A/N: Hello, I'm Knoto, back again with another fan fiction. This time however will be different. Why? Simple, I have decided I want to be a professional author and write for a living. Here in lies the issue with which I hope you will help me correct: I am NOT an author even near the standards to be able to publish a really great original piece of work. I lack the skills to even begin to attempt that endeavor.

What I wish is that the readers here on Fan will help me in my quest. I know most of us on this site only review if they REALLY like something and don't even bother with a review of criticism unless they wish to flame. While at first this was all well and good, I had found this to be a hobby and nothing more; a simple way to release the stress of the day. Now though, I love to sit and write for hours on end, but even with the drive and now the motivation to want to achieve that goal as I am, I still lack the finer qualities of a pro writer.

This mission is simple; I want YOU the readers of this fan fiction to mold me into what it takes. If you want to flame, go ahead and flame me up the deep end telling me I've done it wrong. If you want to tell me you like it, that's fine as well. I know not everyone will like my work, but I hope I can make a fan fiction worth your time and effort. The goal in the end of all of this is to learn what I need in order to finally spread my wings write my own pieces of great work that will inspire the minds of people everywhere.

I will edit each chapter multiple times before going onto the next, so I hope you will aid me each time, telling me what needs improvement. I will also be testing myself by adhering to strict guidelines of when I update the fiction. If you seek to help me in my wish then all you need to do is tell me what you actually think. I will edit each chapter multiple times and use this note to tell you what I've added, changed, or taken out entirely.

The reason I'm going to use a new fiction entirely too really test my skills is because while I really love the TSK series, it lacks the true skills needed in the pro world. That truth hold even more merit judging by the logic that it was my first long ended idea I ever came up with. That's why I've come up with a new plot to work with for this fiction.

I hope to see your reviews, what ever they may be.