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Chapter Nineteen

"Bella," a voice whispered in my ear.

"Bella," it called again as I obstinately ignored it.

"Come on, Bella, I know you're not really reading." A small giggle followed the words and I turned the page of the novel in reply.

The muscles in my neck suddenly tightened in reaction to a breeze in and around my ear, tickling my sensitive skin.

Another small chuckle was heard before a light contact was made on the opposing side of my neck.

The brushing contact caused a second, stronger tightening and my shoulders hunched to protect the ticklish area/s.

"Mmm, I never knew you were so ticklish, Bella." The wind-chime voice whispered and another trail was made along my neck.

A soft crinkle of a page turned.

Another soft giggle, "So where else are you ticklish?" That persistent voice asked and again went unanswered.

Feather strokes along my sides caused me to squirm.

Slightly more pressure in the same motion caused me to wriggle.

More pressure with multiple fingers applied resulted in a short burst of uncontrolled laughter.

"Ah ha!" The voice cried in triumph before the fingers returned in a lengthier assault.

Unable to control myself any longer I squirmed and wriggled, a higher peal laughter was ripped from me as I was forced to drop the book and seek escape.

I fell to the side on the couch and the petite body of Alice Cullen fell onto me, her fingers undisturbed as she relentlessly assaulted my sides.

My laughter was uncontained and I was thankful for the lack of need for oxygen, sure I'd have become light-headed and blue otherwise.

"Alice!" I cried, attempting an indignant tone but failing as it was voiced in a high-pitched squeal.

She grinned mercilessly, her white teeth flashing in the soft light of late afternoon.

"See? I knew you weren't actually reading."

Alice was straddling my waist, her knees either side as she leant over me, her hands continuing their torturous assault on my ribs.

As hard as I tried to glare at her, the sensation of being tickled forced my lips into what could only be described as a grinning grimace. I more than likely resembled someone in intense pain.

"Please, mercy!" I begged and her grin turned evil.

"On one condition," she offered and I cried for anything.

"Attend the Prom with me." She whispered and jabbed the area between my ribs and pelvic bone.

"What?" I cried in between gasping breaths.

"Be my date to the Prom." She repeated and jabbed me again.

"Why?" As tortured as I was, I couldn't resist being difficult.

"Because, it's traditional for one to attend such a function with the object of one's desire. And, Bella," Her tone dropped to a low, seductive murmur, "I do so desire you."

"This has to be the worst Prom invitation I've ever witnessed. You do realise, Alice, that torturing into submission to date them isn't the most romantic thing to do?" A new voice was added to the room and Alice paused in her assault long enough for us both to turn towards Rosalie, who was leaning against the doorframe.

Alice grinned widely, "But it's certainly the most original."

Using her momentary distraction, I bucked my hips and twisted; reversing our positions so she was pinned beneath me.

"Hey!" She cried indignantly and I smirked, "Uncool, Bella."

I grinned and grabbed her wrists in one hand and pinned them above her head while picking up my discarded book.

"Now, where was I?"

"You're not..." Alice's eyes were wide as she trailed off, realising I was fully intent on carrying on reading with her pinned beneath me.

"Get off me, Bella!" Alice's hips bucked, it did little to jostle me and I flipped the page.

"See now, I've always imagined catching you two rolling round on the floor, but it always involved fewer clothes." A deeper, disappointed voice spoke and I paused to turn and see Emmett be slapped over the back of his head before he wrapped his arms around Rosalie's waist.

"What?" He complained to Rosalie, "What's the point in having a lesbian sister if I don't get to see a little somethin'-something?"

"Emmett, don't be crass!" Esme chastised him as she entered and took one look at my position before frowning disapprovingly, "What are you two doing?"

I held my book up, "Reading."

Her eyebrows rose in disbelief as Emmett chuckled and Rosalie smirked, "On top of Alice?"

I smiled like nothing was out of the ordinary, "Obviously."

Esme looked at Alice who squirmed, "Do you all need to be here to see my humiliation?" She whined and Esme was obviously fighting a smile.

"You never answered Alice, Bella." Rosalie reminded me and I glanced at her in surprise, and then back to Alice who was now watching me expectantly.

"You were serious?" I asked in mild surprise and by her look I knew she was questioning my sanity. Shrugging I turned another page; "I don't know how to dance."

Rosalie snorted in time with Alice before Alice did a double-take, "You're serious?"

Finally conceding that I wasn't going to able to get back into my book I placed it beside us and shifted my weight, still holding my mate down.

"While I have observed enough dances over the years, I haven't ever really attempted it myself. Having no partner in which to do as much."

A wide grin appeared on Alice's face, "Well, we'd best remedy that straight away. Get up."

My eyebrows rose at her command and I applied a little more pressure to her wrists, "I don't think you are in any position to be making demands."

She scoffed and wriggled.

"Come on, Bella. Let me up." She whined and squirmed. "Please?"

I grinned, "I'm more than comfortable up here."

Her eyes narrowed dangerously, "You realise you're going to have to release me eventually? And I will get you back."

Shrugging as I used my free hand to brush my hair from my eyes, I replied, "You have no pressing needs, and I can stay like this forever."

"But we have school on Monday!"

My grin widened, "Exactly. And today is Saturday. You have nothing urgent to do from now until then."

"Didn't you say earlier, Alice, that there is going to be a storm tonight?" Rosalie interrupted and Emmett immediately exclaimed, "Really? Oh, we are so playing tonight, Bella."

It was Alice's turn to grin slyly at my confusion, "See, I do have something to do. Or rather we have something to do tonight."

Failing to see the point I raised a questioning eyebrow.

"We generally play baseball during storms." Esme answered me and I found that intriguing.

"Baseball?" I said aloud, "Perhaps you are correct then, Alice, it appears we do have something to do tonight."

"But not before I teach you to dance! So get off me."

I smiled and finally pushed myself off of her. I offered her a hand that she graciously took and didn't release once she was upright.

Her honey-gold eyes stared into my eyes, as mine stared into hers.

"What style are you going to start with, Alice?" Rosalie asked as she stepped towards the stereo.

Her lips pursed in thought before she smiled widely.

"I'm thinking a 'dance through the ages' like we did with the movies. Starting with some of the real classics."

My eyebrows lifted, "I think our concepts of 'classic' are slightly differing."

She rolled her eyes.

"How long are you going to be rubbing in our faces that we are mere children in comparison to your staggeringly old age?"

I grinned, "For as long as I so please."

She scoffed, "Well, while you may hold your vast age and incredible historic knowledge over us, at least our speech is modern...ish"

I frowned, "Is my speech not adequate?"

Emmett laughed aloud at that.

"Bella, seriously, the only thing modern about you is your name. And even then, that's only because you've shortened it to 'Bella'. I rarely hear any teenager of this era say 'adequate' or speak with as little conjunctions as you do. Hell, most human teenager's these days don't even speak actual English words."

"I've got to agree with Emmett, Bella. You're manner of speech was one hint I had that you weren't what you appeared." Rosalie added and I stuck my lower lip out.

"Well, that stinks." I huffed and all three Cullen children look at me in mild surprise before laughing.

"There is hope for you yet, and like us, I'm sure you'll pick up the latest lingo at school. It is after all how we've come to be so... adequate." Alice both teased and reassured me.

I huffed again but didn't respond, knowing she was correct.

My speech was my most telling trait that I was not as I appeared, and in order to perfect it, I did need to remain in some contact with humans of this era.

That had really been the deciding factor for my returning to Fork's High School.

Alice had been surprised, to say the least, that I hadn't actually planned on returning to the human education facility.

"What do you mean you're not coming back?" She exclaimed in horror. As though my lack of interest in human education was a grave and insulting misstep.

"Exactly that, Alice. Why do I need to continue with this charade, when the only reason I had begun was because I had realised there were vampires in this town. Vampires that would have immediately sensed the arrival of a new human, and investigated only to ask why the new human wasn't attending the local high school?"

"Oh, don't give me that, Bella. You started at Forks to avoid Aro's notice should he ever travel here. It was only our presence that caused you to create a more convincing pretence." Alice scoffed at my words and I growled, annoyed that she'd seen through that so easily.

"Yes, well, regardless I am not returning to that... prison for human delinquents and imbeciles." I crossed my arms and glared at her.

She simply raised an eyebrow, "That's hardly fair to call a group of uneducated humans minor offenders and unintelligent. Wasn't it you who told me off the other day for laughing at your lack of knowledge? How can you stand here and insult a human's intelligence, when they haven't actually had the opportunity to learn these facts you're degrading them for not knowing? That's rather hypocritical and I'm surprised at this show of immaturity, from an ancient."

I growled under my breath in annoyance. Her words were truthful and correct. I was being hypocritical for insulting these children for not knowing what they hadn't learnt.

"But I don't want to go to school." I complained and to my surprise Alice laughed heartily.

"And that there, Bella dear, is the closest you have ever sounded to a human teenager. You may not want to; you may not even legally have to. But you made a commitment and I expect you to see it through."

She stepped to me and rubbed her hands on my arms, from my elbows to my shoulders and I pouted. "And as adorable as that pout is, Bella, you'll soon find I'm not swayed by such things."

Her hands, on their return trip up my arms, curved over my shoulders and hooked behind my neck to begin drawing me down. I allowed it, and allowed my eyes to close in reaction to the initiation of a kiss.

Once her silk soft lips left mine, I sighed.

"But what am I to say in excuse to my unexpected, unexplained and extensive absence? And how would I pass this year to continue forward, surely I have missed too much to believably catch up with the others?"

"That's where Carlisle comes in. You see, you contracted a terrible case of Infectious Mononucleosis*, and subsequently as your girlfriend, I caught it too." She grinned here, "And before you ask, no one could visit us because Carlisle, being the anal doctor that he is, quarantined us. Preventing all visitors from, well, visiting."

I nodded, "But is it believable that I was infected with it for two months?"

Alice shrugged, "Generally humans suffer the symptoms for four to six weeks." She smirked at my raised brow, "And I'm aware you were gone for two months, so maybe you could have an unexpected death in your family?"

I shook my head, "I'm already an orphan, and if another family member 'died' why wasn't I living with them to begin with?"

Alice pursed her lips in thought and I waited patiently for her to conduct a reliable excuse for my absence.

"Perhaps a friend had an accident?" She ventured.

It was possible. "But why didn't I alert the school at the time of the accident?"

She grinned, "Because you're a teenager who had 'more important' things to worry about than remembering to tell the school you needed a few days off. Or weeks in this case." She added, "And I'm sure Carlisle can fabricate some documents on this 'friend' or even pull some legitimate papers from another hospital and you can say that they were your friend?"

"It could work, I suppose, but seems like a lot of effort for something I honestly don't care about."

Alice grinned, "Well, if you're not going to school, that'll be six hours a day, five days a week we'll be separated for."

I snorted, "I made it almost three millenniums without you Alice, I think I can handle thirty hours a week. Or I could simply be invisible to the others, and tease you all day."

Alice smirked, "But you'd still be going to school anyway, so it would kind of defeat the purpose."

"Stop ruining my fun!" I whined and pouted and it only resulted in her laughing.

"Where did you go?" Alice's voice broke my reverie and I looked down at her.

She had one raised hand for me to take, and as I did so, her other curved around my waist.

"Into my thoughts." I answered and she rolled her eyes.

"I had worked that one out on my own, thank you. What were your thoughts about?"

I grinned cheekily, "This and that."

Her eyes made another loop before a single eyebrow raised.

"You, of course." I finally answered and leant down to peck her nose affectionately.

"They had better be good thoughts then."

"The best."

"As sickly sweet as you two are, I hope you don't plan on trying to lead Bella, Alice. You're a head shorter, and it looks ridiculous." Rosalie interrupted and Alice poked her tongue out.

"Before one can lead, one must follow." My adorable mate retorted hotly and Emmett laughed.

"That doesn't stop you looking idiotic."

Alice grumbled and stepped away from me, glaring at Emmett her hands went to her hips.

"Well, how else am I going to teach her to dance?"

Rosalie smirked and stepped forwards, offering me her hand.

"If you want her to learn to follow first, then I can do that."

No one was more surprised by the offer than I. Even though we had established an easier relationship after our conversation, Rosalie had never been overt in her affection. And this gesture was affectionate in the very definition of the word.

"Esme, we will start with a simple classic Waltz." The statuesque blonde both requested and commanded.

I turned to see Esme nod and insert a CD into the player.

A soft tune began and Rosalie placed one hand on my hip, instructing me to place left hand on her shoulder while holding my right hand in her left.

"While this is a more 'traditional' pose brought in by more modern customs, the Waltz originally had the dancers holding each other so close their faces touched."

I smiled, "I think I'll save that for when I lead Alice."

"And so you should." Alice commented from where she stood with Emmett and Esme.

We all four laughed as Rosalie began.

Her instructions were sound, and I was pleased to discover I rather enjoyed it. Once I had the basic rules determined.

As the tune picked up she swept me round the lounge room floor. I laughed as she spun.

"Leading is mostly all about hand gestures. A slight tip will tell you I'm turning, and in what direction."

She demonstrated as such and I followed fluidly.

"I somehow imagine this would be far more difficult if it weren't for my reflexes." I commented and Rosalie smiled.

"When I was a human, I had more men stepping on my toes than hats tipped." I laughed at that, "I'm sure that is an exaggeration."

I heard a huff of air behind me before Alice complained, "And here I was thinking I would be the one to teach Bella."

Sensing actual disgruntlement in my mate's tone I slowed and smiled in thanks to Rosalie.

"Thank you, Rosalie. It was a pleasure but I have another lady wanting a dance."

She nodded and released me, before stepping into her large mates embrace.

I approached Alice and offered my hand, bowing slightly.

"Would you join me in a dance?" She grinned and placed her petite hand in my own.

"I'd be honoured, My Lady."

Her other hand rested upon my shoulder as my free hand lightly gripped her waist.

Esme changed the song and I began with a simple stepping motion, adjusting to leading.

We fell into an easy rhythm and I turned into a fast spin. Alice erupted into pleased giggles.

"See? Dancing isn't so bad."

I grinned down at her, "I don't recall ever saying it was 'bad'. Just that I'd not danced before."

She laughed and spun with me.

The jeep slowed to a stop and the engine was cut off. We were in a subtle clearing, after having travelled along a bumpy, overgrown and obviously underused path for the past 20 minutes.

I hopped out of Emmett's tall jeep and offered Alice my hand.

There was just something so right about the feel of her smaller hand in mine and as her feet touched the ground I began caressing the back of her hand with my thumb.

She smiled softly at me and leaned towards me, brushing her shoulder against my biceps.

"So, why exactly did we take the truck when it would have been faster to run?" I finally asked the question that I had wondered as soon as Alice had opened the door for me earlier.

It wasn't as though between eight vampires we couldn't have been able to carry a bat and a ball.

Alice smiled, "Because Emmett loves driving his jeep and travelling in a vehicle makes us feel a little more human."

That was something I didn't think I'd ever truly understand about Alice and her coven. I just couldn't understand their attachment to their 'humanity'.

It was in everything they did; the way they related to one another (as a family), their attendance at school to stay in a human community for longer.

Even the house they lived in.

Esme had a working kitchen that was never used. They had four bathrooms with working toilets.

The shower and bath I could understand, because even though vampires did not sweat, dirt still clung to our skin and hair. But a fully operation toilet? Never mind four of them.

Perhaps if the Cullen's had purchased the house from a previous human owner it would make sense, but Esme had designed it herself.

It wasn't as though they ever had human visitor's... myself not included.

I never vocalised my thoughts, knowing they would only serve to upset my mate. She didn't remember her life as a human, and consequently felt inadequate to the rest of her 'family'. Even Carlisle, as dim as his memories had become, still remembered.

"Plus, it does make carrying spare bats and balls a lot easier. Even though we are perfectly capable of carrying all that gear over, it is inconvenient." She continued, breaking through my thoughts.

I nodded, knowing what she said was true enough, and it wasn't as though the trip had been uncomfortable. Slow perhaps but holding Alice in the backseat more than equalised that sacrifice. I couldn't have been so close to her had we run.

We approached Carlisle, Esme, Jasper and Edward who had all run. Carlisle had arrived home early from work, having been called by Esme to tell him there would be a storm and we would be playing baseball.

I had danced for hours with Alice, simply enjoying the closeness the activity wrought. That was one thing I could appreciate about humans, they invented the most curious forms of entertainment, which rewarded in some pleasurable benefits.

Carlisle assigned us into two teams. Placing me with Rosalie, Esme and Jasper with Alice, Emmett, Edward and himself pitching first.

Perhaps it would have been a little unbalanced to have the fastest and the strongest on the same team, but my own superior speed and strength compensated nicely.

As well as the fact that my shield blocked Jasper, Alice and Edward's ability.

Jasper stood up to bat first as Alice was pitching and I admired her form. The baseball outfit she wore hugged in all the right places and I felt a curious stirring in my lower abdomen.

Carlisle stood a good distance behind Jasper, acting as the catcher, with Emmett and Edward in the field.

The first crack of thunder began in synchronisation with the echo of impact caused by a high velocity ball hitting a higher velocity bat.

As the ball flew through the air, I felt a foreign emotion and sensation.

Excitement and something else caused my senses to pick up and my fingers twitch. A phantom tightening in my stomach, and my eyes darted about sporadically. It was almost electric, and it wasn't caused by the current thunder storm.

Jasper made it to third base and Esme took up the bat. She also stopped on third to prevent Edward tagging her out.

I stood up to bat, feeling that strange and foreign electrical current-like sensation increase in intensity and rush through my body.

And as distracting as having Alice as pitcher was, I managed to keep my eye on the ball.

I swung the bat with all my strength and was caught by surprise – along with everyone else – as the bat literally snapped away from my hands. Splinters flew and I was left with a short stump that I looked at dumbly before glancing up at Alice.

My expression must have been something because Alice burst into fits of laughter, clutching her stomach and bending over.

Her laughter was contagious as the rest succumbed to bouts of near-hysterical laughter. Eventually I recovered from my shock and laughed as well.

"Oh God, Bella your face!" Emmett hollered out in-between his bellows.

Alice was on her knees now, clutching at her stomach even though I knew it was mostly theatrics.

"That was priceless!" Emmett was still struggling to talk and I began to get the distinct impression I had been set up.

"What did you do, Emmett?" I spat out, trying, and failing, to sound put out.

"Nothing, I swear!"

I tried to growl threateningly, but Alice's laughter was affecting me too much and it came out as more of a strangled whine.

"Ok," Emmett gasped, "Ok, I actually didn't do anything and," he snorted, "That may have been the problem." He sniggered again, "I figured you'd go all out, and knew that a wooden bat wouldn't be able to handle it. So I neglected to mention you would probably need an aluminium one." He chuckled again and I sniggered, appreciating his unique kind of revenge after my continued defeats of him in our sparring.

"So if ya'll are done with laughing at my expense, perhaps you could -" I stopped mid-sentence as something hit my senses.

My shield raised and I rushed next to Alice, hissing in her ear.

"There are three vampires coming this way."

She jumped and spun, "Where?"

The others were all confused by my sudden disappearance and Emmett called after me.


"There are some vampires coming..." Alice explained and I saw the moment they all heard their approach.

The Cullen's immediately banded together, standing around and in front of Alice. I moved off to the side silently to gain an advantage. I couldn't risk the Cullen's crowding me if this turned hostile, even though every instinct was urging I guard Alice.

Three blonde females stepped into the opening and I crouched in preparation, but was surprised when Alice called out in excitement.

"Tanya!" She cried, rushing towards the middle female and grabbing her in a tight hug.

"Kate and Irina, what are you doing here?" She grabbed the other two in hugs as she gushed in delight.

The other Cullen's gathered around, greeting these strangers, who, I now noticed, all had golden eyes.

"What's this, Alice; you seem surprised by our appearance?" 'Tanya' spoke, her voice a deep, rich musical tone.

Alice grinned shyly, "That's because I am."

All three blonde women raised their eyebrows and exchanged pointed looks.

"But you're never surprised..." the one with pale blonde hair spoke and drifted off. "What's going on?"

Alice turned to me, or rather in the direction she thought I was... which was off by several meters to the right.

"Bella? It's okay, they're friends."

Tanya's gaze shot to Edward, "You mean Bella that human you were after?"

He gave a crooked smile, "Bella was her name, yes, but as it turned out, she wasn't so human after all."

Sighing, I realised I couldn't stay hidden without being rude to these apparent 'friends' and dropped my shield. The three newcomers all jumped in fright at my abrupt appearance.

Alice danced over to me and wrapped a hand around my waist, "Tanya, Kate, Irina. This is my Bella. Bella, meet the Denali sisters."

I approached them cautiously, as they did me.

"Hello, Bella. I'm Tanya." The leader stepped forwards and offered me her hand. I took it slowly and was taken by surprised by the strength she put behind her grip. I hadn't experienced this much strength before and curiosity got the better of me as I squeezed, wanting to know just how strong, and subsequently, how old this particular vampire was.

It became a subtle battle of strength and it wasn't until I was applying more than half my strength that she grinned and loosened her grip.

In displaying my ability to crush her hand, I had just revealed to her I was older and I knew her first question would be just how old I was.

The pale blonde vampire offered me her hand next and I vaguely wondered what she would try. I figured the handshakes were used as more than just a physical show of greeting.

"I'm Kate, and it is a pleasure to meet you."

I nodded, "Likewise." And was surprised when I felt pressure on my shield. It wasn't anything like Edward's mental readings, which was almost subtle in the way it brushed up against my shield. No, this was more like an assault, a direct pressure at a single point.

Kate's surprise was obvious when I failed to react to whatever she had just done, but she didn't comment.

The last blonde, one of a rather silver colour held her hand out.

"Irina." And didn't do anything more than squeeze my hand momentarily.

I stepped back towards Alice and studied the three.

"So what did you learn?" I asked them and Kate and Tanya both gained equally sheepish expressions.

"That you're obviously older than I." Tanya answered first and I nodded, having known she would figure that out.

"And immune to my gift, so I can only surmise you must be immune to the other gifted vampires here." Kate added.

"But more than immune, I'd say you almost block the abilities entirely, considering Alice hadn't known of our visiting." Irina finished and I nodded.

"Wait, how'd you know she's older than you are, Tanya?" Emmett interrupted before I could pass comment on Irina's words and Tanya gave him a sly smile.

"The strength of her handshake." Her explanation didn't seem to satisfy Emmett, but she turned to me, "So how old are you then?"

"Nearly 3000."

All three sister's eyebrows rose in synchronisation.

"But the Volturi are the only vampires we know that are of that age. Or rather, even remotely close to that age." Irina breathed in disbelief and I couldn't help the growl that escaped me.

Tanya looked at me sharply. "I'm taking by that reaction; you've had dealings with the Volturi." Her words suggested she was asking a question, but her tone told me she was stating a fact.

I nodded but didn't elaborate and she seemed to respect my desire to not speak on it.

Tanya smiled widely at Alice, "So you've finally found someone then?"

The smile that appeared on Alice's face then was incredible, and I felt rather smug I was the reason for it.

"Yes, Tanya I have."

"That's wonderful news."

Alice's grin grew and she wrapped both arms around my waist, tucking herself into my side, forcing my right arm over her shoulder to hold her 'comfortably'. And by comfortable, I mean without a feeling of awkward positioning.

Kate was still watching me, watching how I held Alice, how I watched her coven.

I had the distinct impression that while Tanya was the leader, Kate was the opponent to be wary of.

"So what is your power, Kate?" I asked.

From the effect it had upon my shield, the fact I could feel the pressure as it tried to break through, I deduced it was an assault-type ability.

"I can create an electrical current across my skin." She replied and I noted Alice's eyes shooting back and forth between Kate and myself.

"Kate, tell me you didn't?" Alice asked and Kate shrugged. Alice's outrage became obvious as she removed her arms from me and stepped towards the blonde.

"And if she hadn't had the ability to block you?"

"She'd have received a minor shock I'm sure." Kate replied indifferently and I restrained Alice before her temper got away on her.

"You don't just go around shocking everyone you meet, Kate!" My mate cried, attempting to break from my grasp.

"It's of strategic value, Alice. I needed to know for sure what Bella's abilities were and I now know, and there's no harm done."

I interrupted Alice before this disagreement turned into a confrontation.

"Alice, Kate is correct. I am unharmed, and she now knows her power is useless on me." My tone hardened and I gave Kate a cold look. She shrugged again but raised her hands in surrender.

"Warning acknowledged, Bella. I won't try anything else."

I nodded and pulled Alice back to my side where she huffed and crossed her arms over her chest.

"If I'm not mistaken, you were in the middle of a baseball game." Tanya spoke, breaking the silence that had fallen, "Do you have room for three more?"

Emmett grinned, "Do we ever? Bella was just about to break another bat."

I turned back towards the batter's plate and whacked Emmett over the back of the head.

"Hey!" He cried indignantly.

I grinned and picked up the bat in preparation, knowing the aluminium would hold up against my strength, even though I would be sure not to put as much power into it as I had last time.

*Infectious Mononucleosis is most commonly referred to as 'Mono', Glandular Fever or Kissing Disease, and is a orally transmitted nasty, highly infectious disease. Most commonly occurs in teenage years, when boys and girls are doing a lot of kissing :P You'll get a mean fever, sore throat and extreme tiredness.