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The 'Shadow Game' was torture.

Not figurative torture. No, it was real, agonizing torture.

And Jazz could still feel the pain of playing the 'Shadow Game'. The black and white saboteur had been captured, he knew that, but he didn't know for how long. He remembered, from early on, that he had been put in a cell in the Decpticon base, and then been forced to play the 'Shadow Game'.

It wasn't a game.

To play the 'Shadow Game', they had slashed his optics, after forcing his visor off; killed his audio receptors; placed stasis cuffs on his wrists; and finally, shot out his ankle joints. He was basically helpless, and that is what the Decpticons wanted. Then they began the game.

Jazz could still feel the pain in his servos, pedes, and everywhere else on his frame from the gun shots and beatings. So now, the TIC was sitting in a cell, virtually blind and deaf and bleeding. While sitting in perpetual darkness, Jazz couldn't hear the cell door being opened and somebot walk in. Then, rudely and crudely, the Decpticon picked Jazz up by the shoulders and forced him to stand by himself. A pained cry escaped his vocalizer, and he instantly fell to his knees. Regardless that he couldn't see or hear, Jazz knew deep in his spark that the 'Con was laughing. They got their sick pleasure from seeing other bots in pain. Again, Jazz was roughly grabbed by his shoulders, but this time the Decpticon just dragged him out.


Jazz felt the floor hit against his frame. Then the door was shut, he felt the vibrations through the floor. Once he deemed it safe, or close to thereof, he slowly managed to sit up.

Jazz could hear again, but just barely. His tormentors thought it would be hilarious, while they played the 'Shadow Game', to taunt him. They told him that his allies weren't coming, they didn't care, and he was just worthless scrap. All he knew to be false. His friends did care, and he knew they were planning a way to get him back.

Prowler is probably not even recharging…

The SIC was probably worried about him. Prowl and himself became close since the awakening on Earth. At first, it was because Prowl needed Jazz's expertise on Earth customs, language, and culture. Then Jazz spent some more time with Prowl, be it working or relaxing.

Back on Cybertron, Jazz didn't spend a whole lot of time around Prowl, because the saboteur had other friends and because he hadn't given the tactician a chance. But now, they were becoming friends, sort-of.

Then a voice in Jazz's processor spoke up, But what if they aren't…maybe the 'Cons are right…

Jazz slowly shook his injured helm and then reassured himself, No…they're comin'…they wouldn't leave ma here… Then the door opened again, and Jazz tensed.

"Here" came a gruff voice of an unknown Decpticon, and then something hit Jazz's pede. The door was shut once again. Slowly, the black and white mech reached down and picked the object up. It was a cube of Energon, he hoped. Some of the liquid had spilt out, but that didn't matter. He brought the cube to his lips and drank. It was awful. As the liquid went down, Jazz cringed at the bad tasting Energon. It was the poorest quality Energon, that was still drinkable, ever, but Jazz still continue to drink it, needing the fuel. After he was finished, he threw the empty cube away, and laid down on his side. He fell quietly into recharge, trying to get some energy. His energy levels were low, but he knew he must be strong. Be strong for his friends, for the Autobots, and for Prowl.

Jazz powered up his systems just as two Decpticons walked in. Each one grabbed one of his shoulders and hoisted him up. They then began dragging him out of the cell and into the hall.

Later On…

Jazz was roughly thrown once back again into the cell after another session of the 'Shadow Game', but he Decpticons had done something different. They had fix his optics, just enough so that he could barely see, though he still didn't have his visor. But unfortunately now, they had slashed his vocalizer.

Slowly, the saboteur sat up against the far wall. Then Jazz reached up and felt his damaged neck. He winced in pain. The black and white mech then let his servo fall back to his side, and he just sat there in silence, reflecting on his thoughts.

It felt like an eternity being at the Decpticon base.

Where are my friends?

Then the inner voice of doubt came back, See…they aren't coming back…they don't care about you…

No… The black and white saboteur bowed his head, and optic fluids threatened to leak out.


Jazz's helm shot up when he heard something in the dark cell. It had come from the left corner.


Another rustling sound came again, but this time it was closer. Panic racked through Jazz's frame, and he tried to push the wall back, but it was in vain as the rustle came from next to Jazz.

"Jazz" came the voice the saboteur had not expected.

'Prowl?' the TIC mouthed. There was click, and soon the form of the SIC appeared, kneeling next to him. Jazz's optics grew, and he reached up to touch Prowl's arm, to see if he was real. He was. 'Prowl!' he mouthed again, and the other bot nodded. 'How?'

Prowl replied in a hushed voice, "Mirage was injured, and I, beside him, you, and Ratchet, know how to work the Electron Disruptor. So I opted to come…" Jazz looked down and then up with a smile on his dental plates.

'Thank you!'

Prowl smiled back and replied, "Don't worry." He then turned to glance at the door and back, "But I still need to get you out of here." Jazz nodded. Prowl reached down and delicately removed the stasis cuffs. Once they were off, Jazz rubbed wrists. If felt a little better with the stasis cuffs off. Then Prowl un-subspaced a small medical kit and began to patch up Jazz's ankles. While he was working, Prowl glanced up at Jazz, who met his gaze.

The saboteur then mouthed, 'Hurry!' The tactician nodded and continued to work, bringing his optics back down to Jazz's pedes. Jazz shuttered his optics off and let a sigh of relief flow through him.

See…Prowl came to get me out…

The voice of doubt was quiet.

Then Jazz heard Prowl say, "Done." Jazz powered his optics up, and Prowl got up. The tactician held out a servo and said, "Need some help up?" Jazz smirked and nodded. The black and white TIC reached up and gripped the servo, and once that happened, Prowl slowly pulled back. Jazz then slowly stumbled up and once on his newly repaired pedes. Prowl then slung Jazz servo around his neck. Then the SIC clicked a button on his chest plate, and both black and white mechs became invisible. "Stay close to me." Jazz wanted to say that he never wanted to let go, but decided on just nodding. Prowl, still supporting Jazz, ambled over to the door and opened it. They stepped out the cell and into the deserted hallway. Both Autobot officers looked left and then right. "I came from the right, so let's head back down that way." Jazz nodded his helm in agreement. Then both invisible mechs headed down the hallway. Once they rounded a corner, Jazz felt himself pulled up against Prowl. The saboteur's back was up against Prowl's chasis. He couldn't ask why, but the answer revealed itself soon enough.

The Seekers, minus Starscream, and the Coneheads came running around the corner that they had just come from.

Why didn't I hear them…oh right…my audio receptors are still damaged…

Prowl had his servos around the top part of Jazz's chest and resting on the saboteur's shoulders, and Jazz could feel Prowl's spark beat in the tactician's spark chamber.

'Chill out Prowl' was what Jazz thought of and wanted to say to the other mech. More Decpticons came from where the cell was at, running pass them and yelling. Both of them waited, and Jazz could feel the heat off of Prowl's spark. The saboteur shuttered his optics off and rested in the warmth. He felt happy there, in Prowl's arms.

"Jazz, let's move" came Prowl's voice next to Jazz's audio receptors. Soon, the black and white TIC onlined his optics and glanced both ways.

No 'Cons.

Jazz nodded, and soon the two began down the hallway once more. Jazz put his servo once again around Prowl's neck and hobbled next to the SIC.

Later On…

After weaving in and out of the hallways of the Decpticon base, the two Officers made it to the main base room. They saw a fuming Megatron, Soundwave, and Starscream. Prowl lead Jazz to a corner so that they could wait and watch.

"How could that Autobrat escape?!" roared Megatron.

"I don't know Mighty Megaton, maybe your security lack the 'secure' part?" Starscream replied, earning him both a glare and a growl. Soundwave, on the other, had said nothing, to what Prowl and Jazz could see and hear, but they didn't notice him carefully scanning the room.

"Lord Megatron," the Decpticon Communication Officer finally stated, "I've found the Autobot and his rescuer." Both Jazz's and Prowl's sparks froze. Both Decpticon leader and Air Commander then looked over at the royal blue mech.

"Where Soundwave?" The said mech then pointed to the corner where the two invisible mechs stood. Their optics grew, and Prowl, as well as Jazz, tightened their grip on each other. Then Starscream fired a shot at them. The last thing Jazz was the Seeker's smirking faceplates, and Prowl's worried faceplate.

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