A/N: Welcome to my Rogue Galaxy Fanfic! I'm not sure if there's gonna be a chapter 2, truthfully, but… I hope everyone enjoys chapter 1, at least!

Three Baphus walked down the sandy, stone street, cackling and making the other strange noises they make. But suddenly, there was a flash of black, and all that was left was a pile of bones, slowly disappearing with a flash of yellow light. I looked down at the pile of disappearing bones, satisfied with my job. Although the other members of Dorgengoa's crew and I had destroyed Mother, and thus the source of all Rune three years ago, Rune still existed in the galaxy, and it was up to me to continue destroying it. My 'Desert Claw' clothes swaying silently in the wind, I replaced my sword, the Dorgensaber, onto my back. The necklace I wore around my neck was nothing other than the rare item, the Shiska's Necklace. When I had parted ways with Dorgengoa, I had kept the necklace and the Annals of Hades, which I now kept strapped onto my waist.

"Desert Star!" A voice called down from the streets. I looked down to see a man looking up at me. "I am in need of your assistance!"

I jumped down and landed solidly on the grey stone road.

"What is it?" I asked, eyeing the older man.

His skin was pale, a little too pale to have lived on Rosa, and his clothes hinted that he lived on a different planet, too.

"My name is Damien, from the planet Vedan. I've come to Rosa because my brother's getting married in a few hours. But I think some monsters are planning to invade the wedding."

"And what makes you say that?"

Damien gulped and held up a pale blue sword. It was beautifully made, with the blade curving slightly.

"This sword once belonged to my cousin. He left to go get a wedding cake. But his sword was all that returned. I just want you to protect us during my brother's wedding."

I nodded and said, "Alright, Damien. I'll bodyguard your wedding for you."

Relief crossed Damien's face.

"Oh, thank you, Desert Star. Come to the church in two hours."

I nodded and jumped up, landing on the rooftop I had been standing upon moments ago, and dashed away.


A few hours later, I entered the church, still dressed in my father's old outfit. I glanced around the church. A priest stood at the front next to the groom. The groom had dark skin and was wearing the ceremonial wedding robes that were custom on Rosa. Guests sat in altars around the big room. I silently walked to the corner of the room and stood in the shadows, leaning against the wall. The ceremony didn't last long. In fact, as soon as the bride stepped through the doors, the room started to shake, as if an earthquake were starting up. A loud screech filled the air and something crashed through the wall of the church. This creature was my size, and it looked at me through a white and black mask. Seeing him caused fear to strike through my heart.

"So… we meet again, Jaster."

I narrowed my eyes and said, "Seed."

Seed chuckled and said, "Not quite, my little friend. Seed no longer exists."

"Then… who are you?"

"My name is Seed II. I was created by Valkog to destroy you, the one who found Eden."

"Valkog? Valkog's dead."

I couldn't see Seed II's expression under that mask.

"Is he?"

I raised my blade in defense and said, "Well, then, c'mon, Seed II."

Seed II chuckled and said, "Indeed."

He was suddenly standing an inch away from me, and I barely managed to raise my curved purple blade in defense before colliding with the sharp, black steel of Seed II's sword. When our swords connected, I felt ice cold, as if I were freezing from the inside out. I shuddered and struck with as much speed as I could muster, but somehow Seed II was one step ahead of me, and the Dorgensaber struck metal. It was as if the coldness seeping through my chest was causing me to move slower. I cursed and tried again, only to have the same results. Seed II seemed to be toying with me. Seed II chuckled and replaced his sword on his back, taking a step back.

"Jaster, you seem to be no threat to me. I have no idea how you managed to kill my other self. And Father seems to believe that you're extremely powerful." Seed II shook his head. "What a waste."

"How… who are you?"

Seed II was silent for a little, then he said, "I suppose I could tell you. When you destroyed my other self, Father managed to scrape off a few cells. My other self had managed to cause you to bleed, so he you're your cells from that, and created me. I am the result of my other self's cells, your cells, and a whole bunch of Rune cells. The power of the Star King courses through my veins, as it does yours."

I nodded slowly, taking this information in.

"But… how did Valkog survive?"

"Father did die for a little while when you defeated him, but his dead carcass fell into the Rune, causing him to be reborn. Of course, his body is hideous…."

I suppressed a smile. "He was hideous before."

Seed II quivered with anger, and he said, "You're lucky. I have strict orders from Father not to kill you. Farewell for now."

And suddenly he disappeared. I ground my teeth together and walked out of the church and the ruined wedding.


An hour later I sat on a nearby rooftop, looking at the huge hole in the wall of the church.

"So, it would seem that Seed is back."

I smiled at the familiar voice.

Without turning around, I said, "Yes, it would seem that way, Lilika."

Lilika walked out of the shadows and stopped beside me. "I have a message from Dorgengoa."

"Hm… and what does he want?"

Lilika cleared her throat and said, "Dorgengoa wants you to come back."

"Come back?"

"Yes. He's recruiting the old team. He says he has another mission for all of us."

"Hm… And what about Kisala?"

Lilika seemed surprised. "What about her?"

"Is she going to be there… or is she still trapped on Mariglenn?"

"Jaster…. C'mon. Kisala was fine on Mariglenn. But, yes, she has taken a leave of absence from being the queen of Mariglenn."

"So she's coming with us?" Lilika nodded. "Then I'll go, too."

I stood and dashed away, Lilika following close behind.


We reached the Dorgenark in a matter of two minutes, even though it was miles away. As soon as I stepped on-deck, I was tackled by Simon.

"Oh, Jaster! We missed ya, old buddy!" Simon didn't look too different, but his face mask was painted gold. "Ya still remember your old friends, don'tcha? What with you bein' the Desert Star, an' all. I hear you're even more famous an' powerful than your dad."

"Yeah." I said, looking down at my old friend. "But I haven't seen him for about two years."

"Ah, I'm sure he'll turn up. Anyway, Jaster, we've already gotten Steve an' Zegram here. We still need ta get Deego an' Jupis, so our next stop is Vedan."

I nodded, looking around the ship.

"Mr. Rogue! How nice to see you!"

I looked down to see a boy run up to me.

"Uh… do I know you…?"

Simon laughed. "Ah, Jaster. Don'tcha recognize your buddy Steve?"

I looked down with shock. "Steve?"

Steve bowed. "Yes, it is me, Mr. Rogue."

Steve's new humanoid body had brown skin and was smaller, like a little boy. It even had some black-ish hair. But I could see some mechanical parts on his bare chest. Steve was wearing black pants and some strange metallic shoes. Or maybe they were his feet.

"Dr. Poccachio wanted me to be the best robot in the galaxy, so he gave me this new body. I like it very much. It makes me look human. Dr. Poccachio gives me upgrades every now and then."

"Cool. Hey, Steve, is Kisala here?"

Steve nodded. "She is talking with her father at the moment, but I am sure she will be with you soon. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go fly the ship."

Steve turned around and walked towards the Control Room.

I walked around the strangely empty hallways of the Dorgenark until I heard a voice from behind me.

"Hey, Desert Star."

I turned to see Mio standing behind me, dressed only in a small pink shirt and a pair of pink panties. She was looking at me with her "flirty face" on.

"Uh… Mio?"

Mio nodded slowly. "C'mere for a minute. I need to show you something in my room."

"Your… room?"

Mio nodded again and gestured for me to follow her. I followed her into her barely lit room. Mio closed the door behind me.

"So, Jaster…" Mio said, looking me up and down. "What do you want to do?"

I gulped and said, "Uh… Mio… what're you…."

"Shh…" She said as she put her finger to my lips. Suddenly, she kissed me, sticking her tongue in my mouth. Just then, Mio's door opened.

"Jaster? You in here?"

Kisala was standing in the doorway, staring at Mio and me.

I broke away from Mio and said, "Kisala… this isn't what it-"

Kisala turned and ran away before I could finish my sentence.

"Kisala!" I ran out of Mio's room and dashed after Kisala. "Kisala, come back!"