The Long Wait

Chapter 2

After my business with Escalus I made my way to the ruins of the Montague Palace. What was once a beautiful palace that represented a man's greed and ferocity was now a mass of stone. In the center was the other Escalus tree as proud as the other if not more.

In front stood a memorial to both Romeo and Juliet, and standing in front of it was none other than Romeo's former fiancée, Hermione. She was crying a little and I saw her place a small bouquet of irises beside it. Romeo's favorite flower was irises.

"Hello Hermione," I said calmly. She turned around slowly and looked at me sternly.

"Hello Tybalt," she said as if I had killed them. She then turned back to the stone. I knelt down to her right, said my bit, and left a red and white rose there. I turned back to my dragonstead to go back to what was left of our family. Then Hermione grabbed me and embraced me tightly. "I miss them so much," she said into my chest, "They were so forgiving, and kind; and I don't understand why that horrible woman would take them away from us." Oh how I wish I could have told her what I had done, I was getting a horrible pain in both my head and my stomach.

"Hermione," I said as she looked up at me with bloodshot eyes, "I miss them too; he was the brother I truly wished I had grown up with. And she was something that is only in dreams." I rested my head on hers while she continued to hug my chest. "Would you like…would you like me to, take you back to your home?"

"Yes," she responded looking up at me, "I would." I didn't know what I was doing, I barely even knew the poor girl. Anyways, I helped her get on my stead as I climbed on behind her. With one sudden move we were both rocketed into the sky. "Oh my lord," she said holding onto my stead.

"Don't worry," I said in an assuring way, "I won't let you fall, I promise."

"Thank you," she said as we continued to look over the city. After a while, we landed at an estate near the center of Neo Verona. "Thank you very much Tybalt." She said as I helped her down. "I'd like to see you again. Someday…" She said.

"I would be honored." I said. As she entered her house, and closed the door behind her. Why did I want to see her again? She was very beautiful yes, but, why did I feel the need to call upon her residence again? I walked away slowly my dragonstead following close behind.

I went back to my house and fell upon my bed. Is she the stuff of dreams? I made up my mind to see her again, maybe tomorrow.