Oh, the horror! I actually went and wrote a Jareth/Sarah poem! But I had to, you know. Some things, they just grab you and don't let go. "Labyrinth" is one of them. Expect more Laby-fics from me.

Disclaimer, then: don't own the Living Manifestation of Sexy Coolness which is Jareth nor the Wondrous Image of a Classic Dreamer which is Sarah. They're Henson's, I guess.

Was I Dreaming

Truly, was I dreaming?

You offered me your hand

You offered me forever

You offered me my dreams

In a world that isn't what it seems

In a life I'll never understand

In a way, we'll always be together

For better or for worse, whatever life may bring

Was I dreaming, Goblin King?

Truly, was I dreaming?

Or did I see something in your eyes

Something that beckoned to me

And made me realize

Love isn't always holding on

I see that now – I see

And so I let you go, alone

With dreams of what will never be

The end is near, the tale unfurled

Was I dreaming, little girl?

Truly, was I dreaming?

Or shall I never dream again?

What have I given up that night?

What have I left in realms I loved and lost?

What was the cost

Of finding brother, home and friend

Of doing something right?

Or have I done it right? Should I have given in?

Was I dreaming, trickster-king?

Truly, was I dreaming?

Or do you keep me in your heart?

You dream of me still, every night anew

We'll never truly part

There'll always be a part of me in you

It's not too late, not yet

Come back – come back, these words ring true!

Forgive, but don't forget!

Come back – this land, this heart, for you to rule

Was I dreaming, dreamer-girl?

Truly, was I dreaming?

Or maybe when I'm lonely and afraid

And when the world proves far too much for me

I recall a silken voice, a crystal ball

Eyes calling, promising to set me free

A warmth that never will go cold

A love that will not fade?

Truly, was I dreaming? Why does it haunt me so?

You'll never know, my king… we both will never know…