shook my head, reluctantly throwing the camera on the bed, and snatching my phone and leaving.


My brother was dressed in this really weird cloak… and bouncing while standing in line for a game…

I rolled my eyes, leaning on one leg and sitting on a sofa with coffee, right next to the entrance of the nerd palace.

I glanced at my phone, hoping that he would text. He never did, I waited, and waited, not wanting to seem pushy or anything, trying to play hard to get.

Except, it was hard to play hard to get if he wasn't trying to get you.

I sighed, after an hour of staring at an inanimate object, and reluctantly picked up my phone in defeat.

I entered his name in the texting option.

Hey, how are ya?

I waited a minute for a reply, and got quickly impatient… but I couldn't send two, that's weird. I sighed, thinking he wasn't going to reply.

I bit my lip, maybe his phone was off… or be was too busy texting Hannah.

I felt a buzzing on my thigh, and picked up my phone.

Hey… I'm good? Really bored though…

I giggled madly as I typed my reply like a madwoman.

Ugh, I had to take my brother to a Runescape convention, it's cold and boring :/

My eyes bored holes in the screen as I anxiously awaited his reply.

Sorry… did you do anything today…?

Yeah… I thought about you…

I went shopping with Jessica, and I almost bought this dress that rocked, and one at Forever 21, and I don't know which one I'm going back to buy…

I pressed send and the reply was agonizingly slow.

Oh, send me a picture, I'll decide for you. And ugh, why do you hang out with her, she's so annoying.

I almost swooned, I would wear anything he picked out…

I'm not sure… I don't have my camera with me. and lol, you only think that because she hates you… what did you do today?

I waited for a reply…

Oh, I hung out with my new girl, she's the most amazing girl I've ever met.

I got shaky fingers and I felt tears prickle my eyes as my phone dropped to my lap, wondering who the new girl of the week was… maybe… I don't know… I turned off my phone, resisting the urge to cry, refusing to do this at a nerd convention…

"Anna! I got the autograph! LET'S GO!" My little brother yelled at me and I stood up shakily, prepared to take him home…

The ride home was too bumpy and long, and Jake kept yelling and slaying a fake sword in the hair, saying things like, "YOU'LL NEVER KILL ME, MERE PEASANT!"

I rolled my eyes. When we got home, I ran to my room.

My silent tears coated my face as I hugged my knees to my chest on my bed once we got home, hoping that it might squeeze together the sizable hole that inhabited my chest; it didn't work, I still felt the dull ache cover me.

I shivered as the cold, dark air hit my frozen form, but I welcomed in the cold, I wanted it to hit me. The cold was the only thing I could feel.

I looked at the goose bumps on my arms, and then the backpack by my feet, wanting to push the homework away.

But I knew I couldn't, I sighed, groaning as I set of to work on my English paper. Yay. Because when your brooding, you know how you read that when you're upset, you're supposed to do homework?


That's precisely why you've never read that you should.

Later that night, I was hugging a pillow to my chest, reruns of NCIS playing in the background but I wasn't really listening. I sighed, hoping for a vibration on my thigh, tapping my foot on the ground, trying not to look at the screen.

I resisted the urge to look at my phone, and I groaned, sitting up on my bed.

Jasper hadn't talked to me in a total of 8 hours, and I was getting upset.

I crossed off another day, in green this time so that I could keep track of how long he had this girl.

Jessica always said that he was stupid, and I should get a new crush… but I didn't want to.

I sighed, ignoring my unfinished paper and turning off my phone, and crashing on my bed and trying to sleep, but only thinking of Jasper.


The next day of school was horrible… long… filled with Jasper.

Friday was no better. I brought my overnight bag for Jessica's house, my sketch pad was in there… I wish I had the courage to show it to Jasper.

He would be so impressed… if only he just saw my potential!

I sighed aloud, and Jessica gave me a weird look as we were walking around the soccer field at lunch.

"Why the wistful sigh, Vnix?" I smiled a bit at her nickname for me. It was left over from Halloween when I named my vampire costume Phoenix… and I was debating between Vee and Phoenix… Jess mixed them together.

I cocked my head towards Jasper, playing soccer, and Jessica glared at him.

See, as well as having an irrational belief that being in love didn't exist, she an irrational belief that girl code told her that since Jasper was torturing me, she had to hate him. She tried though… she tried to understand.

"Can't you just be civil, for me, please?"

She pursed her lips, and crossed her arms, turning her head towards me and tripping in the process.

"Fine. But you should really get over him, Jasper's with Mandy now…"

I wrinkled my nose at her name… Mandy…

"Whatever, can we talk about this tonight? I want to have some candy and movies when I pour my heart out."

I smiled and rolled my eyes and she nodded, sticking her tongue out at Jasper's back when she thought I wasn't looking. She does that a lot.


I giggled as Jasper answered a question right in Mrs. Egeler's class. He looked so proud of himself… it made me happy to see him happy.

My eyes flickered to Jessica, who was glaring at the wall at every word he uttered, see, Jessica was lucky enough to be in the same classroom as he was in, and I had to be in Crap's class. His name was Mr. Clapp… but we all came up with a new name for him.

I looked back to Crap, he was lecturing, I could stay and ogle Jasper for another… say… 20 minutes? And then we could go home.

Or to Jessica's, but it was the same thing, right?

I leaned my head on the window, shamelessly staring at him from where no one could see. But Jessica tensed, turning around slowly with her eyes closed.

She looked at me and groaned, looking at me with disappointment and then at Jasper, glaring, but otherwise let it drop.

Jasper ran his hands through his hair at that moment and I bit my lip… did he have to be so damn attractive?

I decided that before I attempted to jump through the glass, I'd go back to class.

Before I turned back, I stole one last glimpse at Jasper, who had his arm dangled around Mandy, kissing her cheek as she giggled and whispered something into his ear.

I felt my eyes prickle with tears.

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