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Chapter 16

The sun was slowly rising, as the titans finished up with loading the last of their luggage into the T-car. Victor and Garfield had abondandoned their rings and reverted back to their normal appearance. Everyone said their goodbyes quickly because they needed to get back to Jump asap, Bumble Bee had called back about six more times asking them to hurry.

Rachel looked around at everyone and noticed that someone was missing out of the group of heros, "Where's Kori?" She wondered aloud catching everyone's attention.

Bruce looked up and saw all the titans perplexed looks, he sighed and ran a hand through his perfect hair, "I believe she is in her room,"

"Why is she in her room? Isn't she coming to Jump?" Richard asked impatiently wanting to get back on the road, mask in tack over his eyes.

"I can't answer that, Ms. Anders will have to do that for you," Bruce said letting Richard and the rest of them walk past him and hurriedly back up to Kori's very purple room.

Richard was the first to walk in the others right behind him. He stopped abruptly when he saw Kori's clothes scattered all around her room, and not a luggage bag in sight, he didn't get what was going on. Then he saw her, she sat on a window seat staring outside at the limo an impassive look on her face.

"Yo Kor you coming?" Victor called out to her, her eyes stayed trained on the T-car.

"No," Her voice was quiet and saddened.

"What do you mean no?" Gar asked walking more into the room to see how Kori's gaze hardened with every word.

"By no I mean, I'm not coming with you guys back to Jump City, I'm staying here in Gotham." She finally tore her eyes from the window to look at them all, her eyes were sorrowful but determined to stick to her guns.

"Kori, you have to go back with us. I mean Jump City, California is your home," Richard said trying to get her to see reason but she just shook her head a rueful smile on her face.

"Was my home Richard, was. Gotham is my home."

"how in the hell can Gotham be your home?" Richard demanded.

He had left this place because he couldn't stand being in Batman's shadow anymore and wanted to make it big on his own. He left because Bruce and him were always constantly fighting, and everything here had been everything short of shitty, so he left. Richard didn't know what Kori found so appealing staying here. Bruce was always coldhearted but when he thought about it he could be like that too.

"Because Gotham took me in when Jump no longer needed me," She said coldly as she got right up in Richard's face, "While my 'friends' were off fighting or ignoring me I was off cleaning or crying. Bruce took me in and offered me a life I could not refuse, he talked to me and consoled me. He treated me kindly while you all treated me coldly," She stared at them all, her eyes weren't hard or angry they were soft and full of pain reliving the horrid memories.

She shuddered slightly, "Ever since I came here my life had sucked at first. I didn't know what to do, I thought that with out you guys and Richard," She looked at him out of adoration and love, he seemed to be crushed, "I thought my life held no meaning, I wanted to end it but that was before I was introduced to your ex," She said smiling at Richard who blushed earning him some shocked stares from the others, "Me and Barbara became best friends, she showed me that I didn't need you to have a life. I quickly became the angel of Gotham, the favored prodigy of the dark night himself, soon I became the most feared heroin in Gotham," She smiled proudly, "I became the number one Fashion designer and magazine writer of my time!" She looked at them all beaming proudly.

None of them said a word just stared at her, "Gotham is my home, Jump used to be my home just like Tameran before I came to earth and fell in love with this planet," Her eyes sparkled with delight, "But ever since you guys came here for a very odd vacation, I finally rekindled our friendship the thing I have dreamed about regaining for more than my absence in Jump," They all felt horrible and knew they were the reason she wasn't coming back to Jump City with them, "I even got more than friendship with you Richard," She cupped his cheek in her hand and softly kissed him on the lips making him pull her close when he placed his hands on her hips.

She let him keep his hands there she loved the feel of being close to him, it made her feel whole and fuzzy on the inside, "then will you come back for me?" He asked softly.

She felt tears in her eyes, "Richard, you do not know how long I have waited for you to come and find me and kiss me like you did at the hospital and I think I would keep on waiting for you too if I had to wait all my life," She smiled sweetly at him his eyes lit with hope but that was soon doused when he heard her next words, "But I have made up my mind and I am staying in Gotham were I feel as though I am truly needed and wanted, when I am no longer needed or wanted here I will return to Jump with you but I maybe to late to join the titans," Her eyes looked crestfallen.

"B-but what about us Kori?" he murmured his eyes beginning to mist over with tears he was fighting so hard to keep at bay.

She stroked his cheek lovingly all the others were forgotten, "We can try to make it work, I mean we could try long distance. I could come visit you once a month and you here whenever you can, I'm sure I can have Barbara take over along with Batman when I do visit," She said looking at him in all seriousness.

He smiled weakly as he bent his head down and kissed her softly on the lips, "I'll do anything to keep you with me," he murmured against her lips.

He could feel as she wrapped around his neck and pulled him closer to herself pressing her body firmly against his, he could hear as she moaned his name softly as he began to slowly caress her side. Rachel cleared her throat before Richard's and Kori's little make-out session could escalade, this time they didn't jump apart it was slow and sensual when they pulled away to look at everyone. Victor looked down at his built in clock and gasped.

"Guys it almost eight we have to hit the road now if we want to get back in time to help out Jump," Victors voice was in a higher pitch than what it normally was.

Richard nodded his head everyone rushed, but Kori and Richard walked out slowly not wanting their time together to ever end. As they walked out into the morning light Bruce gave Kori an approving nod as they walked to the t-car. Richard bent down again and placed another kiss on her lips not getting enough of the taste of her.

He gave her a long and sorrowful look when he pulled away and right before he climbed into the car he looked at her one last time.

"Are you sure?"

She nodded her head yes, he sighed but took her answer not wanting to piss her off. He climbed into the car and soon they were driving down the long drive away of Wayne Manor and soon they were gone. Kori felt a lone tear slip down her face as Richard was once again gone from her life, but this time she knew that he would soon be back for her. With that one thought left in mind she turned around and walked back into the manor to have breakfast with Roy, Barbara, Bruce and Chef Alfred.


Holy hell I just finished this thing and I can't say I'm sad that it is, I don't like the ending and I know I probably pissed a lot of people off not having Kori go with them but I felt it was right to have her stay in Gotham. So no flames about it because yeah, Barbara and Roy have a long distance relationship even though they live a lot closer to one another but hey Kori and Barbara are going through the same thing so hey they got something in common but whatever. :D again NO FLAMES!