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Chapter One: I'll Be Okay

The first month of tenth grade seemed to have gone off to a good start. Freddie wish he could say the same for this particular Monday. Today he felt horribly sick. In spite of that, he refused to miss a day of school, and put on a mask of fake wellness to fool his mother. However, the mask was wearing off rather quickly. He felt like puking.

You better hide it, he prepped himself for when he would run into his two best friends. They were probably huddled around their lockers, getting ready for their classes.

"Hey," Freddie called to the girls as he swayed over to them. He leaned up against the wall nearby.

"What happened to you?" Sam asked insensitively, with her mouth full of a huge chunk of banana. "You look like sh-"

"Sam!" Carly interjected as she opened up her locker. She then turned to Freddie, her hand still clutching on the metal door. His sickly features- extremely pale skin, and dark bags appearing underneath his tired eyes- did not need another glance by either friend. "Freddie," Carly began gently. "You should really go home."

Freddie sighed and closed his eyes for a moment, still leaning against the wall. He shook his head and reopened his eyes to look directly at Carly, only realizing he couldn't bring himself to look her right in the eye after all. His sight was turning slightly hazy as he absent-mindedly stared into Carly's locker to avoid eye contact.

"Nah," he breathed out. "I'll be fine."

"Freddie..." Carly trailed.

"It's nothing," he gave false reassurance. This time managing to casually catch her gaze. "Just a small cold, or something. I can get through the day alright."

"Okay..." Carly answered, unconvinced, as she tucked a textbook under her arm. "Just promise," she said seriously, her eyebrows turned downward with concern, as she shut her locker door, "you'll take it easy?"

Freddie managed to curl his lips in a small smile. "Always."

Carly smiled softly back, and ran a comforting hand down his arm as she walked past him, as Sam followed, giving Freddie a "light" punch in the arm, while stuffing her face with her banana. Freddie opened his mouth in a silent, pained gasp as he clutched his arm. Sam was so not a lady...

End of Chapter One

Author's Note: I actually started writing this in mid-September (as it has been hinted as the story's setting), but got a little busy to begin posting. If there's any discontinuities, please note that this story takes place before any episode that aired after Friday, September 18th 2009. So far, I have 3 complete chapters and 3 incomplete chapters. I really like this fic and intend on finishing it, but it might take me just a little bit of time, so please be patient.

15 February 2010