Warnings: A little emo-ish, a little OOC and as usual, Hiruma's foul mouth.

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Part 2 will be up very soon.


Hiruma was not used to any forms of encouragement, especially if it involved touching. He was not used to hugs or even pats on the back, not used to being given support by a simple touch of a hand. He never thought it was a big deal though, as he saw no use for it. He didn't need people to encourage him to get what he wants, he has his own will and determination for it.

That's right, all he needed was himself.

It wasn't until he was introduced into the world of American Football, though, did his perception of encouragement changed. As he watched teammates smack each other's backs or threw their arms at a teammate's shoulder to show support did he realize how important encouragement is in a team.

He still didn't need it though. But surely his own teammates will need all the support they can get. And as he was not used to the idea of bodily contact to show support, more of not knowing as well as to keep himself still distant from others, he showed support in the only way he knew how. He kicked their asses.

Kurita was the first to get it, confused as he was at first. Luckily the fucking fatty caught on without him having to explain, though it took him months to understand whether the kick was done out of anger or it was just Hiruma being Hiruma.

Hiruma carried on in his violent ways to express almost every emotion he had. But still, he continued to keep his distance and even the idea of even putting a hand on Kurita's shoulder bothered him.

He could probably blame it on his father, who never showed any signs of affection towards him. But he refused to look that far back into his past. No matter what, he is Hiruma Youichi, and he will move forward in every way he knows how.

Until Anezaki Mamori appeared.