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The textbook stared back at me, mocking me over and over again because I couldn't make sense of it. No matter how many times I read it, Googled it, and looked over the notes on it, it made zero sense. Frustration wasn't even a word I would use to cover how I felt right now.

Sitting at the black, frosted glass dining room table, I looked out of the patio doors as the rain began to hit the decking. A soft, light, gentle breeze came into the dining room, bringing with it the smell of wet grass and timber from the rain. Hearing it and smelling it slowly began to soothe away the tension that was in my head. And, with any luck, I might start to understand this.

The house was nearly complete. Jasper had worked hard to get it done, and now there were just some small, little things that needed work. It was nice to curl up together on the overgrown sofa and watch TV, instead of being in the bedroom. Not that I minded being in there.

Slowly, more and more of my things were finding their way here. I even had my own key to get into Jasper's house. Fuck, my phone bill came here now, I had all but moved in. It wasn't official, but Jasper didn't seem to mind me being here, and we had both fallen into some state of just acting as though it was a permanent thing.

Every now and then, I had to go home. Jasper had all but dragged me there one night and booted me out the car, saying that I could come back the next night, but I had to see my parents. I had pouted, sulked, and thrown a fit to match any child, just to get my own way. Did it work? Did it fuck.

Jasper still hadn't seen my parents face to face since we had been back together. He was avoiding it as long as possible, before he went. No matter how many times I told him that they were fine with him, he refused to move on it. Claiming that they had seen just what he had done to me and that no parent was going to just go, "Oh, its fine," and leave it at that.

I couldn't argue with him there. They had, on more than one occasion, mentioned that they wanted to talk to Jasper when he came around again. Of course they were happy that we were back together and that I was happy, but they still wanted to talk to him, and that was something Jasper couldn't handle right now.

Jasper not coming with me was the main reason why I kicked up a fuss about going home. If I was going, I wanted him to go with me. It wasn't as though I didn't get on with my parents, I did, but I just wanted to be with Jasper more. Sooner or later he would have to face them, and he would have to deal with all that they said to him. He knew his time on not going, was quickly running out.

Sighing, I sat back in the high backed, leather dining chair and stared at the laptop as the room started to dull. The rain continued to pour down outside, getting heavier by the minute. Summer was well and truly on its way out. Soon, Christmas would be here, our first Christmas together. Neither of us had spoken about what we would do, and how we would spend it.

Of course, Jasper would need to see his family and I would need to see mine, but where were we going to see each other? I didn't like the thought of not seeing him Christmas Day. In fact, I didn't like the idea of not waking up Christmas morning next to him.

The front door suddenly slammed shut, breaking me out of my thoughts. Heavy footsteps walked their way through the living room. Turning my head to the open door, I saw Jasper's very wet form heading towards me. His wet curls hung down his face, dripping water down his already soaking wet Tee that was sticking to him like an extra layer of skin.

Unable to stop myself, I laughed at the sight of him. "Something amusing you, Edward?" he asked as he stalked his way towards me.

"Nope," I chuckled out as I got up from the chair and began to back away.

"You think it's funny that I got stuck up a scaffold when it pissed it down?" Jasper said in a flat tone as he closed in on me.

"That would just be mean if I did," I all but giggled out as he grabbed my wrist and pushed my back up against the wall.

"It would, wouldn't it?" he smirked, "But this isn't." Jasper suddenly pushed his wet, clothed body against mine and kissed me, hard.

Jasper's tongue invaded my mouth, brushing and lapsing his tongue against mine. His hands fisted into my hair as he ground his hips against mine. I could feel him begin to harden through the fabric of my sweat pants. Running my hands down his back, I felt his hard muscles twitch and flex against the wet T-Shirt. Reaching his arse, I pulled him closer to me making him moan into my mouth.

Pulling his head back, Jasper began to kiss across my jaw as his fingers danced across my stomach, teasing the waistband of my sweat pants. My skin broke out in goose bumps under his touch, sending blissful waves of pleasure throughout my body that caused me to shiver.

A fire broke out in my body, deep within the pits of my stomach, and spread outwards. My body was being consumed with love for him, making my heart beat wildly in my chest as I began to feel high. My movements mirrored his as we were working in perfect harmony with one another.

Jasper's lips descended down my neck and across my throat, pausing at my Adam's apple to suck gently. Moaning loudly, I tilted my head back and rested it against the wall, giving him better access to my throat. Jasper kissed down to the hollow of my throat, before pulling back slightly to look at me.

His stormy grey eyes seemed to darken and swirl as he looked at me. The intensity of his stare, full of the love that swarmed in them, was almost scary. I found it hard to look him in the eyes; it was like he was seeing right into me, into my soul, yet I couldn't break his gaze.

"I love you," he whispered, and pulled away from me.

Smirking at me, he walked towards one of the corner units, and opened the drawer. Watching him, he rummaged through it before pulling out a condom and a small tube of lube. Taken aback that he actually kept a stash there, I wondered how long they had been there and why they were there to begin with.

"Always prepared," Jasper smiled as he pulled off his wet T-shirt and tossed it on the floor.

"Good little Boy Scout, huh?" I asked as he pulled at the base of my T-Shirt.

"Never hurts to have things on hand, babe." Pulling my T-shirt up and over my head, I looked at Jasper questioningly.

We hadn't actually slept together outside of the bedroom, and this was making me nervous. I was completely out of my comfort zone, and my inexperience was beginning to get the better of me. Part of me wanted to take his hand and pull him towards the bedroom, where I felt more comfortable and not so exposed for the inexperienced man I was.

Jasper's eyes were trained on me, looking at me hungrily with concern hidden beneath them. I knew he was more experienced and therefore fucking on everything available to him was nothing, but to me? To me, I doubted I could handle this. We hadn't been sleeping together that long, and it was only recently that I had started to come out of my shell and feel as though I wasn't a complete disappointment to him in bed.

"What's wrong?" Jasper's hands were resting at the nape of my neck, twirling the hair there.

"Wh... What are we doing?" My voice cracked as I spoke, feeling my nerves begin to shake inside.

"I'm planning on fucking you right here. What does it look like?"

"Can't we go to the bedroom?" I asked. Jasper shook his head no, and smirked at me. "Please?"

"Babe, relax, okay? I promise to blow your mind." With that his lips met mine again in a fevered passion.

Lips blending, teeth clashing and tongues tasting, left us both panting into each other's mouths. Jasper's hand trailed slowly down my stomach to the waistband of my sweat pants, before dropping under the elastic band and wrapping his rough hands around my cock. My hips bucked, thrusting myself into his hand at his warm touch.

Jasper stroked me slowly, almost too slow, a complete contrast to how his lips were attacking mine. The contrast between the two set my heart racing and a dying need for more. Panting hard, we broke apart. Moaning loudly, I rested my head against the wall as Jasper's lips descended down my chest, pausing at my right nipple to lick across it.

My nipple pebbled under his warm wet tongue, sending a shiver of pleasure throughout my body. Jasper took it between his teeth and pulled slightly, making me cry out. He released my nipple from his mouth and continued to kiss down my stomach.

The feeling of his stubble scraping against my skin as he kissed, licked and nibbled his way down drove me insane with lust and desire. Dropping to his knees, Jasper's mouth danced above the waistband of my sweat pants, kissing and nibbling from one hip to the other. My hands found their way into his hair, winding his curly locks around my fingers.

"Jasper..." I pleaded breathlessly.

My cock was hard and straining against the fabric of my sweat pants, begging for his attention. Jasper's lips continued to tease across the waistband, which was slowly being pulled down. Inch by inch he lowered my sweat pants, revealing more of my lower stomach.

"What do you want, Edward?" Jasper purred out huskily as he licked the V of my abdomen.

I groaned out in relief as he slowly pulled my sweat pants all the way down. Stepping out of them, I looked down at Jasper who was sitting back on his heels. The lube and condom were next to him on the floor. Smirking up at me, the tip of his pink tongue darted out and licked across the head of my cock, collecting the droplets of pre-cum and making me moan.

"Babe?" Jasper chuckled out, "What do you want?"

Moaning in both response and frustration, I gripped his hair, guiding him back to my cock. Pushing back against my hands, Jasper shook his head.

"Tell me, babe," Jasper whispered as he ran the tip of his nose up my length. "Tell me what you want and you can have it."

"You know what I want," I answered breathlessly.

"No, I wanna hear it, babe." He then sucked the tip into his mouth making me thrust forward, before he released me. "I'll not do it unless you tell me."

"Jasper... please," I cried out desperately as he teased his tongue up and down my cock.

"What are the magic words?" Jasper pressed.

"I... want... you... to... suck... me... off," I stammered out as embarrassment flooded me.

Jasper had been trying to get me to talk dirty towards him more often, saying there was nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about when it came to sex. To me it was embarrassing. I worried I would say the wrong thing at the wrong time, or say something that made no sense and embarrass myself. At every given opportunity, Jasper either spoke dirty or got me to do it. Slowly, I was getting the hang of it.

"Ugh, babe," Jasper started as he sucked the tip into his hot, wet mouth. My eyes rolled back into my head as intense pleasure rocked its way though my body. Wrapping his hand around my cock, Jasper let the tip fall from his mouth with a popping sound, as he continued to stroke me. "Tell me what you..." The sound of my phone blaring through the dining room cut Jasper off.

My eyes looked to the phone flashing on the table and back at Jasper. I knew the ring tone, Jasper knew the ring tone and I knew he was hoping that I wasn't going to pick it up.

"Babe, leave it. Call her back," Jasper pleaded as my eyes became fixed on the phone.

"It could be important."

"I doubt it, more than likely she wants you home for dinner," Jasper mumbled as he took the tip of my cock back into his mouth.

"Fuck! Jazz, let me just get it, please." Pulling his head back I walked over to the phone, hearing Jasper's frustrated, and no doubt pissed off, grunt behind me.

"Mum?" I said as I picked up the phone and turned to look at Jasper who was still on his knees with his mouth hanging open.

"Oh, you do remember me then?"


"Yeah, I've just been bogged down with papers and assignments, that's all." My hand rubbed the back of my neck, almost trying to soothe out knots that weren't actually there while I spoke to her. In truth, I felt guilty as sin for not being in touch sooner with her.

"Well, as we don't seem to be that important anymore to you, I figured I would remind you that this Sunday is your dad's birthday."


My mum didn't tend to pack any punches, and my disappearing act had hurt her deeply. Deep down, I knew that she was just upset with me and that was why she was being like this, but it still stung.

"I know, I hadn't forgotten, mum."

"Oh, well, you could have been in touch. I bet Jasper's mum hears from him," she spat at me. "I only gave you life, why should you bother keeping in touch with me?"

"I just.."

"Forgot?" she cut in, "You didn't forget anything, Edward. You have chosen to stay away for whatever reason it may be. Don't think we aren't aware that Jasper's dragged you here before."

"I'm sorry."

"Leave the poor boy alone. He's young and in love," my dad piped up in the background. I couldn't help but smile hearing that, no doubt they had shared words over this and dad had been only able to hold her back for so long before she went over him and spoke to me.

"Mum? I'll be there Sunday, promise," I said, hoping that it would be enough to let her rest this.

She sighed deeply before saying, "Okay, and will you be bringing Jasper with you?"

My eyes flicked to Jasper who was now standing against the wall, next to the open patio doors smoking.

Of course I wanted to bring him with me, but what I wanted and what Jasper wanted in that department were two completely different things. Jasper would say no, which would only make me beg and plead with him to come. Before me even bringing it to his attention I knew he would use the excuse that it was my dad's birthday and him turning up there and having to speak to them on that day wouldn't be right or fair.

But I didn't want to go alone.

"I'll ask, mum."

A couple of minutes later, I was hanging up with her and promising that I would be there Sunday and that I would make more of an effort to keep in touch. Dropping the phone on the side, I walked back over to Jasper who was smirking at me.

"Where were we?" he asked as he took my hand and pushed me against the wall again.

"My mum wants you to come on Sunday," I blurted out just as Jasper had dropped to his knees.

Jasper looked up at me, and shook his head in complete disbelief. "Did you seriously just bring that subject up now?"

"She just asked me," I replied, confused to his sudden change in mood.

"And you pick now to tell me? You seriously just killed the fucking mood, Edward," Jasper spat out as he jumped to his feet. "I'm going to go shower."

"Jasper, please. I didn't mean to ruin the mood." And I didn't.

Maybe I should have thought more before I opened my mouth and blurted it out, but I didn't. The phone call had come as a surprise, and I hadn't really given much thought to that fact that my parents might actually invite Jasper there on Sunday. I guess somewhere between trying to think about that and how my mum had acted and how to approach Jasper, I hadn't thought that my comment would kill the mood so fast for him.

"Yeah, well, maybe you didn't, but you did."

"Want me to join you?" I asked hopefully.


It wasn't the word that hurt, or how he looked when he said it, it was the way he said it that hurt. There was no feeling, no emotion, no nothing. Just a flat, monotone 'no' that spoke volumes to me and let me know that the matter was now closed and I had successfully ruined it.

The sound of Jasper moving around upstairs, before finally hearing the click of the bathroom door closing, sent a sharp pain through my heart. I wasn't sure what I was meant to do now. Should I run up the stairs and make it up to him? Or, stand here and feel hurt and wounded? My head swam with all of these things and one thought kept coming back over and over again.

He'll leave me.

This had been our first fight since we had gotten back together, and the last time we had fought we broke up. That thought scared me. It scared me that I had pissed Jasper off to such a degree that he would break up with me and I would be left with nothing but a broken heart and the guilt that I messed up, again.

Picking up my sweat pants, I pulled them on slowly and sat down in the chair at the dining room table and just stared at the laptop in front of me. The shower was still running in the bathroom where Jasper currently was and I wondered if those few precious moments we had before that call would be our last.

Jasper was my first serious relationship. Every one before him had never had the impact on my life the way he had done. I felt complete, felt whole, felt found with him, no one else could even come close to what he made me feel. And because of my lack of being in a serious relationship, and the way we had broke up last time, I was scared that this was it.

The thought wouldn't leave me. It kept coming back to me and, the more I thought about it, the more sure I became that this was it. I had ruined our relationship.

Sure, I knew that couples argued and fell out with each other, and I knew they had bad patches and good. I wasn't completely naive when it came to relationships, but how strong were Jasper and I? Had my little mishap caused something to shift between us? Did it cause him to see that I was naive and he shouldn't be in a relationship with me?

My chest suddenly tightened with that realization. I was learning things that I should have learned years ago when I was still at school or just left. Jasper had learned these things then, he knew when the right moment was to mention something, and he knew that you didn't mention them when you were about to have sex.

Folding my arms on the table, I buried my head. It didn't matter how many times I tried not to think about it, it was there. I was playing a man's game but only knew the rules for a boy. Jasper needed someone else in his life, not me and my fuck-ups. It was only a matter of time before he realized that. After all, hadn't Jasper already told me I was a game to him?

"Babe?" Jasper whispered in my ear as his arms wrapped around me. "What's wrong?"

His hold on me tightened as he kissed my neck. Taking a deep breath, I let the smell of him wash over me and invade my senses. The smell of lemon from his shower gel flooded my veins and I broke. I knew I had to walk away from him. Yes, it would kill me, but it was for the best. Jasper wanted to find his birth parents, and he needed someone strong to support him and not a boy who screwed everything up and looked to avoid fucking anywhere unless it was in the bedroom.

"Talk to me, twink," Jasper asked again in my ear, "Edward?"

Pushing back off the table, I pulled out of his hold and moved towards the doorframe to the living room. "I... I can't," was all I mumbled out.

"Can't what? Edward, come here."

"I... I think we should break up," I choked out as my tears fell down my face.

Unable to look at him, I heard him move across the room towards me. Jasper's rough hand was suddenly grabbing my chin and lifting my head up, forcing me to look at him. My eyes locked with his and I came face to face with the anger and pain that was swirling in his eyes.

"What did you just say?" Unable to answer him, I pulled my head away and out of his grasp. "Answer me, Edward," Jasper demanded keeping me pinned to the door. " Edward!"

"I... You... You need someone else, not me," I stumbled out as my chest became tighter and tighter.

"I want you," he spat. "Is this over what happened earlier? Fucking hell, Edward! It was a fight, nothing more."

"It made me see."

"See what?"

"That you need a man, not a boy. That night, you were right about me, about us."

I expected Jasper to blow his lid and lose his temper; I expected him to scream and shout at me; I expected to see the Jasper I had seen that night when he lost his temper. What I didn't expect was Jasper's eyes filling with tears before he moved away from me and pulled out one of the dining room chairs.

"That night will always rule our relationship, won't it? No matter what happens or how much I try and make up for it, it will always go back to that," Jasper sighed and pushed his damp curls off his face. "I don't know what you've been thinking, but I know I need you. I know I want and love you and I had hoped that we could move past it and forget all about it."

"Jasper... I"

"Don't. Just don't."

"Let me explain, please."

"Why? So you can tell me what I want and think?" Jasper sat back on the chair and stretched his legs out while lighting up. "I need you, I want you and as far as I'm concerned I have my man in my life. I need you to be there, by my side while I do this, yet you wanna walk away. Walk away from me when I need you the most."


"Just go, Edward. You've made your mind up, I fucked up everything that night and it cost me. It cost me you." The stack of papers on the table that Jasper had been collecting regarding his birth parents were suddenly scooped up and carried into the kitchen.

Following Jasper, I watched him place them into a bin before throwing the bag on top of the fridge.

"What are you doing with them?"

"There's no point. Get out, Edward, or are you waiting to see me fall apart? Is that what you want? To see me fall apart over you?"

"No! I... I..."

"You what, Edward? Thought because of our little fight I would dump you?" I didn't answer him, instead I looked to the floor. "Thought so. Did it ever fucking occur to you that maybe, just maybe, we would fight and it wouldn't end in me dumping you? I mean, fucking hell, Edward, you have a God damn key. You are living here without it being official, but you thought I would end it all?

"You thought I would throw what we had away over a fight? I may have been pissed at you, but I still fucking love you. Do you think I wanna fight? No! I came home and had some fun with you, fun that I wanted to lead to more and then that fucking call came and you blurted it out as I'm trying to get back in the mood and it pissed me off. It pissed me fucking off, Edward, but I didn't walk away thinking that it's over. I walked away thinking I would shower, change, cool off and come and talk to you, like grown ups.

"But you," he snorted. "You had made your choice while I was in the shower. You had somehow managed to get it into your head that we were over and it all goes back to that night, doesn't it?"

"I just thought..." I started and stopped, realizing that I had no argument with him. "I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what, Edward?" Jasper asked in a rough voice. "Sorry you wanna walk away from me? Sorry you let me back into your life? Sorry that you let me think I had you to lean on?"

"Jasper... I... I don't know," I sighed. There was nothing I could say to make this right, or to excuse the hurt I had just caused Jasper.

"Get out, Edward. Go back to your life and away from me. I should have known that someone like you was way out of my league." Jasper turned his back to me and rested his hands on the black counter top.

His shoulders moved gently, but no sound came from him. How could he honestly think I was out of his league? It was the other way around.

Moving to him, I touched his back softly feeling the heat of skin soaking through the black T-shirt and onto my fingertips. My fingers slowly ran up and down his back, feeling the muscles in his back move and contract to my touch, but he didn't pull away from me like I thought he might. Jasper stayed perfectly still, letting out a shallow whisper of a cry now and then.

"What's wrong with me? " he whispered. "Why does everyone want to run away from me? What did I ever do?" And then it dawned on me what I had done.

During my internal battle, my argument inside my head, I hadn't bothered to think that my words to him would have a deeper impact then I had realized. Telling Jasper he needed someone else, someone stronger by his side, basically told him I was abandoning him, something he battled with daily.

That wasn't what I had wanted to do. In my mind it had made sense to walk away from him and let him find someone else. To me, I felt like I was letting him down and not the other way around. I wanted to be everything he needed me to be and more. It scared me that I wasn't, that my inexperience in relationships would cause me to say the wrong thing at the wrong time when he needed me. Did I want to walk away from him? No. But inside I was insecure that I couldn't be the man he needed.

"Jasper?" He didn't turn to look at me, or even acknowledge that I had said his name. Instead he continued to grip the counter top, turning his knuckles white with the strain. "I got it in my head, and it made sense to me."

"And what about me, huh?" he whispered out. "What about what I want? Or didn't I even come into it?"

"I thought it was the right thing to do," I answered honestly.

"For you or for me?"

"Us both,"

"Then go. Why stay here when you don't want to? I don't want you to be here through guilt or anything else other than you want to be here, with me. But you don't, so go. Not even my parents wanted me, why would the man I love and cherish want me?" Without another word, or even a look at me, Jasper let go of the counter top and walked away.

Standing in the middle of the kitchen, my mind tried to process all of this. It tried to make sense of the fact that I had messed things up so badly between us and in turn, brought about a whole host of issues for Jasper. I never wanted him to think I didn't want him, because I did. I loved that man with everything I had. It may be all girlie and sappy, but I would do anything for him.

Wiping my eyes, I walked into the dining room, seeing Jasper leaning against the open patio doors watching the rain that continued to slam down against the decking. The trails of whitish, grayish smoke filtered up from his fingertips in a swirl. It was a habit that Jasper had fallen back into and the more stressed he got, the more he smoked.

Lifting the smoke to his lips, I watched him take a long pull from it before flicking it out into the rain soaked garden and blowing the smoke out. Jasper sighed deeply before turning to look at me. His eyes, normally alive with love were suddenly flat and cold. They bored into me, freezing me in place while he moved towards me.

My heart was beating wildly in my chest as he moved in, like a hunter after his prey. Never had I actually been scared of Jasper, but right now I wasn't sure if he was about to lie into me or fuck me.

When he was face to face with me, he stood there staring at me, not moving or blinking. The intensity of his stare both scared me and turned me on. My body felt alive with a rush of energy as my heart beat wildly in my chest.

"I. Love. You," he stated, his eyes not softening at all as he spoke.

"Jasper, I.." His fingers touched my lips, silencing me from speaking.

"Don't. You've got the choice, Edward. Stay or go."

Jasper dropped his fingers from my lips and watched me intently. Staring back at him, I tried to work out what he may be thinking, what was going through his mind. Was he scared that I would choose to leave? Was he hoping that I wouldn't move from this spot and give him the answer that I was a sorry bastard for everything I had done tonight?

His face gave nothing away, and neither did his eyes. His whole face was a complete mask of everything he was hiding and not a single thing was seeping through. I wanted one sign from him, something that showed me what he wanted. My mind was already made, I wasn't moving from the spot. I had chosen Jasper and I would spend a long time making up for my mistake tonight.

My eyes flickered to the lube that was still on the floor by his feet. Jasper caught my movement and smirked at me, the only real sign of anything since he moved in front of me. Before I could even respond to his smirk, Jasper's lips were on mine.

His lips crashed hard against mine as his tongue forced its way into my mouth. Jasper's hands gripped into my hair, pulling me closer to him and moving us around so the glass dining table was behind me. There was nothing soft in his movements, all of them were hard and raw, full need and claiming.

My own hands worked their way up and into his hair, with the intent of pulling his golden locks between my fingers, but Jasper stopped me. His hands let go of my hair and wrapped around my wrist, before yanking them away from his hair with a growl.

"No!" Jasper spat at me and spun me around so I was facing the table.

Gripping my shoulders, he pushed me over the table and kicked my legs apart. The thrill of Jasper's dominance raced through my body so fast that I didn't even register him pulling down my sweat pants and pushing two, slicked, lubed fingers inside of me.

"Jasper! Fuck," I cried out as his fingers pumped in and out of me.

"Shut up," he spat.

I had often thought that this type of act, this brutal act of claiming wouldn't turn me on, but with his harsh tone telling me to shut up, I couldn't help but groan out at him.

His fingers were suddenly pulled away from me, and he slammed his cock into me, hard, not stopping until he was all the way in. The familiar burn raced through me as Jasper stretched me. He didn't wait to give me time to adjust to him, instead he pulled nearly all the way out before slamming back into me just as hard as before.

Gripping my hips hard, Jasper began to fuck me hard and fast over the table, not caring if I was in any pain or discomfort. My face was pressed against the glass, with my body beginning to sweat as it rubbed against the table, creating a noise with every hard thrust from Jasper. His grunts filled the room, matching my screams of delight as he slammed against my sweet spot.

"Jasper... Ugh... fuck."

"Shut. The. Fuck. Up!" he half grunted half spat at me. "You... wanna leave? Wanna... decide what's... right... for us?"

"No... fuck, there! Right there!" I screamed out as I tried to grip the now slippery coffee table.

"Don't... you want... me?"

"Yes... yes!" I cried out.

Jasper gripped the back of my hair and pulled me up, putting my back against his chest. Pulling my head to the side, Jasper's other hand wrapped around my hard cock and began stroking me in perfect time with his hard thrusts. The dual sensation was getting to be too much and the coil in my stomach began to tighten.

His hot breath panted on my neck as he continued his brutal attack on me. "Look... at the... body print... on the table! I... caused that."

My eyes dropped down the table, that moments ago he had me bent over, seeing the sweaty outline of where my body had been pressed against. Groaning at the sight of it, Jasper gave my cock a squeeze along with a hard thrust.

"My mark... on you... You're mine!" Jasper suddenly sank his teeth into the curve of my neck and shoulder.

A mixture of pain and pleasure rocketed throughout my body and sent me crashing over the edge. Screaming Jasper's name out loudly into the dining room, I shot my load over his hand and the table.

Every muscle in my body spasmed with my high as he continued to slam into me. Releasing his hold on my neck, he placed a soft gentle kiss there as he came hard inside of me. Only then releasing a soft, muffled cry against my neck as he did.

Breathing hard, my legs turned to jelly. Jasper's arms wrapped around my waist, supporting me from falling as he slowly pulled out of me.

"Mine," he whispered in my ear. "Hands on the table to support yourself. I'll be back in a second."

Jasper went to move his arms away from me, but I grabbed hold of them, keeping him in place. "Please, don't."

"You need to get cleaned up, and we need to talk, Edward," Jasper's voice, his tone as he spoke, stabbed through my heart like a knife.

"I love you," I whispered to him as I looked at his sad face.

Leaning forward he kissed me softly, "I love you, too, babe. Always." He smiled softly at me and the hurt and pain were back in his eyes once more. "I'll be a second, okay?"

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