In the credits of the last episode of Death Note, there is a frame where L is in the same warehouse that Light is dying in. Immediately after this, Light closes his eyes and is able to die. L x Light: Phantom Love.

Disclaimer: [Which I forgot on my other fan fiction... OOPS] I do not own Death Note or any characters... I wish I owned Light...

Kyomu. He could feel it, the nothingness that his soul was destined for. The nothingness that one who had used the death note was cursed to rest in forever. It was written in the rules. A human who uses the death note can neither go to heaven nor hell. Damn you Near, damn you Mello, damn you L and Ryuk too. Everyone had either let him down or had been against him.

Ryuk had told him that those who use the notebook are plagued with pain, guilt and suspicion. Light hadn't believed him. He never thought that would happen to him. Light had been creating a perfect world where there were no rotten, bad people. So why had he paid for it in such a way? Damn them all for getting in his way.

"Light?" A soft voice floated to his ears. A voice he recognized very well. It brought back a flood of memories all tinted with the same black hair, the same slumped shoulders, the same wide black eyes, the familiar form of L. L who had been his closest friend and worst enemy.

He must have been going insane. L was dead. Maybe he was hallucinating in his last moments, imagining L's slouched figure beside him as he died. Maybe the boy he opened his eyes to see in front of him was all a dream. "Light. You lost, Yagami – kun. In the end, you lost Kira." Maybe it was just the past taunting him when he looked up to find L holding him and smiling in the same insane way he had smiled when L had passed away in his arms. Maybe it wasn't.

"L..." he gasped. His lungs barely moved. His heart wouldn't work properly. "You came back to me." He remembered all of the times when they had forgotten their goals and what they were trying to do and had just let go of their feelings and loved each other. He remembered the times when they had kissed and touched, their hands leaving bitter traces of sadness and determination on their skin. He recalled the day when L had declared that he was his only friend. Later, he had found out L was really saying "I love you". When they fought together, Light's punches couldn't help but be stained with love.

The memories of mornings waking up to L staring into his face before pressing sweetly on Light's lips with his own. How they would examine each other with sly glances, wondering when they could touch again. He could see again the day he and L first admitted their feelings. He remembered how L had asked him if he was serious about Misa, he remembered how that night everything had come out and L had admitted his feeling of relief that Light had said no. They had revealed what they felt for each other and had first kissed under the glowing crescent moon. It was the same moon that he was now dying under.

He gasped sharply at his hearts attempt to pound faster, but just before he squeezed his eyes shut, he saw the softened expression in L's eyes. He saw the love and the emotions behind the black curtains of his hair. And slowly, he released his last breath and died, gently in L's loving arms. The soft feeling of the phantoms' ghostly lips against his would be the last thing he would feel. Kyomu.