Another Shot

Hey there readers! So I tried to post this story before, but I ran into some problems. First, I wasn't sure how to update and nobody would help me out. Then, I got caught up in the world of being a teenager and forgot about the story for awhile. However I am making an effort to learn how to update. However I thought that I would give you a preview of the main part of the team (there will be other players).

Here are some of the players and their positions. I know that some of the kids positions don't match up to their parents, but it had to be that way.

Addison "Addie" Craig- goalie

Shawn "Rizzo" Eruzione- left wing

Zach "Coxie" Cox- right wing

Alexandra O'Callahan- defense

Adam "OC" O'Callahan- center forward

Brandon "Silkie" Silk- defense

Billy Schneider- left wing

Neal Schneider- defense

Kaycee McClannahan- right wing

Rusty "Mac" McClannahan- center forward

Amanda "AJ" Johnson- defense

Molly Pavelich- center forward

Eric Harrington- right wing

Jason Verchota- left wing

Kyle Baker- defense

James Morrow- defense

Nathan Wells- left wing

Devin Strobel- right wing

Thomas "Janny" Jannysak- goalie

Cassandra "Rammer" Ramsey- defense