Author's Note: This is a continue to Judy Blume's book Forever. A year or so after the book was published, a TV movie came out, based on it. So this story is more of a continue of the movie, but if you haven't seen it, it doesn't really matter, because they are very similar (except for a few things, which I'll explain as time goes on. For example, the book and movie ended slightly differently. I prefer the movie ending, so I talk about that ending. It wasn't that different from the book (not one of those completely different endings.) Thanks for reading!

"Michael!" I shouted, as I jerked awake. Luckily for me, the sound it really made was more like "Umphff".

I glanced over at the sleeping form of my husband, Robert. We had been married for nearly thirty years now. He was usually such a light sleeper that the slightest noise woke him up, so I was glad to see that I hadn't been as loud as I thought I had been.

I sighed as I leaned up against the headboard of the bed. What had made me think about Michael? I hadn't thought of him in ages.

I started to close my eyes as I thought about when we had first met. It had been thirty-five years ago, at my friend Erica's cousin Sybil's New Year's party. I smiled as I thought about how young and carefree we had all been back then. Wondering if we were going to get into the college of our choice was the hardest decision we had to make.

Then I remembered. My dad had sent me to teach tennis for the summer, the summer between high school and college, and that was when Michael and I had drifted apart. For what reasons, I had never truly figured out. The only thing I had figured out at the time was the fact that at eighteen, forever doesn't mean the same as it does when you're older. Although, as time goes by, I sometimes wonder if forever means forever for anyone anymore?

Knowing there was no way I would be able to go back to sleep now, I got up out of bed quietly and walked over to the closet. Up on the shelf in the back corner was a box of things that I hadn't been sure of what to do with when I had moved, first out of my parents house in the dorms, and then later into my own apartment, then to mine and Robert's first apartment, and well, so it went. It was just a small shoe box with twine wrapped around it, and if Robert ever wondered what was inside of it, he never mentioned it. Although I supposed he could have opened it when I wasn't home, but that was a different thought for a different day.

I opened the lid, dug around a little and there it was, right on top.

"To Katherine, Forever, Michael."

I remembered the day he gave it to me, the day I tried to offer it back to him, the day I put it in this box. At first I had wanted to throw it out, but then later was glad that I hadn't.

Thirty-five years. Had it really been that long? So many things had changed since then. But in some ways, it still felt like yesterday. I sat there holding the small disc and chain that he had given me so long ago, however, even though we had both definitely changed, it didn't look a day older than the day he had given it to me.

I looked deeper into the box, and pulled out the stack of letters that were tied together with a rubber band.

I eased the first one out of its envelope, and began to read.

Dear Katherine,

I was happy to see you the other afternoon, and glad that we had a chance to talk. I had regretted that we had parted the way that we had, though at the time I wasn't sure how to fix things. After you left the other day, and once I got home, I realized that I had been out of line. I knew we had drifted apart, but I didn't to think it was my fault, so I blamed you. I realize now that it wasn't either of our faults, that it was just the way that things sometimes happen and you have to take them as they go. If you are in fact reading this letter, I take that as a sign that we could still be friends. I have included the address that I can be reached that summer, and do hope to hear from you.

Your friend,