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A window to the room down the hall shattered,and I was ,really Doc looked seriouly confused.

"Suze...what's going on?"

"Um,I don't know."

I thought I did a pretty good job of sounding confused and I guess I'm not as good of an actress as I thought I was,or Doc just knew me really well,because he did not look at all convinced.

There was another shatter as Lucy swung her arms furiously.I couldn't tell what had broke.

Doc's eyes got wide,"Is it...?"he didn't finish,but he really didn't have to.I new what he ,that kid picks up on stuff fast.

I nodded ever so slightly,and his eyes got even wider,"It it'll calm down soon."

I couldn't get out there and talk to her-that wasn't even close to being an option-so really waiting and hoping was all I coud useless didn't do much to improve my mood.

Thankfully,it wasn't long before Lucy realized she was outmatched,and that she was just wasting her energy by trying to fght had over a century more experience than her,after all.

She turned briefly toward me,growled-which I happened to find rather disturbing-then disappeared.I sighed in relief.

Doc eyed me,"Is it...gone?"

" now."


I have to admit,that whole thing had me it was the being useless that freked me out-not a feeling I'm used to.

"Um,Suze,maybe I should call mom."

I was about to agree when I realized something,"No,don' we have to call her up here again,she'll never should let her rest.I don't think it did that much damage..."

I actually couldn't be sure of that fact,since my partly obstructed view of outside my room was even more obstructed due to the large amount of dust,hysterical patients,and slightly less hysterical doctors.

Conidering the high wierdness-level of what just happened,I wasn't suprised to see come storming into the course,the fact that i was expecting it didn't make it any less annoying.

"What just happened?"he demanded.

"What do I look like?The weather lady?"

"That was not is New jersey-we do not have earthquakes, let alone ones of that magnatude."

"That's a fascinating fact and everything,but I'm still not seeing what it has to do with me."

House was getting mad.I reminded myself that he wasn't any old normal person-he was smart,and dangerous.

"Don't play innocent,you know exactly what happened here."

"And what proof do you have of that?"

"None yet-but I will get some,and I'll figure out exactly what's going on."

I smiled sweetly,"Well,good luck with that."

He stormed out-well,as much as someone could storm when relying heavily on a cane. Stupid jerk.

"What are you going to do about him?" Jesse asked after House was out of sight.

I shrugged," Ignore him, get better, then I'll leave and never see his face again."

"Do you really think that is going to work?"

I shrugged."Yeah, sure. What could possibly go wrong?"

I really shouldn't have said that.