Title: Death of a Gossip

Rating: T

Summary: A few weeks before Hermione was to join Harry and the Weasley's at the Quidditch World Cup she finds out something that she never expected and that places her in very grave danger. She's Professor Snape's daughter and it soon becomes clear that things are working against her including the death of a gossip.

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Chapter 10

It took a couple of days for Isis to finally recover from what happened but when she finally was released the Gryffindors all wanted to know how Isis had figured it out that Ginny had killed her own birth mother.

"Well Tom told me that Rita had a daughter but he said that her name was Sally. I think that Rita's family made it all up to hid the fact that Rita gave her daughter up for adoption when she had been born," Isis told them, "But Ginny was the one that messed up. I didn't even suspect that Ginny was the killer until I saw that blood. It was only when I smelled the blood on Ginny's trunk and then open it did I realize that Ginny had killed Rita."

"So she really wasn't related to the Weasley's," said Dean Thomas.

Isis shook her head.

"Nasty way of getting revenge against your own mother," Lavender said.

"Trust me, I've seen worse on TV," Isis said, "I think that Ginny has mental problems and needs help."

"What I want to know is how Snape knew you were in trouble?" Neville said.

"I can answer that," said Professor Snape and they all turned to see the Potions Master standing there along with Professor McGonagall. "There's a charm on the ring that alerts if the wearer is in trouble."

"So that's how come you were able to fly in and save me," Isis said.

"Well I do like the idea that my daughter has a head," Severus told her and Isis giggled.

"I thought that men weren't allowed in the girls' dorm," Lavender said.

"Professor automatically are allowed entrance and I'm glad. If Professor Snape hadn't come in then his daughter would have been dead and we would have never found out it was Miss Weasley, or I should call her Miss Skeeter."

"I feel sorry for Rita," said Dean, "I mean; to be killed by your own daughter."

"She made a lot of enemies and Ginny was using that to make it look as though someone that hated her due to her reports had killed her. She didn't know that she was one of those that would have been considered to have a motive," Isis said. "However she only thought about revenge and making a point."

"That you don't turn someone out just because you don't like them," Lavender said.

"No, that you don't treat them like a dog," Isis corrected, "Tom told me that's what happened."

"What I would like to know is where she got that huge knife at?" Harry said.

"She got it from my office," Severus said, "She might have not stolen the potion ingredients but she did break into my office."

"I didn't know you had that big of a knife," Harry said.

"There's a lot of things you don't know about me," Severus told him, eyeing him.

Isis laughed and then said to Harry, "Don't mind him."

Harry wasn't sure if he believed that.

"So it's finally over," Kingsley said to Dumbledore.

"For Ginny it is," Dumbledore said, "The Weasley's are shocked that their daughter killed Rita. She's heading to Azkaban because I guess we don't know that we need to put people that are insane in a special place."

"I hope this doesn't come back to haunt us," Kingsley said.

"I hope not either," Dumbledore said. "Oh, Kingsley, what happened to Rita's head?"

"The tomb was opened and it was placed where it needed to be," Kingsley answered.

Dumbledore nodded his approval and Kingsley left.

The End

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