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Chapter 1

She paced her room back and forth. She had to get out of here, just had to! She was fed up with everything that was going on! They walked all over her, and she was fine with it at first, she thought it was the earthly custom to do everything for your friends. At first it was nothing really she just went out of her way to make her friends life easier and she knew they would do anything in return for her, especially Robin.

She knew she had fallen in love with the boy wonder but now she wasn't so sure. Some one had walked into their lives turning her small friendly favors to her friends into everyday things that were expected of her. Tillie had walked into the lives of the titans a short year ago on, she had the power of wind, she was also skilled in hand to hand combat. She had light brown hair with blonde streaks in her hair that reach he shoulders, she had dark, dark brown eyes the almost seemed black, she was the same height as Raven, but Tillie had more spunk in her than anyone in the world she cared her self with confidence and didn't care if anyone liked her.

She normally wore a black shirt sleeve shit that cut off right above her belly button you could tell she cut it herself from the strings hanging down from it, she wore shorts that cut off right bellow her butt they were a light denim, she also wore Nike sneakers. She loved everyone on the team especially the leader but she didn't take to kindly to him being close to a certain Tameranian girl who was now pacing her room closed off from the others. Tillie had some how gotten everyone to treat the Tameran like dirt. She was how Robin had started to call her more and more a 'Troq' at first she just thought he was angry with some mistake she had done during a mission but it was starting to replace her name she no longer Starfire to them she was Troq. She had tried to get through to them ask them what had happened to there friendship? Why did they treat her as the maid as some one who didn't deserve their friendship?

Starfire knew she wasn't needed on the team Tillie had once told her that even with the whole team surrounding them, Starfire had accidentally gotten hit by a bolder thrown by Cinderblock. She thought that the man that had stolen her heart would be there to catch her but instead she was met by the hard cold pavement of the street. She remembered hearing robin shouting at her for being so useless in a fight. That was also the day that Tillie had suggested to Robin that Starfire shouldn't go on any more missions for the fear that she would be more of an asset to the villains than them themselves for how she wasn't the best fighter.

Robin had agreed with no argument. She was now what the name that they had given she as nothing, sure on the out side she would smile and act as if nothing was wrong she would do anything they asked her, she would give them her fakest smile she could muster. But that only ran skin deep on the inside she was hollow, she found that she cried her self to sleep more and more often than not, she was a hollow shell of a once bubbly teenager who would do anything to feel excepted. She excepted but that flew out the window when Tillie walked in the door and found Starfire her competition for the heart of the boy wonder.

This was her last chance to leave this place, she wasn't going to Tameran she was going some place she had never heard of Gotham. The Dark Knight or Bruce Wayne had planned on calling and talking to Robin but and popped up on the T.V screen in the middle of the night during Starfire's me time. Her me time was drowning in mustard and crying as loud as she could with out waking anyone. Bruce offered her to stay with him and not where she was now. He had talked her into it. That was 3 days ago, and it was now or never.

She knew her friends would probably not notice she left because she had been staying in her room more and more often. Starfire grabbed her pink fuzzy back pack she slipped it on as she opened her window she took one last look around her room. She looked at it with intensity memorizing it in her mind so she would never forget it. She memorized her purple circular bed that sat in the middle, her light pink dress against her pink wall, her night stand, silky watching her with saddened eyes.

I believe he is the only one that will miss me, Starfire looked at the white and purple worm that was curled in the middle of her bed staring at her with big begging eyes. She just shook her head at the worm before uttering one last good bye to a place she planned on never visiting again.

"Good bye Silky I shall miss you. Good bye Raven, Beast boy, Cyborg, you were great friends till you forgot I was here. Good bye Tillie," Starfire couldn't help but say Tillie's name with venom in her voice, "Good bye Robin. I shall miss you the most, you were the closets to my heart and you are the one who has caused it the most pain," Starfire felt her eyes start to moisten with tears when she thought about how much she loved Robin. He was the one she cared for the most the one she had fallen for the one she thought that would never hurt her but he was the one that had caused her the most pain of all.

He was the one who had started calling her Troq and the one who had told her she wasn't allowed on missions any more, he was the one who made her a hollow shell of nothing the one that had made up her mind to leave. He was the final reason she was leaving she wasn't going to she had first told Bruce she could never leave her friends because they needed her, but when she found Robin and Tillie making out in the hall way not to far from her room that actually tipped her over the edge.

Tears had been streaming down her face as she walked passed them, they didn't seem to notice she was there either. Robin had Tillie pushed up against a wall her legs wrapped around him and her hands running through his hair the hair that Starfire always dreamed of her hands some day running through and having her legs wrapped around Robin's abdominal. But that dream was crushed and the thought of staying in the tower evaporated when she saw the too making out. She had called Bruce right after that had happened and arranged for Alfred to come and pick her put and take her to Gotham to start over, "Good bye may I wish you good luck in the future," No matter how much the Titans had hurt her she couldn't wish hate on them, she could never do that even to her sister.

Then she saw head lights beckoning her, she watched them from her perch on the window ceil, the lights went dark she held her breath, they came back on then off then once again they turned on. That was their signal, she couldn't have Alfred walk up to the door and say 'Time to go grab your stuff!' and leave no they had discussed a signal to show that it was time to leave. Starfire took one last look around her room before she took off into the starless night toward the waiting limo.

"Hello Ms. Starfire," Starfire was greeted by a kind old man, when he smiled his eyes crinkled and you could see a twinkle of joy for what he does.

"Um Alfred I do not know if this is kind or not but I would like it if you would call me the name of Kori Anders I got it from my name on Tameran Koriand'r," Starfire said as she scooted into the back seat of the sleek black limo.

"As you wish Ms. Anders," Alfred said before he closed the door to the back seat of the limo and climbing into the front seat next to the driver, "Bruce has your room ready and everything," she heard the old man call out from the front.

"He cannot wait to meet you he feels you will be a great asset to the Wayne family." Family. That was what she thought she had found but here in Jump City but no that wasn't what she found, but when Alfred said she would be great for the Wayne family she couldn't help but smile she always wanted some one who cared for her. Her own father had given her into slavery, the titans treated her like dirt, and now she was starting over for the 3rd time in her life. She remembered the earthly saying '3rd times the charm' Robin was the one who taught her that he was the one who taught her English even if she still sucked at it.

"Bruce even got you a tutor he thought that you would like to improve your English," the grey old eyes looked at her in the review mirror.

"that would be most delightful friend," she said giving him a rare real smile. And with that the sleek black limo slinked off into the night without a sound.

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