A Hybrids Journey

Chapter 6: Never Stood a Chance

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"Come on out ladies! Your new master's await! AHAHA" A lone menacing red demon yelled over the planets center city.

Gohan causally floated high above the city nearly a mile from Dabura watching him make a fool of himself. 'Might as well make myself known' Gohan thought and flared his power level up to his max in his base form.

"WHAT! Master we have a new pest on the planet." Dabura said in his head so his master Babidi, after sensing the hybrid.

"Yes Dabura, I see him as well. You can not kill this one. He is the warrior from Earth whose power we need to revive Majin Buu." Babidi said in some far off in some secret location.

"Yes master. Do you want me to capture him?" Dabura replied.

"No, it is not time to revive Majin Buu. Just knock him out and bring the girls… I am growing restless… Ha…ha…ha" Babidi replied laughing evilly.

"Yes master." Dabura said smiling wickedly, he then turned to face Gohan and said "I see you over there, you pest."

"It's about time you sensed me." Gohan said cockily as he flew over to Dabura.

"You have no idea how over your head you are boy, just back down and I will go about my business." The evil Demon King said.

"I know what your business is, and I can not allow it to happen." Gohan replied solemnly.

"Fine then, YOU DIE!" Dabura yelled as he charged Gohan with lightening speed and smacked him across the face sending him flying towards the ground.

Gohan was able to right himself before he crashed into the ground. 'Wow he's fast, but I'm faster.' Gohan thought as he placed two fingers on his forehead and instant transmissioned right behind Dabura and kicked him square in the back of the head.

Dabura was caught by surprise by Gohans speed and the kick hit him full on. Due to the current huge power difference however Dabura barely budged.

Dabura smiled to himself and thought 'If this is all the boy has what's the use of keeping him alive?' In a blink of an eye he threw his elbow back and caught Gohan in the gut causing him to double over. He then formed a double axe handle with his hands and hit Gohan in the back of the head as hard as he could causing him to hurtle towards the earth. The shockwave of Gohans impact could be felt for miles

"AHAHA! I admit kid that's a pretty good trick you have but you never really stood a chance! Now EAT THIS!" He screamed as he throw a massive red energy ball towards the crater that Gohan caused.

The explosion could be seen from space as the massive energy blast exploded on impact destroying everything within the immediate vicinity. Well almost everything , following the explosion of Dabura's energy ball, an explosion of brilliant golden light could be seen. Rocks and debri from the initial blast were thrown all over as Gohan shot out of his crater now transformed into a Super Saiyan.

"Oh good your still alive, I was worried I killed you." Dabura said laughing 'Wow the kids power level just tripled, I better be careful, to bad I can't turn him to stone…' Dabura thought as he positioned himself for the onslaught the was sure to come.

Gohan charged Dabura as fast as his first transformation would allow attending to hit him with everything he had. Gohan threw a right hook that was easily blocked, Dabura still held the power advantage. Gohan tried to knee Dabura in the stomach but it was caught by the Demon King who countered with a hard elbow right into Gohans face.

Gohan flew back a couple hundred feet and wiped some blood from his chin. He was beat up, his clothes were shredded but he just smiled and thought 'This feels great!' The Saiyan blood cursing through his veins was enjoying this.

Gohan placed to fingers on his forehead and disappeared again with the intention to strike Dabura in the back of the head. Unfortunately he was greeted with another elbow to the face, before he even realized what had happened he was again thrown to the earth chased closely by another energy blast from Dabura.

The explosion was even larger then the previous one, and much more powerful. 'Damn this is starting to hurt!' Gohan swore to himself as he slowly pulled himself out of yet another crater.

Smiling Gohan yet again placed two fingers on his forehead.

"YOU FOOL! That didn't work twice, do you honestly think it can work on your third try!" Dabura taunted

Gohan just ignored Dabura's calls and disappeared again, again though he was met with an elbow to the face, this time it was different. This time Dabura's elbow went through Gohan like it was a cloud, it was an afterimage!

"NO!" Dabura screamed before he was hit with a powerful blow to the back sending him hurtling towards the ground himself.

Not wanting to do further damage to the planet Gohan grabbed Dabura by the leg before he made impact and threw him into space.

"MASENKO…HAA!" Gohan yelled while placing both hands above his head and throwing them forward unleashing a massive energy blast onto the Demon King.

Gohan breathed heavily and relaxed a bit trying to catch his breath. He knew it wasn't over not for a long shot. 'I wonder if I can beat him without transforming to the second stage' Gohan thought.

"RWAAAAAAA!" Dabura screamed as he flew back towards Gohan at full speed, his clothes were torn and he was covered in scratches and burn marks, he still looked better then Gohan however.

"YOU WILL PAY!" He again yelled as he closed the distance on Gohan and unleashed a flurry of punches and kicks onto the young half Saiyan.

The hits were coming in way to fast for Gohan to keep up with, hundreds of punches and kicks connected nearly crippling Gohan before Dabura let up, and backed off.

"See I told you, you stood no chance!" Dabura mocked, expecting Gohan to beg for his life.

What Gohan did shocked the poor Demon King, he laughed!

"HAHAHA… You fool, I'm a Saiyan I get stronger when I am nearly beaten to death. I have been fighting at half my power so you could do just that. If I fought you at full strength from the beginning I wouldn't of gotten a work out at all." Gohan said deathly confident.

"You… you're bluffing!" Dabura blurted out. 'Master I need more power' Dabura pleaded to the wizard over a million miles away.

'You're running at one hundred twenty percent I can't give you anymore!' Babidi worriedly responded inside Dabura's head.

"Do you really think so? AAHHHHHHH!" Gohan screamed as he unleashed his full power a massive explosion erupted around him. "You never really stood a chance, you know that?" Gohan said wickedly as energy bolts flowed around him

"WE WILL SEE ABOUT THAT!" Dabura yelled as he again charged Gohan with everything he had.

This time Gohan easily evaded all of the Demon King's attacks, to Dabura it looked like he hadn't even moved!

" My turn." Gohan whispered, his open faced palm struck Dabura square on the nose fracturing it instantly, before he even knew he was hit the first time he was kneed in the ribs breaking two of them, sending him flying through the air.

Gohan calmly raised one hand started to create an energy ball of his own.

"WAIT PLEASE STOP! I beg for mercy!" Dabura pleaded, nearly crippled.

"Fine, then get off this planet, and if I ever see you again I will destroy you." Gohan said giving into his human side he lowered his hand giving up on the energy blast.

"FOOL! DIE!" Dabura yelled throwing all his energy into a massive blast the second Gohan let his guard down.

'Idiot!' Gohan thought and yelled "KA…ME…HA…ME…HAA!" Gohan quickly shouted as his powerful blast easily overtook Dabura's.

"Dabura no! PARA…!" Babidi shouted from some far off location where he was closely monitoring the fight. Babidi's magic did the trick he was able to teleport Dabura away just in time to save his life. It wasn't out of loyalty, it was out of need. He could not let his most powerful warrior die… well at least not until Majin Buu is revived.

'It's done…' Gohan thought no longer being able to sense Dabura's life force he floated back down to the ground and landed kneeling down trying to relax and power down.

'Yes young warrior, rest and recover your energy will be needed…' Babidi thought as he continued to monitor Gohan.

**** Six months later on Earth at the Son Residence ****

"Goku I can't take it anymore! Go bring my baby home!" ChiChi demanded of her husband.

"But ChiChi your baby is right here. Isn't that right little Goten…" Goku said as he started to tickle the miniature version of himself that seemed to stick to him like glue.

"GOKU DON'T BE AN IDIOT! I MEAN GOHAN!" ChiChi screamed grabbing her frying pan in a threatening manner.

"Whoa… relax Chi… I know what you meant. But we both know that I can't go get him right now…" Goku said in a very uncharacteristically stern voice.

"Don't give me that… I know you can do that insta whata thing!" ChiChi said firing back.

"No ChiChi, that would just make him mad, we owe him his free time, he will come home when he is ready." Goku again sternly said 'Or at least I hope so. You better be right about this Vegeta' Goku thought to himself. "Come on Goten let's go outside and do some training!" Goku said happily to his very young son who could barely walk, but none the less had a huge smile on his young face, as he happily followed his father.

**** Brief Residence ****

"Computer set the gravity to six hundred times earth's gravity." Vegeta said sternly

Vegeta was almost thrown down to the floor by the pressure, but he managed to keep himself up. 'Damn you brat for leaving me here with two infantile half breeds, and that imbecile Kakarot. I am reminded in our weekly spars just how far I have to go. I will succeed, I am the prince of all SAIYANS.' Vegeta roared in his mind as his power level skyrocketed as he charged up to his max and started to train with a renewed vigor.

**** Back on Vegeta's Favorite Planet (Six months after the Dabura fight). ****

Gohan stood tall in a far off field. He had just gone through a major growth spurt, and his body was maturing. He was fully powered up to his max as a Super Saiyan two, deep in thought. 'It is almost time to leave this planet, I can't push my power level any higher without risk of tearing it apart, and I just finished help rebuilding it.'

"GOHAN! GOHAN! COME AND EAT!" Grenda Gohan's girlfriend of six months and former arresting officer shouted from the edge of the field.

In a flash Gohan was powered down, and at her side like a hungry puppy.

"What are we having?" Gohan eagerly asked.

"Well I have about a ton of all your favorites!" She said and started to giggle at the sparkle in her boyfriends eye at the mention of all the food she had cooked up.

"How about dessert?" He innocently asked.

"Well…" She paused and kissed him softly on the lips before continuing "That's a surprise…" She said not so innocently.

'It's going to be hard leaving…' Gohan thought while be blushed profusely.

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