A Hybrids Journey

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Set Up: Story starts one week after Cells defeat.

Chapter 1: The deal

"GOHAN… breakfast is ready!" Chi-Chi yelled

Gohan was already awake but still laid in his bed for a few moments. He wasn't really all that hungry. He had done nothing in the last week, just laid in bed or sat on the couch staring blankly at the television set. He was having a hard time getting over his guilt for his fathers death.

"Gohan it's getting cold!" Chi-Chi said much quieter this time, knowing that her son would be awake by now.

Gohan sighed to himself as he slowly got out of bed, and got dressed. He knew he had to eat, the saiyan in side in him would not let him skip on a meal.

Chi-Chi watched as her son slowly ate a smile meal. Well small and slowly for a saiyan at least. She knew her son was in a funk. He had done nothing since that dreadful day a week ago. She knew it was her maternal job to knock her son out of this funk!

"Gohan, I've been thinking it is time for you to start studying again, we need to get you back on pace of being a great scholar!" Chi-Chi said with a dreamy gleam in her eyes

Gohan was horrified, the last thing he wanted to do was devote his life to studying again like he had in the past.

"But Mom, I don't want to study everyday anymore… Dad told me it was my job to protect the Earth, and I can't do that as a scholar!" Gohan argued

"Really! Well your father is a…" Chi-Chi stopped herself from finishing that sentence, she couldn't criticize Goku right now, not when he was dead. 'But damn him for that' She thought to herself. "Your father is just paranoid Gohan, there is no need for you to train anymore the world is safe."

"No Mom, I have to stay strong to be able to protect the ones I love…" Gohan said slightly defeated

"Why do you want to train all of a sudden! You have done nothing this past week, I can't let my boy just sit around the house accomplishing nothing! I'm sorry Gohan I have given you a week to do whatever you wanted and you just wasted it! Now it is time to start studying!" Chi-Chi demanded

"Please mom, give me another chance I won't sit around anymore I promise!" The young half-breed begged.

"You're right, you wont be sitting around doing nothing anymore, you will be training! But training to be a great scholar!" Chi-Chi yelled she was starting to get mad, since when did her son argue with her?

"Please mom, I can't do that everyday…" Gohan almost whispered

"Fine, you can have one day a week off to do as you wish." Chi-Chi said slightly annoyed, her son looked too sad she had to give him something. Why couldn't he be a good boy and be happy with studying?

"Just one day?" Gohan again pleaded one day would not be enough!

"GOHAN! You are treading on thin ice! This is the best deal you are going to get! Sundays are all yours, you can do whatever you want, on Thursday after noon's you are free to do as you wish also, is that a deal?" Chi-Chi said with a glare that said 'I dare you to say no' on it.

"Fine, deal." Gohan said in a slightly better mood.

"Good now get to your room and start studying!"

Gohan didn't need to be told twice, and ran up to his room to begin his long and boring Friday. The day went by very slowly for the boy genius who's only breaks were to eat, and use the restroom. Saturday was equally boring, sure Gohan enjoyed learning new things, but this was just review of things he had already learned, his mother figured since it had been so long since he cracked down and studied that they should do some review work.

"Finally bed time…" Gohan said out loud to no one in particular. The young saiyan warrior could not wait tell tomorrow, he needed a good spar and that was exactly what he was going to get. He figured Sundays he would spar with Piccolo in the morning, come home for lunch, then spar with Vegeta in the afternoon.

"Gohan breakfast is ready!" Chi-Chi yelled to her son, usually he was slow to come down to eat but not today, in a blink of an eye her son was wolfing down his breakfast, and was wearing a blue gi nonetheless!

"Just what do you think you're wearing young man?" She asked

"You…said…I…could…train…today" Gohan said between bites.

"Oh yeah…" Chi-Chi said, it wasn't like she had forgot, she just thought her son would of realized how important it was to study after he spent a few days in the books. "So what are you planning on doing?" She asked annoyed.

"Well I am going to go see Piccolo and Dende now." Gohan said standing up. "Don't worry I will be back for lunch!" He added and then bolted out of the door before his mother could change her mind.

Gohan made it to the lookout in a matter of minutes, he didn't want to waste any time on his only free day of the week!

"Hey kid, what brings you here?" Piccolo asked his young student as he landed next to him disrupting his meditation.

"For a spar!" Gohan said excitedly powering up with a blazing white aura surrounding him.

"I was wondering how long it was take for you to ask!" The Namek responded throwing his cape and turban off and powering up.

The mighty green warrior was the first to attack, with lightning fast speed! Gohan was on the defensive we was able to block and parry most of his attacks, but a few solid punches and kicks got through.

"Not bad sensei!" Gohan said somewhat jokingly "My turn now…" His aura burned even brighter as he went on the attack. Only two other people on the planet would be able to see the speed as to which he was moving, unfortunately for Gohan he was fighting one of them!

"Gohan, you know you are going to have to transform if you want to land a hit on me!" Piccolo said sternly after easily blocking all of Gohans attacks.

"You're probably right, but I am not here to win. I need to increase the power of my base form to make my transformations even more powerful." Gohan replied, he knew he was going to lose but it would be for a good reason.

"Why didn't you tell me you where here to lose, I'll make it easy on you." Piccolo said with a smirk, and powered up some more.

Piccolo phased out of sight and reappeared right in front of Gohan hitting him right in the face with his most powerful punch. Gohan flew into the ground at the lookout, causing small cracks to appear on impact.

The young saiyan warrior pulled himself up off of the floor and wiped some blood off his mouth, and got back into his fighting stance.

"AHHH" Gohan yelled powering up to his max in his base form. "I never said I wanted it easy." Gohan said smiling at his teacher.

The two exchanged blows for nearly an hour, true to his word Gohan never transformed to a super saiyan, but Piccolo only fought at about fifty percent of his power. Which was still far stronger then what Gohan was at in his base form, but it was low enough to make it a decent fight at least.

"It is time to end this." Piccolo said jumping away from his pupil and put both of his hands over his head in preparation for his mighty Masenko blast.

Gohan couldn't agree more, he was nearly out of energy he didn't even think he had enough left for a powerful energy blast, but was going to try anyway, so he cupped his hands to prepare a kamehameha wave.







"HA!!!" Both warriors yelled in unison sending their massive energy attacks at one another.

Blue, and gold meet in the middle giving of huge amounts of energy, each attack fighting for dominance. It was clear however that Piccolo's blast was much stronger then the one that Gohan could come up with. Both attacks were now flying straight at the young saiyan. Just before impact however Piccolo sent his blast off into space, so he wouldn't kill the boy. Gohan looked at Piccolo and smiled before he passed out from the lack of energy.

Piccolo returned the smile of his pupil and then turned to face Earths guardian Dende and said "Heal him"

It wasn't as if Dende needed to be told. Gohan was his best friend and was already on his way over to the fallen warrior, and instantly began to restore his health and energy.

"Gee thanks Dende!" Gohan said jumping to his feet.

"Ha ha no problem Gohan." Dende said giving his best friend a huge smile.

"Tell me kid, what really brings you here?" Piccolo asked eyeing the now fully healed warrior.

"Well you see…" Gohan gave Piccolo and Dende the full story as too how his mother was making him study almost every day, and that if he didn't get his 'butt' out of the house on his free days that they too would turn to study days.

Gohan spent the rest of the morning playing with Dende and meditating with Piccolo. It was a very enjoyable morning for the young saiyan. He hadn't had this much fun since before his father died.

Dende watched in amazement as his young friend perfectly mimicked the elder Namek's meditating style. It was bewildering to him that a non Namek, an extremely powerful Saiyan to be exact could master such a peaceful practice. His thoughts were rudely disrupted by a loud rumbling gurgle noise.

"He..he I guess it is lunch time" Gohan said with a wide grin, while scratching the back of his head, doing a perfect imitation of his fathers infamous smile.

Piccolo and Dende both did the traditional anime drop to the floor.

"You never cease to amaze me kid." Piccolo said smiling, he couldn't understand how someone could get so hungry while they were meditating, during meditation ones mind is really disconnected from ones body.

"Well guys, I will see you same time next week!" Gohan said with a smile before blasting off into the sky headed for his home as fast as he could go, for he was hungry!

It took a mere three minutes for Gohan to arrive at the dinner table, where he immediately begun to chow down.

"Gohan don't you know it is rude to not announce your arrival before you start to eat?" Chi-Chi said, she wasn't really mad but she had to put on an angry face, she had to teach her boy some manners after all!

"Sorry…mom…" Gohan said while he continued to stuff his face.

Gohan stacked his plates neatly has he gulped down his lunch, sparring with Piccolo really took it out of him, and he was going to need to fill up on food before his match with Vegeta.

"So what do you plan on doing with the rest of your day off?" Chi-Chi asked already knowing the answer, she still help out some hope that he would say study.

"I'm… going to go train some more, but I will be back well before supper, I'm going to catch a fish for dinner!" Gohan said excitedly, he felt bad not telling his mother the whole truth. He know though she would never allow him to train with Vegeta. He comforted himself with the fact that he wasn't actually lying he just wasn't telling her the whole truth.

"Oh that would be great Gohan, and after dinner I have something to tell you as well." Chi-Chi said smiling, she didn't know how her son was going to take the news…

"Ok bye mom!" Gohan said before blasting off, he was a little concerned, what could his mom want to talk to him about? Maybe she was going to give him all the free time he wanted? He inwardly laughed at this, "Fat chance…" he muttered to himself as he continued to fly off towards Capsule Corporation.

Once he had arrived at Capsule Corp. He hovered over the giant building, he didn't want to see Bulma yet, he knew he would be greeted with a 'How are you holding up' question, he wasn't ready to think about his dead father yet, he was happy with pushing it back in his head.

At the risk of being rude he ignored the front door, and flew to where he knew Vegeta would be. Not only because he was always there, but because he could sense his ki there at the moment.

The prince of all Saiyans was training fiercely inside his gravity room it was set at 500G, his golden aura blazed around him, he was sending punches and kicks in every direction. His concentration was interrupted by the sound of the blasted computers voice, which was a perfect copy of that blasted women's voice.

"Warning, gravity field disruption, prepare for gravity turn off."

Vegeta swore to himself and powered down 'What the hell does the women want turning my gravity off.' he thought to himself.

Once the gravity reached one the door started to open, Vegeta was now able to sense who was outside of the door and knew immediately that it was the brat. He waited for the boy to step inside before turning the gravity up to 200G.

"Hey Vegeta" Gohan said smiling at his former nemesis, not affected by the rise in gravity whatsoever.

"What do you want brat?" Vegeta spat, knowing full well what it was going to be.

"Don't worry I'm not here to make friends, I just need a good spar." Gohan said sternly choosing his words carefully.

"Well if you think you can keep up with your Prince then come right in." Vegeta said with a smirk, he was proud of the boy for coming to him for a fight. He would never admit to it. He had half suspected that the kid would slack off for the next half dozen years or so.

"I will try my best." Gohan said returning a smirk, with a grunt he powered up to a Super Saiyan, only about fifty percent max SSJ though.

"AHHH" Vegeta yelled powering back up to a Super Saiyan matching Gohan's power without too much difficulty.

Gohan didn't wait for an invitation and flew straight at Vegeta sending a punch to the Princes face. Vegeta side stepped and threw his elbow into the back of the younger Saiyans head sending him flying into the nearest wall.

"I'm disappointed in you boy, I can't believe you fell for such a simple attack." Vegeta said grinning confidently.

Gohan didn't respond verbally he just grunted and charged back up and flew again at Vegeta, this time he sent a small ki blast at his face and waited for Vegeta to backhand it away, the second the Prince backhanded it away dropping his guard on one side he sent a strong roundhouse kick into his gut doubling him over.

"Not bad boy but now, face my true power! AHHH!" Vegeta yelled as he powered up to his max.

Gohan was fairly impressed Vegeta was a lot stronger then what he was at the Cell Games. It was nearly 80 percent his max super saiyan power.

"AHHH" Gohan yelled matching Vegeta's power almost perfectly.

Both warriors phased out and clashed at each other sending punches and kicks into any possible opening they could see. It was an almost even match. Vegeta had a huge edge in experience and skill, but Gohan had a lot more reserves so every time Vegeta hit him, he could power back up.

Vegeta was furious the brat was toying with him! Sure he was winning right now, well maybe fighting evenly, the boy could transform at any moment at knock him out with one hit. "Damn it boy! What are you waiting for, transform and finish this fight, stop making a mockery out of your Prince!"

"Well geez Vegeta, that's not why I'm here. I know I could beat you as an ascended Super Saiyan." Gohan didn't want to tell him he wasn't even at his Super Saiyan max, though he was close to it.

"Then why are you hear?" Vegeta demanded

Gohan looked at the ground he didn't know how Vegeta would take what he wanted to tell him, the prince never did handle 'compliments' very well. "Well you see Vegeta, I know I am way stronger then you because of the transformation. Sure I may have all the power, but you have so much more skill, and experience then I do. I was just hoping to learn some of it from you. That is why I will not transform to the next level when we spar."

Vegeta was taken aback, the boy was smarter then he thought. Kakarott's son knew his weakness, and wanted to make it his strength. For the second time today he was proud of the boy, how he hated feeling that way.

"Alright then, Gohan lets continue." Vegeta said pausing on the word "Gohan" he couldn't ever remember calling the brat by his name, but he figured he now disserved it.

The two exchanged blows for hours, it was the same as before. Vegeta managed to land a few more hits but Gohan was always able to bounce back better. Thus it surprised neither of them when Vegeta was no longer able to hold onto his Super Saiyan transformation, and started to pant heavily.

Out of some sort of weird respect for his prince Gohan immediately followed suit and dropped down to his base form panting heavily himself. "I think I have had enough for today Vegeta" Gohan said smiling.

"Well if you can't continue…" Vegeta said smirking, he wasn't an idiot.

"I would like to come back again the same time every week if that is ok with you?" Gohan asked hopping he had given his fellow Saiyan warrior enough of a fight to be allowed back.

"Of course, boy I would expect nothing less." Vegeta said as he watch Gohan fly off back home, before resuming his training to surpass Kakarott.

Son Chi-Chi was worried about her son he should have been home an hour ago, it was nearly dinner time and she still didn't have the fish her son had promised… Fortunately for her she didn't have to wait too long, for her sons return.

"Hey mom I'm home!" Gohan said with a smile, pulling in a huge fish behind him.

"Gohan! What took you so long? And what happened to your gi?" Chi-Chi demanded looking at her sons torn fighting uniform.

"Hehe… sorry mom the fish put up a great fight!" Gohan said doing the infamous son grin.

Chi-Chi laughed at her son, he could be so much like his father at times. She had a feeling he wasn't telling the whole truth but she would let it slide for now. She had to hurry up and get started on the fish.

"Ok, Gohan go clean up and change and dinner should be ready." She said smiling at her son.

The rest of the night flew by for the young warrior, he was now laying in his bed pondering what his mother had just told him. 'I'm going to be a brother' He thought to himself. 'You should be here for this dad, I wonder if he knew…' his mind was racing with thoughts like this the rest of the night before sleep finally took him.

The next three and a half days were a huge bore fest for Gohan, his mother still had him studying boring subjects that he had mastered years ago, though there really wasn't a subject that he hadn't mastered yet. It was now Thursday after noon and Gohan could do what he wanted. The young warrior was meditating over the lake near his family's home gather a massive amount of power. He hadn't transformed into a ascended Super Saiyan since the Cell games and he was going to do it right now, and to make it worse he was going to try a straight jump into it.

Gohan slowly got out of his meditating position and stood erect still hovering over the lake.

"AHHHHH!" Gohan screamed his body begun to shake, lightning formed around him, his hair stood straight up, and grew a couple of inches, his muscles bulged. The pain was unbearable why did he think this would be a good idea! "AHHH!!!" Gohan continued to yell as a gold aura formed around him, and his eyes turned teal as he finally finished the transformation into Super Saiyan two.

"Wow, that takes a lot out of you!" Gohan said out loud to himself.

"Ka..Me..Ha..Me..HA!!" Gohan yelled sending a powerful energy blast off into space.

He had his training exercise planned out to the finest detail. He started off by sending massive energy blasts out into space, and then practiced various forms patters, and any physical combination he could think of. He continued this cycle for hours until he was barely able to hold this transformation.

Gohan landed on the ground next to the lake, and powered down as low as he could while remaining a SSJ2, and begun to meditate. He needed to learn to hold onto this form even longer. It unlocked huge amounts of energy, and he knew someday he may need to stay in this form fighting to the death for hours, or days.

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