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Chapter 2 of 2


He was nothing short of a delicacy as he turned to give me a shy little smile, shaking the rain from his hair as he ruffled it through his fingers.

"I can't believe this is all still here…" He murmured, looking around the room with something akin to amused awe. I wasn't exactly sure where it was he'd taken me, but it wasn't the hotel, and it most certainly wasn't his own house. It was dark as he shuffled around the room, seemingly looking for something. He let out a small sound of triumph, as the room was filled with a soft glow. He'd found a kerosene lamp and lit it, before setting it upon a corner table.

"Where are we?" I asked softly, and he turned proud eyes in my direction.

"Technically, this is my house," He replied, "As it was left to me by the owner when they passed on into the stream. No one else in the town knows that but my mum though. In Nibelheim, you can own property given to you through wills from the age of fourteen onwards."

I bit back a small smile as he opened the window and coughed slightly at the cloud of dust that arose. The house had clearly been left untouched for a long time, but by the eager look in his eyes, you'd think that the layer of dust over everything was little more than a spot on the windowsill.

"Do you know what this is?" Cloud gestured, his arms indicating the space around us.

"A… house?" I remarked slowly, not expecting the nod he gave in reply.

"Exactly. So you've lived in one of these, right?"

"Of course."

He gave a nod, before offering a soft smile.

"So… beavers live in rivers, birds live in trees, rabbits live underground," Cloud prompted, "So where is it that humans live?"

I could see what he was trying to do, and I wanted desperately to tell him he was wrong, misguided, misjudging somehow.

"Humans live in houses," I murmured, and he nodded once again.

"Exactly, Sephiroth, humans live in houses. Just like you do," The blonde reassured, as I furrowed my brows slightly.


He shook his head then, taking me by the wrist and leading me another room of the house after taking the lamp from the corner table. The heat around my wrist from his fingers was doing strange things to my body. A part of me wanted to tell him to let go, for fear that he was having too much of an affect over me, calming me in ways that I hadn't thought were possible. Every other part of me, however, begged that that feeling of warmth, that feeling of feeling, would never leave me. Even if he had not offered me those dizzying kisses, so full of sensuality that I wasn't quite yet ready to comprehend, his touch would have done wonders to me.

"Are you alright, General? I hope you don't mind me being so forward sir, but you look a little pale," He'd frowned then, his uniform coated in mud and snow as we clambered into the back of the truck after a stop off at Kalm on a mission several months ago.

"I believe it is the cold, cadet," I nodded reassuringly, and he'd hesitated briefly, leaning forwards in his seat, before pulling back. He did it again, however, this time placing the back of his hand against my head.

"Sorry Sir, but I thought…" He swallowed hard, as I'd held his gaze for a few moments, feeling the cool skin pressing slightly harder against my skin as we jostled over a bump, "I uh, I thought you might have a fever, sir."

"How's he faring then, kiddo?" Zack had asked, and Cloud's hand had snapped back as if bitten.

"Uh, a little warm, Lieutenant," Cloud nodded, "But not too bad."

"He's not used to the snow as much as we are. It takes him a little to adjust," Zack had grinned over from the corner, "It's admittedly kinda nice to know he's not perfect though."

Was that another trait that made me human? That I wasn't perfect after all, like they had intended to create me?

We stopped in a bedroom, and he set the lantern down once again, before gesturing at the room.

"You have a bedroom, right?" He teased, and I gave a small sigh.


"Once again, that means-"

"Cloud, I can see what you're trying to prove here, but," I stopped, my eyes lingering on a photo just behind the blonde's head. He frowned slightly, seemingly in confusion, before following my eyesight. It was of a younger Cloud, perhaps only a few years ago, his eyes bright as he smiled shyly at the camera, his hair blowing slightly to the left, as he held a replica Masamune in his hands. His skin was flushed from apparent embarrassment, as if he'd been caught with the toy when he'd rather not have been. I turned my gaze to focus on the blonde, whose cheeks were as red as they were back when that photograph was taken.

"I, uh, was kind of well liked by the couple that lived here," He smiled sheepishly; "There's photos of me all over the place."

I turned my attention to the dressing table, where there was yet another photo of the blonde, a pale woman with unruly blonde hair standing behind him, her arms hanging over his shoulders to connect at the front, the pair of them smiling softly at the camera, seemingly content to simply be with each other.

"My mum," The blonde explained, "We get along really well. She… makes me smile."

My heart stilled slightly. Only thirty minutes ago, I'd have set this town alight. I'd have taken that smile from Cloud's face, and I'd have had hell trying to get it back for him. I may very well have never been able to. He'd have hated me. I must have let some of my mortification show through, as he placed a gentle hand on my arm and furrowed his brows slightly.


"How can I not be a monster, when all of this... hate… could have done something horrible?" I asked, and he shook his head.

"It didn't though. You stopped yourself from doing anything bad. Your conscience is what saved Nibelheim," Cloud said firmly, "You're human morality is what saved Nibelheim. Something within you told you it wasn't the right thing to do as a person as a human being."

I gave a small nod, turning my attentions back to him, as he looked up with open, trusting eyes.

"Think of what it was that stopped you," He nodded reassuringly, albeit a little nervously, as my gaze lingered, "Because whatever stopped you is the exact reason you're human."

I thought back, and it was easy. It was always there, plain in sight, latching on to me with bright, sky blue eyes…

"You, Cloud," I murmured, as his lips parted slightly in surprise, an all too tempting sight.


"You, Cloud," I repeated, dragging a gloved thumb across his lower lip, "You are what makes me human."

I barely registered the sharp exhale of air from his lips, before I locked onto his mouth with my own. My fingers slid up into his hair and pulled his lips closer to me, as my tongue gently sought entrance into his mouth. He gave it willingly, accepting it like every other fiber of my being that he had so far: Unconditionally. My other arm encircled his waist, pulling him against me, as his arms wrapped around my torso and clutched at my back, his breath coming in short and almost needy pants. I broke from the kiss, my lips brushing along his as I held his gaze and murmured to him.

"I want you to be mine," I said huskily, my own desire surprising even myself. His eyes flashed slightly, and seemingly glossed with a light sheen of possible tears.

"I always have been," He whispered shakily, as I lifted him by his waist, his legs wrapping around me and aiding him to meet my mouth with an increased vigor, a soft moan escaping as he did so. We fell back upon the bed in frenzied desire, as I hovered above him, pressing kisses along his lips, his cheeks, his chin… Wherever my lips could touch, I tasted, and still it was not enough. I wanted everything of Cloud. I wanted those smiles to be special for me, wanted his eyes to light up when he looked my way. I wanted his fingers to thread through my hair like he did when he'd first kissed me, and I wanted nobody else on the entire planet to have that. He had to be mine and mine alone. I trailed a thumb over those lightly swollen lips, and he surprised me, as teeth clenched down on the tip of my glove and began to pull it from my fingers. I watched then, as he took my hand in both of his and pressed it to his heated cheek, his eyes clenching shut briefly, blinking back tears. I paused, and his eyes snapped open, offering a shaky smile within them, as his lips did the same.

"They're good tears," He reassured, placing a kiss against my fingertips, before I lowered my lips to his throat.

I pressed my mouth against his pulse, and relished in the quickened beat thrumming through his entire body. He wanted me; for what I was. I gently grazed my teeth along the heated skin, almost tempted to bite down and sample the pure energy coursing through him, my own desires for such life almost overwhelming me. My tongue trailed along his jugular instead, and I moved my lips to the dip between his neck and his shoulder, before sucking on the skin. It drew a mark to the surface and a shaky moan from Cloud's lips. Despite primal urges demanding I tear the blonde's shirt from his skin, my fingers worked nimbly to pull it over his head, as he shuddered slightly. At first, I presumed it was the cold, before I trailed my fingers along now bare skin, and he did it again. It was pleasure from my touch that was causing such a response. The thrill was exquisite, as I trailed kisses across the pale expanse of gradually forming chest and abdominal muscles, my lips pressing against the hem of his pants as his hands clutched at my forearms, his breath coming out in a shaky exhale. I could feel his arousal, almost smell it in the air, as my fingers deftly undid his slacks and lowered them over his legs, his briefs following shortly after. I let my gaze roam over his erection, well aware that he had this from me. Cloud was aroused by my attentions. My breath caught slightly, before I placed a hesitant kiss against the leaking tip, tasting salt against my tongue. I then lowered my head over him, taking him flush into my mouth in one swoop of my lips.

"G-Gaia," The blonde stammered, before his head fell back, his eyes clenching shut at the action, and his fingernails digging into my arms. He writhed beneath me, as my tongue continued to trail patterns along his aching length, his erection throbbing in my mouth as I did so. I let out a satisfied moan despite myself, and Cloud shuddered at the action, one of his hands slipping into my hair to clutch at silver locks and tug slightly. I felt desire burn through me at the action, and allowed another few moans, as Cloud's moans grew in intensity. I bobbed a few times more, my tongue dragging along his flesh with a hunger for his release. After only moments more, he granted me the taste I so desired, my name escaping his lips in a breathless cry.

His hands stroked through my hair then, as I swallowed every drop of his release, before one hand pulled me to his lips, as he delved his tongue into my mouth to meet my own. I stilled in pleasure then, as his wandering hand found its way into my pants and teased at my own aching need.

"I need… to claim you," I murmured, and he let out another groan, his hand squeezing my aching length and drawing a similar response from my own mouth, before he wriggled his pants off and began working on undoing mine. He slid them down my legs and pulled me towards him, taking my ungloved hand once again and placing three fingers in his mouth, his tongue mimicking the actions of mine only moments ago. I watched with growing fascination, a flush creeping along his cheeks, as he let out slightly labored breaths, his arousal growing rapidly once again. After a few moments, he removed the fingers from his mouth and placed kisses against them, before sliding them down his body to his entrance. I took the suggestion, and eased a finger in, feeling him clench around it in the process. He looked clearly uncomfortable, and when I withdrew the finger and didn't place it back, he shook his head.

"I need it… stretched first," He explained softly, his cheeks flaring in apparent embarrassment. I nodded in understanding, sliding up his body in order to place a distracting kiss against his parted lips, before gently easing the finger in once again. He gave a soft sigh of discomfort, before easing into the motion. When his body eased its stronghold, I eased in another, and he moaned slightly. Initially, it seemed pained, but it turned to a guttural sound of pleasure near the end. Several moments later, His entire body shuddered, as my fingers pressed against a knot of flesh.

"Ah!" He gasped, his body tightening slightly, before he let out another low moan, encouraging me to repeat the action. Bright eyes flashed open and he cried out softly, before nodding at me.

"Take me… now…" He breathed, and I complied, pulling my fingers to line my own leaking erection against his body. He tensed once again as I gradually entered, but he let out a tight groan as I filled him entirely. He gripped my forearms again, his teeth clenched as he tried to relax his body.

I released a gasp of air that I hadn't realised I'd been holding in, as his body gripped at me with an intense heat, the sensation delicious in every sense of the word. He then gave a small nod, pulling back from my erection, to lower himself back on it moments later. I let out a low groan, and he made one in return. Gradually, we began to set a pace, as our bodies connected in heated desire and shared affection. I'd found that knot in his body once again, and relished in the soft gasps and startled moans spilling from his lips with every nudge against it I offered. He hissed as my hand reached between us and grasped at his throbbing erection once again, and he writhed slightly as I also lowered my mouth to drink from his own. I stroked his length at the same pace as my own length slid in and out of him, the blonde letting out a guttural moan against my mouth as I did so. This surely was perfection, as his sweat soaked body slid along the equally slicked skin of my own, his own fingers joining mine in the exploration of his body, as his free hand dragged slight fingernails along my chest and abdomen. My pace increased, feeling the coils of pleasure quickly building in my stomach with each gripping tug of his body on my own. He was gasping my name at a steady rate, as if in tune with each pound of his heart and I knew then that the life he had coursing through him was a part of my own, our bodies intertwined and in tune. Each time I stroked the inside of him with an eerily familiar ease, his lips would part in our kiss, the sloppy exchange of mouths abruptly abandoned in favour of moans and groans, accompanied by the slapping of skin against skin. Midgar's finest orchestra could not have sounded more beautiful. His moans grew louder, and his body clenched tighter around me, before he roared my name into the night, his hands scrabbling at my body as he released himself into my hand. My thrusting continued, and in an effort to stifle his moans, his teeth latched onto my neck and bit down. The pleasure mingling with the surprise pain tore my own release from me, filling the blonde with my seed, as his name spilled from my lips in a guttural moan. I fell on top of him, as his tongue laved apologetically at my wound, his lips kissing softly in an attempt to ease any pain. Yes, he was the reason I was human, and he would remain that way for the rest of our lives.

The blonde let out a large sigh, as I rolled over and out of his body, before he wriggled under the covers and pulled them over my own body, his naked form pressing against my half clothed body, as he pressed a series of gentle kisses against my partially exposed chest.

"Sephiroth," He murmured, as I turned my gaze to meet his.


"Do you… love me?" He asked, as I held his gaze with intent seriousness. I had not expected such a question, but it made sense to answer it regardless. He'd awoken sense in me, feelings in me, thoughts within me that felt entirely too familiar, and yet, entirely comfortable just the same. There was a part of me I was yet to understand, but Cloud was revealing me to myself in leaps and bounds, and it wasn't likely to remain hidden for long. He looked up at me, worrying his lip slightly, as if in concern he had said something wrong, and I brushed some of the hair from his eyes.

"I… think so, yes," I nodded, and his cheeks flared against my chest.

"I love you," He murmured simply, "And I think that maybe I might be able to help you love yourself like I do."

The last sentence was almost a whisper, as he chanced gazing up at me with those beautiful blue eyes. There was so much beauty on a single being that simply looking at him had me almost overwhelmed.

"I think you can," I nodded sincerely, and he gave a small nod and nuzzled closer to my warmed skin.

Anything I'd said, or done, or acted upon in my past was nothing now. With Cloud pressed against me, the rain continuing to fall outside, nothing else had ever mattered or would ever matter again. I felt unlike I had before; like this moment of simplicity shared with the blonde offered an epiphany of sorts before me. If I were truly a monster, would I have been able to love? Would I have been able to fear loss, as I did with Cloud? Would I have ever been able to touch such flawless skin with anything but anger? It didn't matter, however, whether I was human, or a monster, or any other questionable existence I'd so recently feared.

If a blessing like Cloud could come to love a monster, then perhaps I could too.


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