Lovin' me just the way I am it's no small thing

It's the whole thing

Takes some time, takes some time.

The patients represent a classic case of a group suffering from unresolved conflicts between individual members. Their situation has been aggravated by a lack of personal boundaries, predictable given the intensity of their relationships and shared experiences compared to their relatively short time together.

"I'm getting along with Little Rock better," Columbus said.

"Yeah, and Wichita's doing more with Tal and me," Little Rock said Wichita brushed her hair back nervously.

Tal rubbed his chin, and the lingering bruise on his temple. "It's been good. Really, I've been waiting for Columbus to put up a fight for once."

"Well, since we started these sessions... things have been better in bed," Wichita said with a giggle. "Not that they were bad before." Columbus blushed, Little Rock hid her face in her hands " But the biggest difference is that we're talking a lot more about what we want from each other. I'm doing less to be what I think he wants, more to show him who I am. We've learned new things about each other, and for every problem that comes up, it seems like there's another that gets solved."

"Look," said Little Rock, "can we all just say what's on our minds? When we got together, as far as we knew it was just us four. We didn't choose each other; it was a matter of being together or being alone. But now we're in among 40,000 people. How do we know we're really right for each other?"

Columbus put an arm possessively around Wichita. "Your sister means more to me than I ever thought a person could. You do, too."

"Hey, you're a 13-year old girl who swears and shoots," Tal said. "If there's anybody I belong with, it's you."

"The important thing," Columbus said, "is that we made promises to each other. I'll keep them, whether I feel like it or not. We all can."

"But how do we keep from driving each other crazy?"

"We've always been crazy," said Tal. "This is just the first chance we've had to express ourselves."

"You stole that from a movie," Columbus said. "But it's pretty good."

Their greatest strength is an understanding of their own and each other's strengths and weaknesses, which allows them to accommodate each other. They have a profound commitment to each other, which over time can evolve and expand to include the greater community. It is my strong opinion that they will take their place among the most valued members of Circus Circus.

(Signed) Stanford

Little Rock lay on her bed. Tallahassee was snoring, on the couch. Sheets were rustling on the other bed. As two mounds under the sheets joined into one, she rolled over and closed her eyes.

"I love you, Krista," Columbus whispered.

"Twinkietwinkietwinkietwinkie," Tal muttered between snores.

"Family," she sighed, and went to sleep still smiling.

I thought up Columbus's follow-through for Tal's line before I settled on the line itself. The ref is to "Thelma & Louise", which I've never seen but decided to look up for material. This is it for this fic, but I will be starting up a new one very shortly.