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"Hey.... watch it." The tone of his voice made my heart thump loudly in my chest. It was as if his voice alone had set my body off on fire, either that or the sudden rush of excitement I got when I crashed into him as I walked into Starbucks.

"Sorry....." As I spoke I looked into his deep stormy blue eyes that were laced with gray. I was lost, stuck to the spot just staring at his eyes. His golden sun-kissed curls hung down to his strong jaw line that was sprinkled with a slight stubble, the corner of his lips curved up into a soft smile and I realised I was staring at him. Feeling the heat creep up my skin and through my cheeks I felt embarrassed for A staring at a man, and B getting caught out.

"Jasper." He offered his hand to me. His hand felt warm in mine, a rough palm that I suddenly began to wonder what it would feel like to have it running over my body. That thought both shocked me and excited me which made my voice come out a little shaky.

"Edw.." I stopped and cleared my throat "Edward." There, that sounded better than the first attempt. He snickered lightly as his stormy eyes were focusing intently on me.

"Coffee?" He asked in a silky tone that made my stomach knot up with butterflies.

"Yeah, I'm just here to pick one up." As the words left my mouth I suddenly felt stupid, as though I hadn't been able to fully process what he said. It seemed odd at first giving I was heading into a coffee shop to begin with, which was probably why I had come out with such a stupid answer.

Chuckling softy he looked around the coffee shop before looking at back me. "I meant would you like to have coffee with me?" My lips formed a perfect O which caused his eyes to darken slightly and stay trained on my lips.

"Su... sure." The fumbling words continued to come from my mouth as though I was unable to form any sort sentence that wasn't either stupid or a complete pathetic mess.

Flashing me a grin he walked past me and sat down in a booth while I headed to the counter. Just what was I doing? Why the hell was I agreeing to have coffee with him? Placing my order I stood waiting for it thinking how insane I must be right now, I hadn't done this before... had this type of interaction with a man, it was out of character for me.

For as long as I could remember I had always felt something more towards men than women, but I had never even attempted to explore that side before. Yes, I knew I was living somewhat of a lie, being with Leah and not really wanting her in that way. Yes, she was beautiful and we had some good times together, but there was no spark for me, no burning desire to lock her away in the bedroom and have my wicked way with her. In fact, there was no desire to sleep with her at all which was probably why I had manged to get to twenty-one and still remain a virgin.

Taking my coffee I slowly walked back to where he sat, leaning back all relaxed against the back of the booth, a killer smirk on his lips with his tight white T-shirt that hugged his chest. He was confident in just appearance alone. Me, on the other had, I didn't feel happy and secure in my own skin which hindered the way I expressed myself. Surely the fact that I never bothered to explore the side of me that shouted at me didn't help. The side that burned deeply and told me I would never know what I truly wanted unless I tried both, but still I didn't and I continued to be in a meaningless relationship that was going nowhere fast.

Smiling I sat down and looked at him, he cocked his eyebrow looking at my drink. "I have a sweet tooth." I mumbled out. I did, chocolate seemed to be my biggest downfall and I would have it in any way, shape, or form.

"Caffe Mocha is always a good choice, but I prefer the Caramel Latte myself." He grinned at me before taking a sip of his drink. "So what else are you sweet for?" He asked a little smug which sent the heat right up my cheeks again. My face felt on fire and all over some little comment like what I was sweet for. Jesus, I needed to get to grips with myself. "Sorry I didn't mean to embarrass you." He leant forward resting his elbows on the table.

"I've not done this for a while." Done what? I thought to myself. I must have looked stupid, the confusion on what he meant must have been clear as day on my face, covered by the expression of wondering what he was on about. Jasper looked at his coffee then back up to me clearing his throat. "Chat a guy up, I mean." I've never chatted a guy up full stop. Now he said it I really dd feel stupid.

"It's okay." I mused. "It's not something I tend to do myself." Shock covered his face, his eyes went wide as he stared at me. I wondered what I had said that had suddenly caused this shock expression to plaster over his gorgeous face.

"Oh god.... I'm so sorry, I thought you were gay." He flustered out. "I seemed to be picking up all the signals from you. I got it wrong, please accept my apology." He grabbed his coffee and began to stand.

"Wait, please you don't have to go." He looked at me with a confused expression on his face, clouding his stormy blue eyes. "Please." I sounded so unbelievably pathetic, almost begging the man to sit back down and talk to me.

I hadn't even said if I was gay or not. Well, I didn't know what I was, but I was about to find out. The reason I had never explored the hidden depths to me where because it had never been offered to me. I didn't know where to go to find these things out, to see if I was gay, or if my lack of interest in women was because I hadn't explored the other possibility and all I needed to do was just explore and everything would fall into place and my need to fuck a woman into next week would suddenly appear.

"I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable, straight men can be a little freaked when they realise a gay guy has just come on to them." He smiled nervously at me and I had this sudden urge to hug him. I picked up my drink and smiled into it before taking a sip hoping that my hands would resist the urge to just touch him.

"Besides I never answered the question and told you if I was or not." He chuckled and relaxed a little more into the seat.

"Well are you?" He asked before adding "Of course you're not, you're too good looking to be gay." I scoffed at that, what made him so different from me? He was gorgeous and surely could have any woman he wanted. If you went on looks alone you would think he had a different woman in his bed every night and the thought of sleeping with a man had never occurred to him.

"I could say the same thing about you." He chuckled and pushed the golden curls off his face that looked so soft.

"Point taken." He pulled his bottom lips between his teeth and I couldn't help but stare at it, stare at his lips and wonder what it would feel like to feel his plump pink lips against mine, the thought struck me. Though I had wondered what it would be like, I had never followed that yearning, would it be different to kissing a girl?

We talked for ages, filling each other in on the other. Jasper told me he was twenty-three and worked in construction, building houses for his uncle's company. It explained the tanned skin and toned arms where his biceps pushed against the fabric of his T-shirt. He told me about his little sister who drove him insane with the latest fashion and thought that because he was gay he might be more into shopping than the average male. He quickly informed me that no, he didn't enjoy shopping and only did it when he needed too and it normally lasted all of an hour with no messing around.

The more he talked, the more I wanted to know. He was so mysterious to me, depths to him I didn't know but wanted to find out. I wanted to spend the hours and the days fitting together the little jigsaw that was Jasper until I knew all about him. I was excited at the thought of actually, finally, exploring this part of me that I buried away for so long, too afraid to look at for fear of what I might find.

Hours ticked by and whatever was planned for me today had been crossed off completely. The cups of coffee piled up as we talked about what music we were into, what films we both loved, liked and what we hated, TV shows, which caused us to both sit for over an hour trying to figure out what was happening in Lost before giving up, realising that that show was just too confusing.

"You're training to be a Vet? What made you choose that career?" He asked looking at his watch. I felt a tab bad seeing him check the time, I had taken up most of his morning by talking to him, though I didn't want him to leave.

"Sorry, do you have to be somewhere? You've been here all morning." I tried to apologise to him but he just laughed at me, showing a perfect row of pearly white teeth.

"No, honest, this beats the hell out of my plans for today. I am getting hungry and I wondered maybe if you want to grab a bite to eat with me?" My heart started beating wildly in my chest. I was grinning on the outside like a mad man, but on the inside my stomach was turning and twisting with nerves.

"Um, yeah?" Making it sound like a question rather then an answer. Clearing my throat I tried again to not make myself seem completely incompetent. "Anywhere in mind?"

"Yeah, actually I know a place that serves great food, did you get here by car?" Jasper asked as he pulled out his car keys from his pocket.

"It's outside in the lot." I fumbled around in my pockets like I was looking for something, only I wasn't looking for anything, I just didn't know what to say next.

"Great, just follow me." Flashing a smirking smile he walked past me. Pushing the big glass door open he stepped out into the lot with me closely behind him. My eyes caught sight of a great big transit van that suddenly flashed its hazards as Jasper hit the button. My expression must have been of shock as Jasper cocked his eyebrow with a smirk on his lips. "Work van." Again I felt like a fool.

"No... um, sorry, I... um..... it's just..... um." I stuttered flustered and fumbled my way through the sentence making Jasper laugh. His laughter was magical, so warm and rich and carefree.

"Man, it's okay, the van or beast has its uses when I'm not working. Besides, people move out of the way more with the van. Is that yours?" He pointed to the BMW Silver Z3. Nodding he walked over to it and took a look around it. "Beautiful piece of metal. I had my eye on one not long back, but I hear the parts are really expensive when they break, kind put me off when I was told a tyre alone would cost me a small fortune."

"Yeah, they are, but it's the price for excellence." Mentally I cursed myself for sounding like a complete and utter twat.

"I guess so, but if I'm gonna start having to take a small mortgage when something breaks I would sooner do it over a Austin Martin or something of that nature. Having said that, if someone let me drive their BMW I wouldn't say no." He said with a wink at the end. "Follow me there, okay?" With that he headed towards his van.

Starting the engine I waited for him to pull out first, I felt giddy with excitement. I had thought about exploring, but never really enough to make me do it and in the space of one morning I was suddenly exploring it, following him to some place for something to eat. All I needed to do was stop making myself look like a complete and utter moron and I might actually discover something that I had pushed away for years.

A silly ass smile stayed on my lips as I followed Jasper through the streets towards this place, as we passed down certain roads I began to to realise where we were heading. Part of me hoped that we weren't heading to Lilly's, not that I had anything against the place because I didn't, it was a hidden gem in the city and cooked the most mouth watering food I had ever tasted. It wasn't the type of place that served fancy prancy food that you could barely pronounce when ordering, it was down to earth and whatever they cooked was amazing whether you were having something like Ribs or pie and mash. The problem with coming to Lilly's was Leah. .We had been here a few times not for a while mind you. but still it felt a little strange coming to a place where I had brought my girlfriend.

Just as I feared we pulled into Lilly's car park. Sucking in a breath and smiling I cut the engine off and tried not to think about it. I wasn't doing anything wrong, this was the same as us being in the coffee shop talking only over food instead. "Lilly's?" I said as I got out of the car. Jasper flashed a toothy grin at me as he slammed the door to his van.

"You know Lilly's?" He asked walking to me in an almost swagger effect that left me fixed on the spot looking at him unable to form any words from my mouth, leaving me only capable of nodding. "They do great food, don't they? Who wants to go and eat at a fancy place that has some weird name for steak or some shit." Chuckling to myself I couldn't help but agree.

"It's like they slap that extra twenty on it just for the fancy name." I said as we reached the door. Jasper pulled the door open and held it letting me in first. "Thanks." I muttered slightly embarrassed.

Taking a table we sat facing each other flicking through the menus trying to decide what to have. "What are you having?" Jasper asked as I stared intently at the menu.

"Umm..." My eyes scanned the menu over and over again before settling on a old favourite. "Club Sandwich, I think." A simple nod from Jasper as he closed his menu made the waiter come to the table.

"Two club sandwiches please and a coke with no ice for me.... Edward?" His stormy blue eyes looked at me smiling, almost dancing. Feeling myself get lost in his eyes it wasn't until he cocked his eyebrow that I snapped back out of some spell I was under.

"Um, same please." The waiter took the menus from us and disappeared muttering the words of "It's shouldn't be too long," or something to that effect. "Copying my order, huh?" I felt like ice had reformed again and I was eager to break it, though it was more than likely me who was thinking this, but the drive here had cut the run of talks we had and I wanted to fall back into that stream of idle chit chat.

"It rocks, I knew what I was having before we got here. It's the same thing I always order, the menu was only to be polite. So Edward you never answered me before, what made you choose the path of becoming a vet?" He asked as his long golden fingers played with the edge of the table mat.

"Well, my father is a Doctor, and while going into that did appeal to me, I have always had a softer side for animals. I'm really enjoying it, just started my second year at Vet school and I'm now more into the surgery this year than last, shadowing more and being dragged all over. Next year will be even better, you get to experience more with each year. The idea is that you slowly have a transition from being a student to being a vet. Text book is all fair and well, but nothing beats learning while on the job." Stopping at the end I wondered if I had bored Jasper to tears rambling on about me becoming a vet, looking up at him I saw him smile softly.

"I agree, nothing beats learning on the job. To be honest, I don't have much education that way. Yeah, I went to school, but after that I kind of dossed around for a while before my uncle took me on. I did the odd course here and there for things I needed to have that bit of paper for, but all my knowledge of building work comes from learning on the job. Yeah, it's not the same as training to become a vet, but the principles are the same." He finished talking just before our food arrived.

We chatted a little over the course of dinner. Jasper told me things that had happened on the building sites, both funny and serious, making us both laugh while I told him about some of the things I had seen when people had brought their cat or dog in. Talking with Jasper was so easy, I loved hearing his thoughts on things and how we could go from a serious topic to something stupid and funny in a matter of moments without it seeming to be out of depth for the other. With everything he spoke about he applied so much compassion, he was passionate about what he believed in, what he spoke about and what he thought, I truly was captured by him.

We must have stayed there of two hours, lost in time, lost in our own little world. I knew I had to leave soon, exams were fast approaching and I needed to get the extra study time in. Sitting hunched over a textbook reading about the insides of a cow wasn't my idea of fun, I would sooner be here sitting across from Jasper talking to him and just forgetting everything else.

"I don't want to cut this, but I have to get to the builder yard to collect a few things and they don't tend to stay open all day." Jasper said before finishing off his coke. My heart plummeted slightly, even though I knew I couldn't complain and I had things to do. I didn't want our time together to end, by the look on Jasper's face neither did he.

"It's fine. Seriously, I need to get some studying in, I have exams all next week." Jasper chuckled and signalled for the bill. "It was really great bumping into you Jasper this morning." Why did that sound like I didn't want to see him again?

"Likewise." Splitting the bill and leaving a tip we walked out of Lilly's in silence and out into the car park. "You know Edward, I've really enjoyed the last couple of hours with you and I....." He trailed off and rubbed the back of his head with his long golden fingers. "What I'm trying to say is would you like to do it again sometime? Go out on a date with me?" He looked a little nervous as he finished talking, I smiled sweetly at him.

"Um, sure?" Again I made it sound like a question rather than an answer. Jasper's eyes lit up and a smirking grin appeared on the plump pink lips of his.

"Great, you got a number I can call you on?" My fingers became all fumbled as I pulled my phone out and handed it to him. He punched in his number and handed it back to me before he handed me his. Typing my number into his phone I had to read it back about ten times just to make sure I hadn't hit any wrong numbers by mistake in my panic. "Great, I'll give you a call and we will sort something out." He licked his lips slowly and my eyes darted to them. "Edward? Can I kiss you?" Nodding he moved closer to me.

His lips brushed softly against mine at first before coming back a little harder. My lips felt on fire and I froze on the spot unable to kiss him back. He pulled away looking slightly concerned before looking at me as though a light bulb had just gone off in his head. "You're not gay are you?" He stated matter-of-fact at me.

"Truthfully, I haven't explored this before." I answered him honestly, he snorted and shook his head at me.

"Explored? Wanna fill me on what you mean by explore Edward?" His sharp tone surprised me, caught me off guard. I hadn't expected him to react that way, maybe explore had been the wrong word to use. He sighed and looked at me. "Sorry, I'm not demanding you tell me anything. We don't know each other, but I would like to know what you mean by explore." He corrected himself which eased me a little bit more.

"I've had these feeling for a long time, but I have never done anything about them. I didn't know how to go about them so I guess I just pushed it all aside and tried to continue my life the way my friends are." My answer sounded as though I was suddenly sixteen again and completely unsure of the whole fucking world.

"I get ya, so I'm your first male kiss then?" He smirked. "I like the thought of that. Edward, it's okay, you're not the only guy that has pushed these feelings down and tried to live a life of what some would class as 'normal'. There are gay men that get married, have children, all with a woman to try and make themselves straight before finally giving up and just dealing with those hidden thoughts and feelings. I suppose it might be slightly more confusing if you're bi, though I wouldn't know as I've never tried to get on with a woman before." He chuckled. "Wanna try the kiss....." Before he could finish his words my lips crashed onto his.

Setting a light and running a hot white fire through my body I moaned into the kiss. As my lips parted his tongue gently pushed through into my mouth caressing against mine softly as we tasted each other. The kiss was soft and gentle, everything a first kiss should be with someone they just met, but it felt so different to the first time I kissed Leah or the first time I kissed any girl, this just felt right.

Pulling back slowly from the kiss I smiled sheepishly at Jasper who flashed a wicked grin in my direction. "You will call, won't you?" Oh for the love of god will you button that fucking mouth if you're just going to sound stupid!

"Of course I am...." He moved closer to me and whispered in my ear "My first time boy." The heat crept up my cheeks as he said that making feel even more a tool than before. He chuckled and kissed my cheek gently, just brushing his wet lips lightly on my hot skin.

"I'll call you before the weekend. Go and study Edward, think of all those dogs and cats that may need saving in the future." He called back to me as he walked back towards to his van. Laughing gently I nodded and watched him climb in. He started the engine and pulled away giving me a quick wave and a honk of the horn before he disappeared.

Smiling and standing in the car park my lips slowly simmered down to a gentle warming feeling after the kiss. I was happy, excited, and fucking scared, but desperate for him to call. Telling myself that I wouldn't call him until at least Saturday if I hadn't heard from him I tried to resist the urge to call him or text him now. My phone buzzed into life and I got all excited thinking it was Jasper texting me so soon after leaving me.... like seconds after leaving me, but to my disappointment it was Leah asking me to pick her up.


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