September 13, 1989

"Tell me what you learned about witches Rosie." Abigail Bennett questioned her five year old daughter in their motel room while she cleaned her guns on her bed. Rosemary stopped reading the large, old book that was in front of her and closed it.

"You can't tell they're a witch unless you know they are one for sure." Her mother nodded but continued to clean the pistol she was holding, making sure that it wouldn't jam when it came time to kill the witch. Rosemary knew her mother wanted more information. "Doesn't matter how you kill a witch, just as long as you do."

This was Rosemary's life. When she was just a year old her father had been tortured and brutally murdered right in front of her and her mother by a demon. She of course didn't remember it really, but her mother did. Her mother never forgot it. After he died Abigail dropped Rose off at her neighbor's house and hunted down the demon that ruined their lives and killed it. From then on Abigail continued to hunt fueled by the anger and hurt she felt when her husband was killed. When she found a hunt she would drop Rosemary off at her friend Ellen's bar and then take off. Ellen knew about everything, her husband was a hunter too. Lots of hunters came to Ellen's bar for information or to take a break, even if only for a moment.

When Rose turned four, Abigail couldn't bear to lie to her daughter anymore. She never told Rose what she did when she left her with Ellen but she always came back beaten and bruised only to leave a few days after. She was gone for days, weeks at a time and Rose just wanted to be with her mother. Finally Abby couldn't say no to her Rosemary anymore. Rosie needed to know what was out there; she needed to know how to defend herself and eventually her family. Abigail would be damned to hell if the same thing happened to Rose when there could have been something she could have done to protect her daughter.

So when she returned from hunting down a particularly nasty spirit she told Rosemary to pack her things. As they drove away from the Roadhouse, Ellen's bar, Abby told her daughter everything. From the demon that killed her father to the spirit that she had just gotten rid of. She told Rose that she was going to teach her to defend herself and if Rosie wanted to, she would teach her how to kill the evil sons of bitches too. Of course, Rosemary was only four so those hadn't been the specific words that she used, but Rosemary wanted nothing more than to be on the road with her mother, even if it meant all the dangers that came with it.

"What else?" Her mom asked, looking up as she set down the gun and grabbed a large blade and started to polish it.

"They like to torture their victims and…" Rosemary knew there was more. There had to be.

"And they are bad and we have to get rid of them." Her mom finished for her with a little smile. It was more of a smirk, but Rosemary didn't really understand. She nodded and watched her mom finish polishing her blade. Once she was finished she started to load her weapons. She made sure the safety was on the gun before tucking it in the back of her pants, pulling her shirt over it. She kneeled down and lifted her jeans up and stuck the blade in the holster she had tied around her shin. Rosemary knew all about weapons. She had a knife holster herself and her mom was teaching her how to use a gun. But until Rosemary was at least a teenager, she would stay in the motel rooms and study and research whatever they were hunting.

"All right sweetie," Abigail stood up and grabbed the backpack full of the rest of her weapons. "I should be back by tomorrow morning. Tell me the rules so I know you know them."

Rosemary held back from rolling her eyes. Her mom didn't appreciate any attitude. If something went wrong then everything went wrong, even if it was something simple like staying up past the curfew. Abigail liked structure and perfection and that was the way things had to be: perfect.

"I'll finish studying and be in bed by ten. As soon as you leave I'll salt all the windows and doors. I won't open the door for anybody, no matter what. You have the key so you won't need to be let in. But if for some reason you lose the key and you need to be let in, I'll ask for the secret phrase,"

"Which is?" Abby interrupted her daughter.

"If the real thing don't do the trick, you'd better make up something quick." Rosemary recited. Every town, every motel, every day it was a different phrase, usually from a song, this time Barracuda by Heart. Abby nodded and Rosemary continued with the last and most important rule. "And if you aren't back by the time you say you'll be back I'll call John Winchester."

Rosemary stumbled on the name a little. Her five year old mouth still had trouble pronouncing some things. The very first thing her mother had ever taught her when she first learned about demons was that if something ever happened to Abby, she was to call John Winchester. Rose had never met him but she knew he was a hunter and he and Abby knew each other. Rose didn't know how, it didn't really matter to her. She knew every way to reach him, Ellen and Bobby Singer, another hunter that her mother knew. Rose knew Bobby a little, having stayed with him when her mom was after a Shtriga, a type of witch that sucked the blood out of children when they slept.

"That's right honey." Abby silently went through her own mental checklist and then kissed Rosemary on the forehead. "I'll see you when I get back. I love you."

"I love you too mommy." Abby left and Rose jumped to the window, careful not to disturb the salt that was all ready there. She peeked out the curtains and watched as her mom drove away. When the car was finally out of sight, Rose sighed and grabbed the bag of salt lying by the door. She lined the door and the rest of the windows and even salted the door to the bathroom, just in case. Her mother taught her that it was never a bad thing to be too careful.

Once all the entrances had been salted Rose sat down on her bed again and started with the homework that her mother always gave her. Since they were always on the road Abby didn't bother with making Rose go to school. Abby had been a teacher before everything had happened so she had taken it upon herself to teach Rose.

Every night Rose had a list of words she had to look up and define and was expected to memorize and use each one correctly. She also always had a sheet of arithmetic that she needed to complete and Abby and Rosemary together practiced Latin in case they needed to perform an exorcism. They spoke to each other in French as well as English. Abigail was ¾'s French and had grown up in France and she knew that speaking French would be great when they needed to talk about supernatural things in public places.

Once Rose finished her homework she turned on the television and got ready for bed. She turned off the lights and set the sleep timer on the T.V. to go off automatically once she slept. She settled into bed and fell asleep watching reruns of some show that she didn't really care about.

Rose woke up and saw that it was very bright outside. She rubbed her eyes and checked the clock on the nightstand. 1:42pm. Rose sat up and stretched her tired limbs before noticing her mother's bed was still made. She shrugged, guessing that her mom had let her sleep in but she didn't see her mom anywhere in the motel room. She checked the bathroom and then ran to the curtain to see if their car was parked in the lot. When it wasn't Rosemary started to panic. Something happened to her mother. Something had gone wrong.

She ran to the phone on the nightstand and dialed the number that had been so engraved in her mind. Her fingers slipped and she had to hang up and try several times before she actually dialed the number correctly and listened to it ring. Tears were streaming down her face as she prayed for John Winchester to pick up.

She heard a click and her heart pounded in her chest.

"Hello?" She took a deep breath.

"Are… are you J-John Winchester?" She asked, choking on her tears as she stumbled on his name again.

"Yes, who is this?" He asked. Rosemary knew exactly what she was supposed to say. It was another thing her mother made her memorize.

"My… my name is Rosemary Bennett. My mom didn't come home last night."

September 13, 1999

"Wake up Rose," I groaned and opened my eyes to see John standing above me, shaking me gently.

"I'm awake," I told him, sitting up and rubbing my eyes. It was still dark outside and I looked to my side and saw Sam still sleeping. Dean was in the other bed and John was trying to wake him up next. I looked at the clock and saw that it was only six in the morning.

I remembered my dream from the other night and sighed. Ten years ago I had called John Winchester when my mom failed to return from a hunting trip. The witch had ended up killing her. John promised to come get me and had shown up within a few hours of me calling him. He left his two sons, Dean and Sam with me and then took off to go find my mom. He killed the witch but it had been too late to save my mom. The boys were ten and five respectively, but Sam was quick to point out that he was almost six.

They had calmed me down and explained who they were and Dean was surprised that I knew more than they had. Sam barely knew anything and Dean was impressed when I pulled my bag out from under the bed and showed them all the weapons my mom and helped me start to collect. I only had a few, but they were mine.

When John came back and told me what happened, he explained to the three of us that I was his responsibility from then on. I would travel with them and train with them and I would basically be a Winchester.

Sam and I grew closer than I did with Dean, mostly because we were only a few months apart and Dean didn't want much to do with a little girl. But he was just as protective of me as he was of Sam, if not more.

I nudged Sam as I got up and he started to wake up as John continued to shake Dean. Dean slept like a rock so I knew it would be a few minutes before John woke him up enough. I grabbed some clothes and headed to take a quick shower. We were going to a new school today.

This was one of the worst things about traveling with the Winchesters. Even though my mom had found the time to always come back to me when she said she would, she home schooled me too. But John insisted we go to school during the day, even if it was a different school almost every other week. It was frustrating. I was 14 for crying out loud and I was way smarter than all the people in those schools. I knew more than the teachers did half the time. But I knew better than to pitch a fit or argue with John. He didn't back down ever and usually after I talked back I had to run through one of his stupid training courses he always set up for us. It consisted with a lot of running, lifting, shooting, etc. It was like army boot camp sometimes.

I came out of the bathroom dressed and sat at the desk by the window and started putting on make-up. I only used a little. Usually just eyeliner and some eye shadow and lip balm at the most. It made me feel somewhat like a normal girl and the boys all knew to leave me alone about it. Just because I had been digging up a grave with Sam while Dean and John kept the spirit occupied while we salted and burned the remains doesn't mean that I didn't like to look or feel like a normal girl. Especially when we went to school. Dean didn't understand why I always wanted to fit in. Sam did though, and that's why we always stuck together and ended up with the same group of friends.

Sam came out of the bathroom dressed as Dean finally emerged from his cocoon in the bed and dragged himself to the bathroom. I rolled my eyes, knowing that he'd start taking a shower and when he finished he'd realize that he didn't bring any clothes with him. He did it often and it was always amusing for Sam and I to hear him beg us to bring him clothes.

I finished my make-up and tied my dark brown hair up in a ponytail and cleaned up my stuff and put it all away. John had left sometime during my shower but he returned now with breakfast for us.

"All right, eggs and hash browns for Rose," he handed me my Styrofoam container and kissed the top of my head, "bagel and cream cheese for Sam," he handed him his container and patted him on the back and then dropped the last container on the table that I had been doing my make-up at. "And eggs and bacon for Dean."

He turned back to us.

"You guys excited? New school today." He said, a smirk on his face. Sam and I just stared at him. He knew we hated it. Sam and I just figured that he liked to torture us. Luckily this was Dean's senior year so he only had to put up with this charade for a few more months. Sam and I weren't as lucky and had to deal with four more years. We were just starting high school. Technically I qualified to skip to my junior year, but I didn't want to leave Sam alone with a bunch of jerks so I opted to stay a freshman. John noticed the look on our faces. "All right, contempt is understood."

"What are you hunting here?" I asked, sitting back down at the table to eat my breakfast. Sam joined in and we heard the shower stop and smirked at each other.

"I'm not sure yet. I was hoping you guys could help with the research when you get back from school today. People are dying, the autopsy claims all the blood was drawn before their death."

I forked some hash browns into my mouth and scrunched my nose up in thought. "Vampires?" Sam asked. John nodded.

"Probably, but it wouldn't help to double check." He ruffled Sam's hair and stood up as Dean called for someone to bring him his clothes. We all smirked and laughed at his expense but John grabbed Dean's duffle and brought it to the bathroom for him.

Sam and I were stuck in biology learning about the endocrine system while Dean was probably ditching class with some cheerleader and making out in a janitor's closet or something. I finished my worksheet before the rest of the class and started drawing symbols on my paper. I didn't want to be the first one to turn in my paper, it would only get me labeled as a geek and therefore the stupid jocks and cheerleaders would be bothering me and bullying me and then I'd end up in a fight and so on and so forth. It was the same routine at each school. And usually Sam and Dean stepped in to fight for me so that I wouldn't end up with the repercussions from the school or John. I hated the punishments he had us do and Sam and Dean were always far better at them. I was always too slow and had to repeat them over and over until John was too tired to keep me going.

After eight or so kids brought their paper up, Sam included, I finally stood to turn mine in, just as the bell rang. I grabbed my book bag and waited for Sam outside.

"That was so stupid," Sam commented as soon as he caught up with me in the hall. I laughed and nodded.

"Seriously, we went over that at five different middle schools. I wish all schools had the same curriculum so we didn't have to learn the same thing over and over." Sam agreed. It was our lunch so we tried to find our way to the cafeteria when a door cracked open and we saw a familiar head peek out. Sam and I rolled our eyes as Dean walked out of the closet with some blonde, flustered girl trailing behind.

"You seriously can't keep it in your pants, can you?" I asked him when he still hadn't noticed us. The two of them jumped and turned to face us, the girl blushed more and Dean just grinned. He was way too cocky for his own good. Sam and I rolled our eyes as we continued past him. It was the same at every school.

Sam and I got our lunches and decided to eat outside since it was nice and warm. Surprisingly not a lot of students were outside with us but we didn't mind. It gave us the chance to talk about whatever John was hunting.

"I hate vampires," I said, shuddering.

"Seriously. Way creepy." Sam took a bite out of his burger and looked at something behind me as he chewed. "I think that guy is watching you."

He grabbed a pencil out of my bag and tossed it behind me so I had an excuse to look back. I saw the guy he was talking about and my eyes met his. He was really cute, red hair and a nice build. He was too far away to see any find details but it was definitely easy to see that he was staring at me and that I was definitely interested in him. I blushed and turned back to Sam.

I knew that I was pretty; I luckily had really good genes from my parents who were both attractive people. I had gone on a few dates in middle school and had crushes but never anything serious because we always moved before I could really start a relationship. Besides, I was 14, you couldn't really have a serious relationship at that age.

Sam noticed the red in my cheeks and smirked. "You like him."

I glared at him and shook my head. "I have no clue who he is. So don't be ridiculous."

"His name's Andrew. He's a sophomore and he's single and walking this way." Sam said, nonchalantly. My eyes grew wide and I quickly turned behind me to see that he really was indeed walking towards us. I looked back at Sam, noticing that he had all ready stood up and was getting ready to leave me.

"Where are you going?" I whispered quickly. He smirked again and I hated him for it.

"I'm going to the library to give you some time alone." He wiggled his eyebrows up and down in a suggestive manner. My heart was quickening it's pace and I glared at him.

"Don't leave," I begged. He shrugged and started to walk away. "Fine just, don't tell Dean!"

He didn't look back but raised his hand as he left me sitting under the tree by myself. I didn't want Dean to know because I knew he'd show up seconds later demanding that this guy, Andrew, stay way the hell away from me. He was super protective of Sam and I, more so of me because I was a girl. It made me so angry sometimes. I wasn't alone for long because the red headed boy was soon standing in front of me. He had a kind smile and I noticed with a hitch in my breath that his eyes were breathtakingly green.

"I'm Andrew," he said.