Love And Loss

By bk00

We cannot lose those we've loved

Whereas we can still love the ones lost.

Love and loss are one in the same

Two differing emotions, sharing the same bond through different links

Links where promises are made, love it kept deep within, and the feelings of envy and

Betrayal are true to the word, hidden, and shown

With similar, yet differing links where one tries to find out who they are as well as why,

Another tries to rekindle a lost friendship, and the last finds that who they are isn't who they were before

These links allow people to follow their own path, whether they're heading toward the

Light, shrouded in darkness, or maybe somewhere in between

Love and loss, the light and the dark-one in the same, yet completely different

It is up to you to decide which one you're looking for

This bond is made for all to remember that love and loss helps us follow the road that is

Meant for us, no matter how far or how short it is

And how that we are all connected through a chain of memories

Even though sometimes the memories that matter the most,

Are the ones we tend to forget the most, we always remember that

Every kingdom has its keys and every heart beats as one