Just because your parents don't love you the way you want them to doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.

The author.

The cemetery was quiet, peaceful.

Rays of sunlight penetrated through the lush green leaves. It was morning, when dew like crystals rested upon the field of grass. A young girl, fifteen, waded through. With every step she took, nature seemed to dance with her.

Her bronze ringlets flowed down her shoulders and curled like a spiral cord. The almond-shaped eyes were the colour of hazel. She picked up a fallen carnation from the ground and placed it before her nose. Her lips, full and pink, stretched into a beautiful smile.

She walked to the far end of the boundary, where two gravestones sat, undisturbed. She bend down slowly, placing the sunflowers in between them.

"Hey Dad, Mum," She greeted casually, as if they were truly there, listening to her. "I just turned fifteen yesterday. Grand Aunt Sulpicia threw me a party. She invited my friends. They were pretty amazed by her decorations and food.

"I really wished you could have been there. We had so much fun."

She leaned in closer, smiling. "And guess what? Jacob came too."

Her cheeks began to glow pinkish immediately, and she smiled, embarrassed. "He enjoyed himself. I could tell."

She sat down and lay herself slowly onto the comforting grass beneath. "I wish you were here. Both of you. Sometimes, I can feel people talking about me - that I have no parents and stuff like that. But it's not true. You are real."

A sparrow flew down and hopped towards her. She held out a finger, and stroked its soft hair. She smiled again, and the whole world seemed to sigh in contentment. The daughter of an Angel and Demon - it was a fact that she did not know herself.

"I just got lonely at home. Jane and Alec were studying from their book of spells. Grand Aunt Sulpicia was busy with her beauty palour. It's the weekend and all my friends are having family gatherings."

She lay there, looking at the clear blue sky, watching in amazement when the white, fluffy clouds formed different shapes on its own. She imagined herself sitting on them, soft and warm, like a huge cotton bed.

Her lips were twisted into a wry smile. "I'll probably drop by Jake's for awhile. I'll come by again later. I need to finish my homework now."

She sat up, dusting the grass away from her jeans.

"See you, Mummy and Dad. I hope you like the flowers!"

As she walked, she turned, looking at the gravestones once again.

"I love you." She said softly.

"We love you too."

It was a soft, loving voice that spoke to her when she slept. A loving voice of a mother, echoing her father's words.

"We love you so much, Renesmee."

Her heart fluttered with joy as she danced back home, knowing that, somewhere in the universe, her parents love her, and they always will.

~The End~