Normally I intended this to be just one chapter, but since I have received some good praise for this story I will write an extra chapter for "The two champions and the aspiring trainer". The reason for this title is because of Cynthia's status as Sinnoh Master Champion and Solidad is a Champion Coordinator, while our main character that we all know (like him or not) is aspiring to be the best Pokemon master.

On with the chapter

It was now morning and Ash woke up to find himself with not one woman, but two beautiful and famous female trainers, Cynthia and Solidad. He then remembered that he spent quite a night with both of them and promised to keep their relationship a secret, since a scandal like that appearing on TV, magazines, or newspapers could tarnish their good names. He was preparing to go back to his room for a shower, until a hand grabbed his right hand. This hand was from Cynthia, and she was waking up from her slumber as well. Ash met Cynthia's eyes and he was slightly blushing at her natural beauty.

Cynthia finally asked, "Where were you going Ash?"

Ash woke up from the trance, "I was just going to my own bedroom, since I have my clothes and the rest of my stuff there."

Cynthia then talks in a seductive tone, "Why don't you take a shower right in our bathroom; I don't mind you using the shower as long as you are just going for your clothes." Then she gave a small lick on his right ear making Ash's blush making appear in a much darker shade of red (crimson red) by having such a beautiful woman like her to seduce him. Ash was feeling that steam was coming out of his ears. Ash complied with Cynthia's request and soon they entered the shower together.

Lemon ahead

Cynthia turned on the shower appliance and soon water fell from it and was touring their now naked bodies. Cynthia started to heat things by French kissing the raven haired young man, and Ash felt her tongue and returned the kiss as well. They were still tongue wrestling, and then Cynthia started to move her left hand toward his growing member and then she started to stroke it up and down causing him to become quite excited and flushed under her incredible touch. Later Cynthia kneeled down and opened her mouth and start engulfing the boy's cock and her hand was massaging his testicles. Ash was pleased about this and grabbed the blonde's head, while she continued to suck him off.

"This is really good. I never thought that Cynthia could be like this outside the battle field; I'm about to come big time"; Ash thought.

Cynthia stopped the BJ and looked up to the young man.

"Why did you stop now Cynthia?"

"Well I wanted to do something really good for you. I hope you like this."

Cynthia was now holding her nice sized breasts and wraps them around his still hard penis. She gave a nice breast massage around his cock making Ash even better than before; then she was circling her tongue on the top of his member while she continued to hold her grip on him. The combination of the blowjob and Cynthia's cleavage was arousing him even more.

Cynthia was continuing her breast massaging and licking on it faster and harder, and she was having a great morning with a talented and aspiring Pokemon master. Ash was moaning due to Cynthia's treatment and expertise on his anatomy. Cynthia was going to end this and sucked him off faster and harder to make our well known trainer finally reach his climax and release his sperm over her face and her beautiful body.

"It felt really good."

"Okay Ash, how about if you return me the favor?"

Ash nodded with her request and with his right hand cupped Cynthia's right breast, while he went to her left breast and started to lick around it smoothly and suck her pink nipple. Cynthia started to moan incredibly, since last night that the young man stayed with her and Solidad he has used to the concept of love making. Ash continued to suck left breast and gropes her right one. Cynthia felt good with how Ash was doing it.

Then he started to trail kisses from her breasts to her inviting female reproductive system where he was kissing her vagina and thrusting his tongue inside her clitoris making it bigger. His hands were now fondling her breasts and pinching her pink nipples making them hard and ready to be sucked big time. Ash was still pleasuring this beauty by kissing her vaginal lips making Cynthia feel really good. Then Cynthia told Ash to put inside his rod inside her since she will teach him true intercourse. Ash accepted her teachings, and when he is about to do that… they both heard a cough. It was the pretty pink haired woman and she was jealous, but at the same time amused and hot on what she just saw.

"So Cynthia, were you having fun with him and you didn't tell me to join you?"

"Sorry for not telling you Soli (short for Solidad as demonstration of their 'close intimate friendship' for here). I was going to wake you up, but I didn't want to bother you. I guess that you must have been a bit envious of my fun time with him.


"Are you going to stand there or will join us," asked Cynthia to her pink haired coordinator friend.

There was no need for an answer so Solidad joined and the threesome were having a much hot shower than earlier in the morning; Ash thought of an old saying "Two's a couple, three's a crowd", so he continued the fun now with those two beauties in the shower. Ash was where he left penetrating Cynthia's inner walls, while Solidad kissed deeply the young man showing her gratitude towards him for making her friend happy. Ash fastened the pace in fucking the blonde haired woman, and Solidad went back and forth between pleasuring Cynthia and the young man as well.

Ash withdrew his pecker out from Cynthia's pussy, and then the two women were having their time with him. Cynthia would suck his rod, and Solidad did with his testicles; even vice versa as well (as in Solidad giving him BJ and Cynthia on his balls). Ash didn't if now he was starting to feel love or lust for the two young adult women, either way he was just feeling good with their double team on him. The two stopped for a moment to grab some air.

"What do you think Solidad of him?

"Good", the coordinator said.

"I knew you would say that", Cynthia replied to her friend.

"I already am enjoying my time", thought Ash by spending time with them.

They returned to their pending job in giving this boy the fun of his life. Now the two women accelerated on the double blowjob on him, and finally were making him reach his climax. Ash couldn't hold and released a great quantity of his sperm to the faces of the delectable women. Then the threesome ended their shower, dried themselves and got dressed.

End lemon

The three had a nice breakfast and at the table they were still behaving a bit naughty with each other like Solidad playing foot rub on Cynthia's thigh or Ash's bulge. (Use your imagination)

Then after breakfast Ash watched a sparring battle between the two women; he was impressed on how strong they were. Cynthia used her Milotic against Solidad's Lapras; both Pokemon were much stronger than Ash would think that made him almost say "Fuckin awesome." When Cynthia attacked with Dragon Pulse, Solidad countered by commanding Lapras to use Ice Beam; the Ice Beam collided with the Dragon Pulse to make something really appealing reminding why Solidad is a Contest Champion. After that, they went to a nearby photo booth and the three had 4 photos of them: 1 of the three smiling to the camera, 1 of acting serious, and 2 of the women kissing on each of his cheeks (Cynthia on his right, and Solidad on his left cheek).

They made copies for each on e of them, and finally the time to say farewell when the girls kissed him goodbye and promised to see each other to give him a match and another sex session. He waved them goodbye, and then he turned backward and saw someone unexpected, his old friend and breeder Brock was there.

Ash asked "When did you get here man?"

"I came here for a small break," replied Brock.

Brock then watched some photos on Ash's hand and he fainted just by the sight of them. Ash sighed and just walked away. Brock in his thoughts he had to say "I am extremely jealous". It was a photo of his buddy with two women he knew very much Cynthia and Solidad and they each give a kiss to him.

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