Phoenix Inc. Keeperoliver Chapter 1

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A.N. This is a continuation of my story, Saved By An Act Of Betrayal, in which Harry bonds with his family and friends, pairings become more indepth, and a dynasty is formed. Enjoy the trip.

He walked down the hallway and stopped in front of the door. He took a deep breath and knocked. Hermione opened the door and asked what he wanted. Luna, he wanted Luna.

Luna came to the door, and pulled him into a hug. They stayed that way for a few minutes, and then he pulled away, just a bit to see her face. "Can I talk to you for a while, please?"

"Dobby, you don't have to ask to talk to me. You know I will talk to you when ever you feel the need or want to discuss something. Do you need privacy, or do you want to talk in here?"

"Would you rather talk in here, it is something we need to discuss about our relationship?"

"I have nothing to be embarassed about that my friends should be excluded from our talk. And they know how I feel about you, and you about me. They also know that we must marry within the next 29 days, so there is not much we can talk about that they don't already know."

"Luna, it is for that very same reason, that I want to talk to you. We have not set a date yet, and I know you need time to plan and organize for the event, and another reason I wanted to talk to you, was to give you this."

With that, Dobby pulled out a small blue box, that he handed to Luna. Luna opened the box, and was taken back by it's contents. It was a beautiful deep blue stone that was surrounded by diamonds. She used her wand for lumos, and was surprised when the color of the stone changed to a lavender color. It was the most beautiful ring she had ever seen. When she asked Dobby what the blue stone was, he said it was a fairly new stone discovered in Africa, Tanzania to be exact, thus the gem was called Tanzanite. She was so thrilled with the ring, that she knocked Dobby over when she jumped on him. Then she was getting called by her friends to show them her ring. They were all amazed be the color change and clarity of the stone.

Luna then sat down on her bed and called for Dobby to sit next to her. She asked Dobby how soon he needed an answer, and he said no later than Friday. Seeing as this was Wednesday, she felt that there was plenty of time to decide about a date, but then thought that by delaying it was giving them less time to prepare. "Dobby, I think 3 weeks is enough time to get all the preparations taken care of, so since this the tenth, then the 27th, which is a Saturday, should be set as our wedding date. But, I believe, we will be in Australia at that time. Will that be a problem?"

"Not if you let Harry and I take care of the arrangements. If you take care of the notifications, we will take care of the transportation. Ginny and Hermione can help if they wish to?"

Ginny, Hermione, Susan, and Lisa all said that they would help in any way they could, however, Hermione said that once in Australia, she would be of little use for the first 3-4 days trying to find her parents and give them their memories back. Dobby was at a loss for words. He never felt such love and caring before in his life. Tears were forming in his eyes, and he did not try to stop them. He wanted the girls to know how much he appreciated what they were doing for them. They all joined in and gave Dobby a hug, as if they were one big happy family.

Dobby thanked them all, and excused himself from their presence. He stopped outside their door and thought, I must be the luckiest elf in the world. I have not only become a family member, but it was with one of the most caring families he could ever know. He was in love with the most perfect woman he ever met, and soon to be married. He has made friends with the most amazing people. He is included in everything that goes on. Life was perfect. It was then that Dobby had an idea. He turned around and knocked again on the door. Hermione once again answered it, and called for Luna. Dobby said, "Hermione, this time I wish to speak to you if I may."

"Alright Dobby, alone or with friends?"

Dobby just stepped into the room and asked, "Hermione, I would like you to do something for me, I would like you and Remus to head the Care and Welfare of Magical Creatures in the MoM."

"Me, why me? Why not just Remus. There is no need for two people to head the department?"

"Oh yes there is, Hermione. If you take into account all the intelligent species that will be represented and with the different demands that they will be posting, and to ensure that all other species care does not fall between the cracks in the floor, believe me, you will have more than your hands full."

"I have to think on it Dobby, because you know Harry is planning something big himself, and I am sure he will want me to be involved."

"Hermione, with us going to Australia in two days, and not planning to be back until next month, I don't have much time. I have to let the Minister know Today, so that he can make the necessary arrangements."

"I will talk to Harry this morning and let you know, I am sorry Dobby, but I have a commitment to Harry that is my first priorty. I hope you understand?"

"Oh no Hermione, I don't want you to do this if it interferes with Harry's plans. Harry is my brother, and I owe him for everything that is me right now, and I will do nothing to cause him to change his plans. Please, just forget I asked you."

Lisa asked Dobby why he wanted Hermione for that post, just out of curiosity?

He told because of Hermione's S.P.E.W. movement she started.

Lisa told Dobby that she was a member of that movement and that she had asked Hermione once why she had just wanted elves, why not other creatures. Hermione agreed with Lisa's statement, and said. "I wanted to include other creatures, no make that other species, but I didn't want to take on too much at the time, because of school and the pressure of other students thinking her to be insane for even suggesting such a thought. Plus we still had the threat of the Death Eaters."

Lisa had wondered why she didn't include the other species in her movement, and now that she heard why, she had to agree. She also thought that that was a good starting point for the rest to fall in place.

Dobby considered this and asked Lisa is she would like to fill this position. Lisa's eyes got as big as saucers. She could not believe that Dobby would want her to take on this post. She nodded her head so fast, everyone thought it was going to fall off. They all started to laugh and once again had a group hug. Dobby once again said. "Man, I love this family, and I wouldn't trade it for all the tea in China."

James and Lily, for once were just talking, and thinking about Harry.

They haven't had a chance to sit down and talk to him about his life, school, friends, Petunia, why he has 2 girlfriends, and if he was sorry he brought his parents back. They had wondered about this a ferw times, seeing as how Harry hardly ever talked to them. They knew it was hard for Harry to consider them his parents, as young as they were, but he could at least talk to them about his feelings.

About that time there was a knock on their door. They called for them to come in, and Harry stuck his head in and asked if they were decent. There was a giggle and a laugh and they both said yes.

Harry sat down next to his mother in bed, and asked if they could have a talk. Lily's eyes started to water, and James just smiled. They both said please, and the talk started. Harry talked about his life with the Dursley's, each year in school, his escapades with Ron and Hermione. He talked about his Professors, and how each year there was a different DADA professor because of the curse put on that spot by Voldemort. He talked about the Tri-Wizard Tournament, which they already knew most of it from Cedric. He talked about Ginny and Hermione, and how he would not choose one over the other, because he loved them both very much. If one should choose to be with someone else, he would not stop them, and if both should decide he was not for them, it would hurt him, but he would move on, or least he thought he could.

Lily and James could not believe the things that went on with Harry, and it made them feel all the worse for not being there for him. Harry's life had been one filled with resentment, hate, disbelief and loss. Yet here he was, the best son any one could ever ask for. He was kind, caring, loving ,sharing and forgiving. The water forming in Lily's eyes were now flowing freely down her cheeks. She pulled Harry into a hug that rivaled Mrs. Weasley for that loving feeling.

Harry then sat back, and asked them if they had any questions. James felt he had to ask the question they had been thinking of before Harry came in. It took Harry by surprise, as he thought they had already gone over this.

"Mom, Dad, There is nothing in the world I want more than family. The bigger the better. And it makes it all more special now, because my mother and father are a part of it. Your age is of no matter to me, and if anyone has a problem with it they can just ignore it and move on. I love you both very much, and if I had to do it all over again, I would start at 1 year old and find a way to keep you with me from the start. Please don't ever feel I don't love you because we haven't talked for a while, because that would be so far from the truth. Right now, things are starting to settle down, and we should be able to talk more. And believe me, we have a lot more to talk about."

They asked Harry a few more questions, and then Harry asked them a few, But his were more for the future. He asked if they wanted to go to Australia with him, which they said yes. He then asked the question he had been thinking about for a few days.

"Mom, Dad, would you join me in an enterprise that I have been considering. It involves big money, big ideas and tons of planning. I will need everyone to be a part of this if it is going to work. I plan to call it Phoenix Incorporated and it will involve both muggle and wizard cooperation. I already have some personnel involved and getting it underway, to include Ragnok and Griphook. I included them because, there are no better financial advisors anywhere. If it works, there will be hundreds of jobs for both worlds, and the benefits our business will provide could improve the lives of all. What do you think?"

"Well, we have to do something, and I can't think of anyone I would rather partner with than my own son, and I am sure your mother feels the same way. So yes, we agree to share in this enterprise, and can't wait to get it started."

Remus and Tonks were dressing Teddy getting him ready for the day, when Remus asked Tonks when she was ready to move into their own home. Tonks looked at Remus and told him that at present, since neither of them was working, they either asked to move in with mom and dad, or ask Sirius if they could live here, as neither place they lived before was big enough for them to live said he hated to impose on his friends. He felt like he was taking advantage of them. Tonks just shook her head and told him he worried too much.

They started down for the kitchen and met up with Sirius. Remus asked Sirius if it was ok for him and Tonks to stay with him until they got back on their feet. Sirius looked at them kind of wierd and said No.

Remus looked at Tonks and shrugged his shoulder, and Tonks' anger started to rise. She could not believe how rude Sirius had just been. She could see no call for that reaction. Remus started down the stairs with Teddy, when Sirius asked were he was going. He said he wasn't finished yet.

Now Remus was getting mad. He had no idea why Tonks and he were being treated this way. He turned back to Sirius and looked him right in he eye, wanting to know what else Black had to say.

Sirius looked at them both and said, "For one, I don't think this is the right atmosphere to raise a child. And two, why would you want to live here, when there is a perfectly nice cottage waiting for you in Devonshire?"

"What? We don't know anything about any cottage?"

"Of course you don't, because I just bought it before the Ministry incident. I was planning on Harry and I moving in when I was finally cleared of those stupid charges. It is not necessary now, so it is yours. That is if you want it?"

Remus and Tonks stood there like statues, not knowing what to say. Tonks finally moved to Sirius and hugged him and then slapped him and then hugged him again. Sirius asked what the slap was for and she said that was for being you.

They all laughed, and headed down to the kitchen.

When everyone was done with breakfast, which had to be eaten in the dining room, due to all the people, Harry asked everyone to adjourn to the living room, to be more comfortable, as he had to ask everyone something very important.

When everyone was set, Harry stood up and asked if anyone would join them on their trip to Australia. Narcissa, Draco, Remus, Tonks, Sirius, Dudley, Lisa, and Susan declined, all for the same reason. Money. Except for Sirius, he declined because he had plans and did not want to break them.

Harry looked at them all and said, "OK, let me rephrase that question. Would anyone like an all expense paid trip to Australia compliments of the Founders. This includes airfare lodging and meals. It also includes transportation once we arrive, to any place you want to go. Now, if your plans are for a date with a certain someone, what better way to impress her than with a trip to a foreign country. And Narcissa, I already asked Severus, and he said if you went, he would also like to go. Now, who wants to go to Australia?"

It was now unanimous, They were all going.

"That's better."

"Before we break up, I have one more thing to ask. I have this plan to start a company up that will involve both the muggle and magical world, and I would like every one here to be a part of it. It is my thought that we should call this company Phoenix Incorporated. It is a huge endeavor, and it will take all of us to get it doing. I know that three of you are not going to be able to join, at least not right away, but for those that are interested, the possibilities are outstanding. WWW is already a huge success and are on board. The kickoff for this will be upon our return from down under. Other than Remus, Lisa and Hermione, are you all onboard?"

Remus looked dejected, but it was good compaired to Hermione. She got up and walked out.

Harry explained to Remus that Dobby would fill him in on what he was going to be doing. He then walked out to find Hermione.

He found her in her bedroom, crying, holding her head in her hands. Harry walked up to her, kneeled down and took her hands in his and called her name.

She looked up at him and asked, "Why?'

"Because Dobby already asked you if you would take the job Head of Care and Welfare for Magical Creatures? He told me you turned it down, but it is really what you want to do, isn't it, sweetheart. Please be honest with yourself and with me. You started it with your elf care, and I know that you would feel much better if you were there to see it through to it's crowning achievement, total acceptence of the wizarding world to the species that are specific to the magical world. Please don't be upset with me. I know what you told Dobby, and I appreciate your loyalty to me, but I feel you really would rather see your dreams come to fruition."

"You're right Harry, I would. I am sorry for the way I acted, but I thought you were leaving me out for some unknown reason."

"Well in a way, I was. When Dobby came in asked me if he could ask you if you would take that position, at first I said no, because I would need your amazing abilities to start up my business. He didn't even argue with me. And then I felt I was being thoughtless, as I knew that you were so strong with your commitment with S.P.E.W., that this would be a perfect opportunity for you, and I relented and told Dobby to ask you. When he said you refused his offer to be with me, I knew then that you truely loved me, and I knew that for me to show you how much I loved you, that I had to set aside my needs for your own. You have to do this, for your own personal satisfaction."

Hermione embraced Harry in one of her own Weasley hugs, telling him thank you, for being such a thoughtful, caring person, and that she loved him more than he could imagine.

They then went back down stairs to join the rest of the group.

Ginny went over and hugged Hermione and said she understood what happened and was happy for her. Then Hermione asked Dobby what about Lisa, now that she was back. Dobby said that Remus was the Head of the branch, and that her and Lisa were the assistants. She agreed and everything was all set.

Ginny had told Harry that all the Weasley's had accepted the invitation for the trip, and everything was falling into place. The only hitch to the plan happened tonight, When the full moon was to show it's self.