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15-year-old Magic Teacher Negi


Five teenagers stood in a line facing the old man behind the desk. His dress code consisted of a long pale brown robe. His hair stretched down behind his back, as long as his beard which reached his waist.

"I will now award you your diplomas." The old man announced. "You've done well for these last twelve years. But your real training begins now. Do not let your resolve weaken!"

"Negi Springfield!" someone of to the immediate left of the old man called out.

"Yes!" Answered a fifteen year old boy with a green robe. He lowered his matching pointed hat, revealing his spiky hair pulled into a short pony-tail, which was black at the roots and faded into red. His face reminded all in the room of the boy's father. The legendary Thousand Master.

Negi was walking down the hallway of the magic academy, taking in what he could before he was to leave.

"Hey Negi! What does it say?" Asked Negi's childhood friend and fellow graduate, Anya, from behind him. She wore a blue robe, with her hat already deposited elsewhere, her long red hair pulled into two thick pony-tails with the rest of her hair falling down her back. "I got assigned a fortune telling job in London!"

Trailing behind Anya was Negi's sister, Nekane, really his cousin but to him his sister none the less. "Where will you be training?" She asked her voice carried a trace of worry.

"It's about to appear." Answered Negi turning back to his diploma. The page started to glow, but soon became focused into four simple words.

"A teacher…" Anya read aloud. "In Japan." Nekane finished.

Very soon a loud 'EEEEEEEH!?' Sounded through out the hallway.

"P-Principle! What's the meaning of this! What do you mean by teacher?" Nekane asked as she ran towards the principle, who by all rights was really just wondering around.

"Ho… A teacher, is it?" The old wizard replied sagely.

"Are you sure that there hasn't been a mistake? There is no way that a 15-year-old can be a teacher!" Nekane asked feverishly.

"That's Right!" Anya supplied. "On top of that he spaces out all the time!"

Trailing behind the two complaining girls, Negi had a blank look on his face.

"If it is written in the diploma then that is the end of the matter. Well…" the old man turned slightly to face Negi. "You must train hard…In order to become a great mage!"

Nekane at this point simply fainted out of worry for the being she called her little brother.

"Ahh Sis!" Negi ran forward to catch his over-worrying sister.

Again the old man chose to speak up. "Don't worry, the principle of the school you will be assigned to, is an old friend of mine. Just do your best alright?"

Negi changed his face, from worry of his sister to fierce determination. "Yes Sir! Understood!"

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