Hi my name is Renesmee Carlie Cullen my mum gave me my name.

I never meant my mum all I know is that she died because of me.

I don't even know her name no one talks about her they're all depressed.

But the worst person is my father it's been 2years since she died and he has only hunted twice. He only sticks around for me and for that I am great full.

He really loved my mum.

Then theirs my auntie Alice every one tells me she used to shop like crazy but know all she does except for hunting Is sit on the couch with her eyes closed concentrating like she's really looking for something but I don't know how having her eyes closed is going to help. Auntie Alice was my mums best friend but when I ask her want was my mum like she walks up the stairs sits at the top of them and closes her eyes again or vis versa she usually doesn't move for 3 months then goes back to the same spot and just doesn't do anything.