Name: Makoto Takahashi

Age:16(Sasuke's 17)

DOB: September 25

Family: Shouta Takahashi(Father)

Past:You grew up with your mother died giving birth to father hated you saying thing like "you killed her" or "if she never gave birth to you she would still be here." You learned how to brush them also hated Sasuke Uchiha and his never understood way they liked a guy that will never like them back and why was he always so mean,cold,rude....let's just say there a lot of words to describe number one that ticked you off about him was that he was mean to your friend him you had fanboys saddly.

Apperance:You have long brown hair with a Dartmouth green color highlight in your hair on the side of your eyes are you same color as you highlight. You wear the same shirt as Ino in shippuden but coveres up so your stomach doesn't show and you wear shorts the same color as your wear gloves like Sakura's and wear plain blue ninja much more developed in the chest then most girls your have a perfect figure, curves in the right places and your fit but it doesn't show to have skin just a little tanner then Itachi's.