Dragon valley (part 1)

It was around 1666 when the village of longhorn was made, there had find the land and worked for hours to build and their homes. Until they came under attacked, they never known what they did but each time they rebuilt someone new would attack. Then one day a dragon with black and red skin, and ice blue eyes fly over, he saw what was happening and fly down to help. The story of dragon being evil and blood drinking was not true in all cases, Zuko which was the dragons name was helpfully and kind. But when he landed to talk to the villages he acted mean, "for me given you my protection I want one maiden to come with me, each time I wish for one" he rawer. The villages was so gratefully for him helping picked a maiden to go with him.

This went on for year, the dragon would keep the town safe, and he would get a maiden who would think he was evil and cruel but then be shocked then a human meet them. For Zuko liked his human form better then his dragon, he used his maiden not for sex but with kindness and let them have what they want. He just wanted some company, he hated being alone he let ll his maidens go when they got old so they could live with there families.

It was now 2008 and the village had grow but was renamed dragon valley, the dragon did not pick as many maidens now but when a new leader came he would make sure to pick some one, just to remind the village he was still there watching over them.

It was a Wednesday when Armolda came to Dragon valley she wanted to be away from everything, she had heard the story of the dragon but never believe it. She sighed as she got settled into her now home. She was unsure what to do she had long black hair with deep green eyes. She went out for a walk when she walked in to a guy, he smiled "are you ok?" he asked his voice was like summer rain drawing you in and making you want more. His hair was black with red mixed in and his eyes was pure ice blue.

"I am so sorry" Armolda said blushing, "it is ok I am Zuko what is your name?" the guy asked softly. "Armolda I just moved here" she said looking at him, his eyes was odd but oddly she could not look away. They showed wised and years, but his face showed that of a young handsome man. Well boy was more it he looked about 18 maybe 19.

Zuko smiled at the girl he then walked on, he smiled to him self well well he thought I just find my next maiden, for this Zuko was the dragon. He came in town a lot, looking for his text maiden he would take. He made his way back home up the hill which was around the village on top in the middle of the thick woods was a huge house, which was where Zuko lived. No one could find his home unless he showed them the way, and sent them an invite to come.