Author's Note: You may have noticed that I only mentioned Theo in passing, and then quickly got rid of him. There are several reasons for that. One, I never cared for him much. Two, in the movie the guy who plays him looks like he's about 30 years old, and it just grossed me out (I'm Team Michael, lol). Three, I figured that chances of the two of them actually working out were small, and wanted this to be realistic. I got a brainstorm for many ideas for this story, and plan on implementing them soon, although I've got to get to that point. So after probably two more chapters, we should start moving to that point. Until then, happy reading!

I knew that I should have stopped reading right there. After all, what good was it doing me? All it was doing was bringing back memories, memories that I had tried to forget, over and over again, and failed miserably every time.

Dear Katherine,

I'm glad to hear that school is going well for you. I have settled in nicely, here at the University of Vermont. I think I had told you that I had gotten that job in Vail…

It took me some time to come to a decision on whether or not to take…after all, with the way that things ended up, there was really no need for me to take off the winter semesters and therefore take summer school. So initially, I thought about declining the job. However, every time I sat down to say no, there was something stopping me, however. That made me stop and think about it for awhile, and so I decided to take the job after all. It will give me a chance to do what I love (teach skiing) as well as allow me to keep myself occupied during the summers.

I hope that you don't think that I'm out of line by continuing to write to you like this. It it bothers you, let me know, and I'll stop. There is just something about writing it all down and sending it to you that makes me smile. Ironic, isn't it?

Your friend,


That had been the reason that I decided to keep the letters in the shoebox. I wanted to keep them around, the same way that I hadn't thrown out the necklace he'd given me or the letters he'd sent me during the summer. Even though there was no "forever" for us, as we had so naively believed there would be, it made me feel better.

I thought about how I had explained to my parents that Michael and I were no longer together when I came home from camp. They tried to hide it from me, but I could tell that there was a sigh of relif in their face, especially in my father's.

"I'm not sure if the chance of scenery was a good idea or not, Roger. Have you seen the way that she has been in her own little world ever since she got back?"

"Diana, if it happened now, it was going to happen later. It's better this way. After all, now she can head to college with a clear head and not chasing after some boy."

It angered me to hear them talking about me this way, especially when they claimed that they weren't sending me away because of me and Michael. I knew that it was the reason, but to hear them actually say it, and behind my back… it really hurt.

I sighed. There were so many what ifs that I nearly made myself sick thinking about all of them. I knew there was no use in thinking about them, but it's like the itch that you just can't scratch…it makes you crazy.

I folded the letter back up and replaced it in the envelope, and put it back into the stack. I kept digging around in the box, forgetting all of what was in there.

I could feel something that was stuck in the back of the box under the folds that I had forgotten I had shoved in the box. Though I had forgotten I'd shoved in the box, in haste, I remember quite well, I had never forgotten about it.

I sat, holding it in my hand, the small piece of plastic that fit in my hand, and stared at the pink lines. Two of them. Two pink lines that could only stand for two things. Positive.