Three Syllables.

A Fullmetal Alchemist Fanfiction

By xxLilMizCaityxx




Ed squirmed. The compartment was suddenly a hundred million times hotter, he felt sticky and uncomfortable and he was pretty sure he was going to throw up. Alphonse sat across from him, unaware as to his brother's current displeasure, immersed in a complicated alchemic text.

And Winry… was sitting next to Ed, her head snuggled into his shoulder.

They'd been sitting in nice, companionable silence, which was Ed's idea of perfect. No contact required, very little to be said that he could mess up. But then, then, Winry had gone and ruined everything, by deciding to lay her head down on Ed's shoulder, shut her eyes and fall into a soothing nap.

What did this mean? Ed thought frantically. She had just leapt over the borders, she'd just made the 'line' evaporate- the line he'd based their relationship on. What they did and didn't do, and Edward couldn't remember the last time Winry had voluntarily laid her head on his shoulder.

Did this mean she wanted to advance to the next step? Did she like him as more than a friend? Would she… would she like him to be more than a friend? Enjoy being… with him? Ed blushed deeply and resisted the urge to squirm more as he thought about kissing and hugging and… touching Winry.

His blush intensified. He was a teenage boy, after all, and Winry was beautiful and insisted on wearing as little clothing as she possibly could- but Ed had grown accustomed to that. He'd thought she was cool with the whole 'we're-just-friends-she's-my-mechanic' deal.

Ed sighed and allowed his imagination to wander.

Would it really be so bad to be with Winry in that… way? He'd known her since they were born, literally. He knew her better than anybody else in the world, asides from Al. He could make her laugh, he knew she was allergic to avocados and they did spend lots of time together when she was tampering with his automail.

He stole a glance down at her, seeing her shiny blonde hair, and alabaster skin shimmering in the dim light the sun was emitting through the window of their compartment. She was smiling as she snuggled in closer to him, burying her nose in his coat and taking a deep breath. Her hand lay on his thigh, and slowly, almost involuntarily, like his brain was arguing with his limbs, he slid his fingers between her own, to see if he liked the feeling.

His heart rate sped up a little as he found he did like the feeling. He liked it a lot.

He scowled inwardly and cursed Winry for making him feel this way. He didn't have time for this! He had to get Al's body back!

"…Ed…?" Winry mumbled, rubbing her eyes with the back of her other hand, the one Ed was not holding lightly. She gazed up at him, the goofy, still half asleep smile on her face and Ed was stunned by his friend. Had she always been this… pretty? Scratch that… beautiful? She clasped his hand tighter.

"What are you doing?" she murmured. Al kept his eyes fixed on his book, pretending he was invisible. Ed bit his lip and struggled to make his mouth work, for words to come out, any words…! Winry shook her head and settled herself back down on his shoulder. "Never mind… you're comfy. Night, night…" she yawned loudly before letting her eyes slip closed once more. Ed let out a long breath and came to a conclusion.

A bad conclusion, one that he had not seen coming, not even a little.

He was… he was kind of, maybe… pretty much… not really but yes really… in love with Winry.

Shit, he cursed.




A/N: I had so much fun writing this! With this post, I have officially written more Fullmetal Alchemist stories than any other fandom :) Even more than FF VII!! .Poisoned Scarlet. requested I write more Edwin oneshots, so I did. :) I hope you gus enjoyed. Plese review :)