"Quick, Bella! Go!" I urged, pulling her by the arm.

Her cheeks shone with tears under the moonlight. She held my hand tightly, as the wind whipped through our hair. Above us, the thunder growled menacingly as lighting flashed across the horizon. There was fear reflected in her eyes. Yet, amidst all that guilt, there was happiness shining in them.

"How about you? What will happen?" She demanded tearfully. "Will you be punished?"

I shook my head. "I don't know what will happen. But you have to run now. Before it's too late!"

Icy raindrops started to fall. They hit my skin like knives. The clouds surrounding the palace glowed brighter than the rest.

"Go, Bella! Go, and never return." I pushed her forwards.

She started to sob. "Thank you! Thank you!"

The thunder exploded in anger. Bella's hand slipped from mine, and she ran down the steps, her white dress billowing after her. I watched as she stopped in her tracks, and turned to wave.

Silently, with tears falling, I beckoned her to run. She clutched her chest, crying as she jumped into the dark, mysterious land below. Breathing heavily, I turned back, and climbed up the water-filled stairs.

The huge, wooden doors opened, and my handmaiden rushed to my side, wrapping a large, warm towel around me.

"My lady, you are pregnant! You shouldn't be out in the rain!" She said disapprovingly.

I held her arm, and she gasped at the iciness of it. "Please do not let anyone know about tonight, Grace. Please."

She nodded, her head bobbing up and down. "You can trust me."

I nodded, feeling the air tighten around me. For awhile, I closed my eyes, steadying my breaths.

"My lady, you look so pale," She whispered, touching my forehead.

The grand hall around me started to spin rapidly. I rubbed my temples, trying to think straight. I could feel Grace's arms around me, her soft brown hair brushing against my skin.

"Here, my lady," I heard her say. She tipped a bottle of liquid into my mouth. "This should help your baby calm down."

It worked. The hall stopped spinning, and came to a stop slowly, like a merry-go-round. I stood up slowly, putting a hand on my protruding stomach.

"Feel better?" She asked.

"Yes. Thank you, Grace. I will join the council now."

She nodded, and excused herself.

From a distance, I could hear the roar of the thunder as I made my way into the large throne room. When the doors opened, everybody turned to look at me.

"So," Aro said in a loud, clear voice. "You let her get away."

The council was seated in a circle, around the Water of Truth. Both Carlisle and Aro were standing, while Esme remained seated, watching her husband carefully. Alice's huge brown eyes were fixed upon mine. She nodded once, approving of my actions. Jasper remained rooted, confused. Emmett came to stand next to me, taking my hand.

"Yes," I replied.

Aro nodded, his wings glowing bright red - a sign of anger and fury.

"You do know that we are angels, Rosalie," He paced around the room, jaw clenching. "In this world, we dominate the sky. The land beneath belongs to the humans. And right below, where raw fire burns, are where demons thrive."

I nodded.

"So," He continued. "I am to assume, that you let our dearest Bella - an angel - run off with some..."

"Demon." I finished.

He looked at me sharply. "Yes. I'm glad you know who she took off with."

I could feel my wings flutter nervously behind me.

"You know that you're in the wrong?" Carlisle folded his arms.

"It is not wrong to let her go with a man she loves."

Aro laughed, echoing through the hollow walls. "Man? That must be quite an understatement."

"He may be a demon. But to Bella, he is a man whom she loves so much."

I heard him snort quietly.

"You can't keep her away from him," Alice interjected, her voice high and shiny.

"You have seen how much she had suffered when we locked her away," Emmett added. "She can't live without him. Just like how we can never live without the sun. She needs him."

Aro raised his eyebrow, uninterested. "Name of that...demon?"

"Edward," I answered.

"Ah. Well, Carlisle, what do you say we do now?"

Carlisle shook his head. "She is no longer one of us now."

A slight hint of relief shone in Aro's eyes. He pursed his lips, and looked at me, shrugging.

I could feel my body crumpling. Emmett held me with both arms. Esme looked at Carlisle, unbelieving. Jasper and Alice stared at Bella's empty seat around the council's formation. The rest of the angels mumured quietly.

"You can't do that," I said fiercely. "You can't banish her."

Carlisle shot me a look of disapproval. "The moment you let her go, it started to rain. Even nature wouldn't give its blessings to them. So why should we? She defied the law, met and fell in love with a demon, thinking that we wouldn't know."

"The law can be altered." Esme said quietly.

This time, Carlisle's wings turned red like Aro's. "She is lucky to be banished!" He bellowed. "I should have no such corrupted angel in my presence! She has asked for it, so don't look at me as if I am the one in wrong."

"She has been with us for hundreds of years! We cannot - " Alice started.

"She broke the law!" Aro cut in.

"She had no control of her feelings. One can never expect the unexpected. She - " Emmett protested.

"She knows what she's doing!" Jasper shouted.

"Don't shout at your father, Jasper!" Esme shot back.

"You can't kick her out!"

"As I said!" Aro roared in frustration. "She broke the law!"

"Take into the account that she has brightened out lives!"

"That is no excuse! We either banish her, or take her soul away!"

"You can't do that!"

The continuous shouting rang in my head. Everybody was standing up now. Alice - tears in her eyes - screaming. Jasper's fists were clenched with anger. Emmett had left my side to intervene. Esme was hurt, I could tell. Both Aro and Carlisle were raising their voices. The rest of the members supported the banishing of Bella.

It was de javu. For a sickening moment, everything whirled around me, as if I was being tossed and turned in the middle of giant tidal waves. I staggered back, breathing heavily. My baby kicked in protest.

Watching the rain from the window, I fell back, darkness washing through me.


A cool hand was on my cheek.


I frowned, and forced my eyes open, taking in the brightness of my surroundings. Emmett was sitting by me, his eyes fierce with worry. He kept one hand on my stomach, while the other supported me as I got up.

The clouds danced past us, some solidifying, and transforming into a soft pillow for me to lean on.

Alice and Jasper were by the side, whispering quietly.

"What happened?" I asked.

Emmett kissed my forehead, stroking my cheek. "Our baby had a little scare. The Healers have warned - you must rest when you are tired."

My eyes trailed around. The sun was bright, shimmering as beautiful white doves flew past. Emmett's curls glimmered, and he looked at me, gently rubbing my stomach.

"How are you feeling?" He asked.

I said nothing, but wound my arms around his neck. "What's going to happen to Bella?" I asked.

He shook his head. "I don't know."