I sat on my bed, trying to focus on the mountain of homework in front of me. I wa so relieved to be out of the hospital that it wasn't nearly as hard as usual. I mean, hospital gowns are not my best look. Thanks to the RLS angels-as if- I had been stuck in one for WEEKS. It'd been torture, really- and I speak from expierience. Even my new-found good spirits couldn't handle the horror of Algebra for long, though, so I put it aside to pursue a more entertaining use of time- like talking to Jesse, who was sitting on the window seats and reading yet another large, dusty textbook.

"Hey, Jesse?"

He didn't even look up, "Yes, querida?"

But I didn't espond- I couldn't. A violent coughing fit seized me, and, suddenly, blood was everywhere.I heard Jesse's voice, but I could tell I was about to pass out- again, speaking from experience. The ast thing remember thinking was Oh great, not a week out of the hospital and I'm back in.


House limped through the sliding doors of PPTH and was immeadiatly met with Cuddy waving a blue file.

"Sixteen-year-old female, multilpe organ failure. All tests are negative, no doctor can fihure out whats wrong- oh, and her family came all the way from California."

" California, why?"

"They want you to figure out what's wrong, obviously." Cuddy stopped walking, "House, please just take the case."

"Ok," House grabbed the file from her.

"Ok? thats it? no demands, no complaints?"

"Yep," House said as the elevator doors closed ,"California girls are hot."

Cuddy rolled her eyes as she walked back to her office. She'd have to have Wilson keep an eye on House, unless she wanted to deal with another sexual harrasment complaint.

This sucked. In fact, it was worse than the last hospital stay. At least I knew what was wrong then. Now, my insides were dying and no one knew why. Mom, Andy and Doc had, of course, stuck to me like glue this past week. Sleepy had visted often, but Dopey apperently had better things to do- including hours of complaining when he was told we were going to New Jersey. Jesse had, to my suprise, been there most of the time. He looked worried, almost as worried as Andy and my mom, actually- which was definetly saying something. Being moved here had not been fun, but Andy said he looked up this doctor, , and that he was really good or something. I really didn't care, it was a weird name anyway.

House threw the file at the ducklings and grabbed a marker to write on his board, "Sixteen-year-old female presents with rapid organ failure, go!"

"Drugs," Chase suggested immeadiatly.

"And minus ten points for the wombat- if you'd bother looking at the file, you woud know that her tox screen was clear."

"That just means the drugs weren't in her system at that time, or that it wasn't one that is detected by the tox screen."

"Fine, we'll ask the patient later, what else have you got?"

"It could be-" Cameron started, but Foreman interrupted.

Wait a second- ask the patient? What happened to everybody lies? Why aren't we searching the home?"

"Becuase plane tickets are expensive, Foreman."

"Wait, what?"

"She lives in California, you moron. Her parents brought her here becuase I'm ever-so-brilliant."

There was a moment of silence before House waved his hand impatiently, "Come on, what else you got?"

In the end, Foreman went of to schedule an MRI and Cat scan while Cameron and Chase went to get blood and talk to the patient.

I was so bored. I mean, I'd been staring at the ceiling for the past hour. Mom, Andy and Doc had gone down to the Cafeteria, and even Jesse had disapeared of to who-knows-where. Which brings me too another subject- why has he been here so much? Do I dare hope its becuase he has feelings for me? I pulled away from this thought when two doctors walked suddenly into my room.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you, I'm ," the woman said warmly. She had long blonde hair and a kind, sincere face. I smiled back.

"Hi, I'm Suze Simon."

"And I'm ,"The male doctor told me. He had blonde hair too, and an Australian accent. It kind of reminded me of a ghost i dealt with once back in New York. The accent, I mean. I hoped this guy was nicer, though- that particular ghost had almost gotten me run over.

"Now, we just need to draw some blood and ask a few questions," told me. It took all my self-contol not to stick my tounge out at the thought- this past week had been plenty of time for me to get quite sick of both blood and questions. As stuck the needle in to get the blood, I realized Jesse was standing in the doorway of the room, watching intently. I smiled instantly, feeling relieved.

spoke suddenly,"okay, that'll be good. Now for just a few questions."

"Have you taken any sort fo drugs recently?"Dr. Cmaeron asked. I stifled a sigh. Doctors had asked me this question- as well as a few more embarrasing ones- more times than i could count.

"At no time in my life have I taken any sort of drugs,"I rehearsed, then added," I don't even think you could get drugs where I live."

nodded, then asked a few more of the typical questions. I answered in the same business-like tone, very bored. they finished quickly, though, and I watched with satisfaction as they walked out the door. It didn't last long, though- a sudden searing pain in my gut caused me to double over, yelling out a startled shout. Jesse ran to my side instantly, but I could hardly tell he was there through the agony.